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This article is about a powerful group of beings from Ultima VIII. For the gigantic humanoids from Ultima III (sometimes called Titans), see Giants.

The Titans of Pagan are powerful beings borne of the natural elements. They arose to power in conjunction with a plot by the Guardian to turn the world's people from Zealan religious practices, and ultimately met their end at the hands of the Avatar during the events of Ultima VIII.


The Rise of the Titans[edit]

The Titans manifested in the Great Temple atop Mount Morgaelin during a ceremony meant to thwart a malevolent being known as the "Destroyer," who had been foretold as coming by the Guardian (in reality the Destroyer, himself). After arriving on the material plane and seemingly defeating this entity, the four Titans reigned calamity across the land with their unbridled power, causing great storms, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions such that the last remnants of the Zealan civilization which opposed them were annihilated.[1][2]

The Subduing of the Elements[edit]

These natural disasters continued for many years. In time, however, the denizens of Pagan worked to subdue or propitiate the four Titans. The warrior Moriens forged a pact with the Earth Titan, Lithos to calm the shaking ground and became the first Necromancer. Decades later, the magician Kalen would quite nearly imprison the Water Titan Hydros within her own temple, stopping only when the creature bestowed upon him the powers of Tempestry - while the sage Stellos would receive visions from the Air Titan Stratos and become the first Theurgist. Lastly, a small cabal of enchanters would work together to bind the Fire Titan Pyros within a fragment of blackrock, and would use their hold over him to found the magic known as Sorcery.[3][4]

Defeat by the Avatar[edit]

When the Avatar of Britannia found themselves stranded on Pagan, they sought passage off of the world through the reconstruction of the original Obelisk which had given rise to the Titans in the first place. To accomplish this, the hero collected the four fragments of the column which had been scattered across the realm and used them to strip the four Titans of their might, banishing them from reality as the hero stole their powers and took on the mantle of the "Titan of Ether."

Individual Titans[edit]

  • Lithos: (also known as "The Mountain King") the Titan of Earth, who controls the undead and the soil and lends his power to the arts of Necromancy
  • Hydros: (also known as "The Lurker") the Titan of Water, who controls the sea and the rains and who imbued the bloodline of Kalen with the powers of Tempestry
  • Stratos: (also known as "The Mystic Voice") the Titan of Air, who controls the wind and presides over the arts of healing, embodied by the magical school of Theurgy
  • Pyros: (also known as "The Daemon King") the Titan of Fire, who rules the element of flame and who gives his power to the dark arts of Sorcery
  • The Avatar: who steals their powers from the other Titans and becomes the embodiment of the magical element of ether.


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