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Brute from Ultima IX manual
Only appearance: Ultima IX

Brutes are another example of how the Guardian has corrupted the land of Britannia after entering it physically. These former humans were mutated into hulking giants. However, what they have gained in body height and mass, they now lack in the head. They are huge idiots whose primary occupation is to find someone who they can kill with their huge clubs. They enjoy fighting for the sake of fighting and can't be reasoned with. They are even too dumb to feel pain.

Can be found in the wilderness.


These mulish humanoids enjoy fisticuffs for its own sake. The spilling of their own blood and that of others waters the story of their lives. Imbeciles one and all, Brutes are too stupid to feel pain. When enraged, a Brute can shake the very earth and one blow from a Brute can return your body to it.
- from Journal (Ultima IX)

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