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The following Ultima IX Monster Data is taken from the Ultima IX Strategy Guide:[1]

Creature Damage Hit Points Armor Vulnerabilities Resistances Treasure(s) Notes
Archer 20-25 20 15 5/4x-penetrating, impact, edged -- novice bow (80%)
10-20 arrows (90%)
40-60 gp (50%)
Bandit 15-25 20 3 -- 1/4x-projectile short sword
5-15 gp (90%)
Bat, Giant 20-25 5 5 2x-edged, projectile, area 1/2x-penetrating 1-10 gp (80%) --
Bat, Vampire 40-50 25 5 2x-edged, projectile, area 1/2x-penetrating, internal 20-35
blood moss (30%)
The vampire bat may poison you when it bites.
Brute 60-80 130 20 -- 1/10x-impact
50-80 gp (90%)
leather armour (20%)
Watch out for the brute - he can stomp the ground hard enough to stun you and make you stumble, and that may be all the time he needs to finish you off, especially in the early going.
Creeper Plant 30-40 (seeds)
60-65 (bite)
60 20 2x-fire 0x-impact, internal, electrical
1/4x - projectile, earth, water
-- The first seed that misses you from each creeper becomes another creeper behind you.
Crustacean 50-60 200 100(top)
2x-penetrating, impact, earth, fire, electrical 1/4x-edged, projectile
75-100gp (95%)
skeletal bone (90%)
armor piece


The Third Staff attack (Sweep) can flip it; it's definitely weaker underneath.
Daemon 75-85 135 60 2x-water 0x-fire
300-600 gp Daemons summon hellhounds. A daemon is invulnerable while a summoned hellhound is still present.
Daemon, Bloated 40-80 250 60 2x-water 0x-fire
-- --
Daemon, Stone 40-75 350 50 2x-water 0x-fire
-- --
Daemon, Slasher 75-85 100 65 1.5x-earth 0x-air, electrical
250-500gp Each slasher daemon has a 100-point magical barrier that must be destroyed (by magical attacks) before the slasher itself becomes vulnerable. Once dispelled, this barrier stays down for a short while before regenerating; the demon must be destroyed in that window of opportunity.
Dragon 80-90 250 25 -- 1/2x-edged
500-750 gp
several gems
Attack a dragon with anything but Fire. Lightning bolts and arrows are good ways of reaching it from a distance. Dragons can cast a few spells and breathe fire.
Dragon, Blue 80-90 250 65 -- 1/2x-edged
-- --
Gargoyle Drone 30-40 55 25 -- 1/4x-earth
topaz (90%)
amethyst (60%)
Gargoyle drones often wield Gargoyle Staves
Gargoyle Drone (Terfin) 90-100 160 70 -- -- -- --
Gargoyle, Winged 20-30 40 15 -- 1/4x-air
amethyst (80%)
ruby (50%)
scroll (50%)
Winged gargoyles attack with spells.
Gargoyle, Winged (Terfin) 70-80 130 55 -- -- -- --
Gazer 70-80 140 45 -- -- 200-300gp
Fireball scroll (55%)
This one casts spells. Try to keep dodging its spells when fighting one.
Ghost 60-70 90 45 -- 0x-penetrating, impact, edged, projectile, internal, area 100-150gp (90%)
invulnerability potion (25%)
Ghosts are immune to normal attacks.
Ghoul 50 - 60 80 15 2x-edged, fire 0x-earth, internal
-- A ghoul splits into 2 parts when its body has taken 80 damage, and the two parts fight on - you have to kill them, too.
Ghoul Legs 40-50 60 -- -- -- rotten cabbage
amethyst (60%)
Don't forget to watch out for leg kicks.
Ghoul Torso 40-50 50 -- -- -- rotten cabbage
amethyst (60%)
Goblin Grunt 15-20 30 6 1.5x-air, fire, water 1/2x-impact, projectile 10-25 gp
leather armour (10%)
Goblin Sergeant 70-80 120 45 2x-electrical 1/2x-impact, projectile 150-200 gp
battle axe (70%)
Goblin Shaman As per spell cast 80 55 3x-penetrating, impact, edged, projectile 1/2x-air, earth, fire, water, internal, electrical Lightning Bolt (60%), Fireball (50%), Meteorite (30%) Yes, this one can cast spells at you.
Hellhound 70-80 (bite) 80 40 3x-water 1/2x-impact, projectile
ruby (90%), sulphurous ash (30%) A hellhound has a Fireball attack, can bite, and is immune to fire. Use water-based attacks against it, if you can.
Ice Hound 65-75 (bite) 65 30 3x-fire 1/2x-impact, projectile, air
sapphire (80%), ginseng (30%) An ice hound can bite and is immune to water. In addition, ice hounds can Freeze you in place for 5 - 10 seconds.
Liche Spell 125 25 2x-electrical 0x-internal
1/4x-projectile, air
Invisibility (60%), Lightning (90%), 150-250 gp Liches are particularly dangerous because they can summon other undead (which must be destroyed before the liches can take further damage) and because they can turn invisible. When a lich disappears, follow its shadow and continue striking where it is - you can hit it, even while it's invisible. It must turn visible (briefly) when it strikes at you. Its favorite strike is Lightning Bolt. Don't confuse its with its undeath throes - when it is dying (again), sparks of lightning fly from it in all directions and it turns invisible again, because it no longer exists.
Mage Spell 50 30 3x-penetrating, impact, edged, projectile 1/2x-air, earth, fire, water, internal, electrical 25-60 gp (95%)
scroll (40%) - Lightning. Fireball, Light Heal, Charm, Summon Undead
Every mage will have a different spell with which to attack you, and can probably absorb more magical attack energy than most people.
Mimic 35-45 45 40 2x-impact
0x-water, internal
1/4x-electrical, penetrating
30-50 gp
Gem (1):amethyst (40%), ruby (40%), sapphire (20%)
A mimic won't reveal itself until it is touched (in any way) - you never know which chest is a mimic until you touch it. Unfortunately, you can't damage it until it reveals itself.
Pirate 25-35 50 10 2x-impact 1/4x-penetrating, edged bracelet (30%)
25-40gp (80%)
Predatory Fish 20-25 1 0 2x-fire
0x-water Fish food.(70%) Predatory fish are extremely weak but extremely nasty. If possible, kill them before you get into the water, so they don't have a chance to bite you (Stone works nicely, since it does at least one point of damage, and a fish has just one point).
Rat, Giant 8-15 7 0 -- -- 5-10 gp (90%) Watch out for the giant rat's poisonous bite.
Sea Serpent 90-100 250 65 3x-fire 1/2x-air, electrical
none Sea serpents have magic ranged attacks, however, note that they are extremely vulnerable to fire attacks.
Sea Serpent, Abyss 90-100 250 55 3x-fire 1/2x-air, electrical
none --
Skeleton 70-80 60 5 2x-impact 0x-internal, projectile
1/2x-electrical, water, earth, air, edged
none When you defeat a skeleton, take at least one of its bones; otherwise it will reform and reanimate. You don't have to carry it far - just far enough to get it out of range of the animating magic that pulls the skeleton back together.

When you've destroyed several skeletons in the same spot, they can reform by mixing and matching bones. Gen in the habit of taking the same bone (perhaps the ribcage or the skull), so that no skeleton can find the right parts to reform, and so you don't have to think about what you are taking.

Spectre 5-10 mana 25 10 -- 0x-penetrating, impact, edged, projectile, internal, area Invisibility potion Spectres are immune to normal attacks, so you must use magical attacks against them. Unfortunately, spells take mana (which spectres drain), so your best bet against one is usually a magic weapon.
Spider, Giant 40-50 50 20 2x-penetrating, impact, fire, edged 1/2x-air, water, internal
spider silk (50%)
30-50 gp (90%)
A giant spider's web attack entangles. There is also a chance of poisoning with a bite.
Spider, Small 10-20 3 0 2x-penetrating, impact, fire, edged 1/2x-air, water, internal
5-10 gpv(90%) Like other spiders, the small spider has a chance of poisoning you with a bite.
Spider, Phase 60-70 75 40 2x-projectile, earth 1/4x-internal, electrical 120-200 gp, black pearl(30%) Don't let them fool you. These spiders are fast - they can Teleport behind you and poison you before you know where they are. And if it's a small one, it's all the harder to hit.
Phase Spider Queen 60-70 + poison 200 80 2x-projectile, earth 1/4x-internal, electrical -- --
Thief 45-55 70 40 -- 1/4x-impact, projectile staff (80%), 50-75 gp (90%) --
Thug 30-40 40 0 -- 1/2x-impact, edged 20-35 gp (95%) --
Vulture 20-25 20 5 1.5x-edged, projectile
-- 1-10 gp (80%) Vultures aren't aggressive unless you kill one of them, at which point they'll swarm you. Make sure it's worth killing one before you do.
Wolf 25-30 30 3 -- 1/2x-projectile 10-30 gp (90%) --
Wolf, Arctic 55-65 70 25 -- 1/2x-projectile 40-60 gp (85%) Arctic wolves are larger and tougher than other wolves.
Wyrmguard varies varies varies -- 1/2x-all types of attack broadsword (20%)
40-100 gp
The Wyrmguards' statistics vary by who they are and what they're wielding.


  1. McCubbin, Chris et al. "Creatures & Enemies". Ultima IX Strategy Guide (Ultima IX: Ascension). Prima Publishing: 1999. Pages 82-99.

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