Lord Robert (Jhelom)

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Lord Robert
Lord Robert (Jhelom).png
Lord Robert, from Ultima IV
Species: Human
Ultima IV
Location: Jhelom
Description: mysterious warrior
U4 Transcript: Lord Robert (Jhelom)

This article is about a mysterious warrior in Jhelom. For the ruler of Empath Abbey, see Lord Robert.

Lord Robert is a mysterious warrior who could be found staying at the Inn of Ends in Jhelom during Ultima IV.


Robert claimed to be a fighter in the service of Lord British, and would ask the Stranger if they too were a valiant warrior. Should they answer that they were, Lord Robert would exclaim that they deserved to possess the Rune of Valor and would instruct them to seek out Nostro regarding it.[1]


  • In the document discovered by historians Robert De Main and Carlotta Stein that purports to be the Avatar's personal diary, the Stranger reports meeting Robert while he reclines in his room at the hostel. The blue-eyed man, while he answers the hero's questions, does remark as to the Stranger's impolite habit of barging into other people's rooms unannounced and poking around, evoking a sheepish apology from the hero.[2]
  • In the Nintendo port of Ultima IV, an unnamed fighter appears in the room that Lord Robert would normally occupy. He talks about the necessity of using the red stone to obtain part of the key of three parts.[3]


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