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One of the columns
The eight huge columns of the Guardian are a central plot point in Ultima IX. They were created 20 years prior to the Avatar's arrival, as seen right at the start of Ultima IX. Each is rooted in one of the eight dungeons. The columns corrupted the meaning of the Virtues to Britannians and befouled the Shrines. They also caused powerful earthquakes, and drew the moons towards the planet. Each of them is powered by one of the corrupted runes, placed in a room at the root of the column.

During the events of Ultima IX, the Avatar removed the glyphs, thus de-activating the columns. In the end, the columns are all destroyed with a coordinated effort between the Avatar and his companions. The following wave of ascension ripped them out of the ground an dissolved them into nothingness.


  • The eight columns also had a major role to play in the unused "Bob White" Plot of Ultima IX. In that version the plot the columns still ripped Britannia apart - however they had no relations to Virtue and was instead sucking out the life force of Britannia, which would allow the Guardian the become even stronger as he would be reborn upon Britannia's destruction.
  • All columns are placed near the corresponding dungeon, with exception of the column against Spirituality, which sits in the middle of the ocean far north of the Isle of the Avatar. Is also is marked wrong on the map, where it is shown to be near Skara Brae. Instead, there just is a lava hotspot under water at the place.

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