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Raven, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Britannia
Transcript: Raven
Raven is the secret daughter of Samhayne and a important character in Ultima IX. While initially working with the Avatar on business, she later becomes romantically involved with the hero. She has a house on Buccaneer's Den and a ship, the Silver Hart.

The Avatar initially met Raven when she rescued him from Blackthorn's trap outside Despise. He agrees to do a task for her employer Samhayne since she was the only person with a ship available, but first he had to prove his identity by retrieving the Rune of Compassion. After cleansing the Shrine of Humility, however, the Avatar was double-crossed and Blackthorn imprisoned the Avatar within Deceit. Raven met the Avatar again in Moonglow and agreed to help the Avatar with his quest by sailing him throughout Britannia. [1]

Raven was later captured and put on trial for the destruction of the gargoyle race by Vasagralem. She was sentenced to the prison Wrong to await her execution, but the Avatar was able to find her and free her from the prison. She was granted a pardon by Judge Grey with the cleansing of the Shrine of Justice.

Always believing herself to be an orphan, Raven learned that her father was actually Samhayne, after Samhayne confessed to the Avatar just before he was killed by the Guardian on Terfin.

Later, Raven even got intimate with the Avatar, helping him to join the guild, while teaching him how to use the Silver Hart. They had to say goodbye, when the Avatar left for the final fight with the Guardian.


  • Raven was planned to play a pivotal role in the backstory of Ultima X as she rallied people of Britannia to journey to Alucinor. See Humans of Alucinor for more details.
  • Raven was already a pivotal character in the Bob White Plot, serving both as a companion and a romantic interest. The plan was actually for Raven to be a male if the Avatar was created as a female character.

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