Silver Hart

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The Silver Hart

The Silver Hart is Raven's ship in Ultima IX, which can eventually be sailed by the Avatar.


The Avatar first spied the Silver Hart docked unattended in Britain's harbor. After a timely rescue from Lord Blackthorn by the vessel's owner, Raven, the returned hero sought passage to Buccaneer's Den, and was granted as such upon providing her with evidence of their identity in the form of the Rune of Compassion. With the later cleansing of the Shrine of Honesty, Raven proceeded to offer the Avatar thoroughfare to select ports throughout Britannia and, following an unwilling visit to Terfin at the hands of the Guardian, ultimately gave the hero full command of the Silver Hart, affording them open travel across the seas.


  • The Silver Hart is the only ship usable by the player in Ultima IX.