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Bonn, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Dagger Isle
U6 Transcript: Bonn
The Ultima 6 Project
Bonn, from The Ultima 6 Project
Location: Dagger Isle

Bonn is one of the Ten Pirates of Hawkins, and has one piece of the Treasure Map of Hawkins, which is needed in Ultima VI.


Bonn had shipwrecked on Dagger Isle, not far from the Shrine of Honesty, only a short time after killing Hawkins. The years in total isolation on the island had caused him to become totally insane. When the Avatar found him, he had just thrown his shoes into the sea fearing the Avatar's theft of his footwear, and complained of the constant buzzing of bees within his skull. When asked about Hawkin's map, Bonn admitted having it in his possession, but would not reveal its location to the Avatar, only mentioning his basement, his "future grave". Down there, the map was found.[1]


  • This is in reference to one of the original game producers at Electronic Arts: Stewart Bonn.


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