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Russell, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: New Magincia

Russell is a shipwright working in New Magincia during Ultima VII.


A peaceful man with a subdued sense of wanderlust, Russell had once wished to explore the seas of Britannia, but had become contented with the life of a craftsman, letting his ships travel in his stead.[1] Sometime before the Avatar's arrival in New Magincia, the ship-maker had come upon three shipwrecked travelers, (Robin, Leavell and Battles) who had narrowly escaped death in a storm.[2]

If asked about the trio, Russell would relate how they had come back to him, asking to buy a ship in exchange for an antique gold locket. He remarked that they appeared to have come from Buccaneer's Den and seemed eager to return there, but that they lacked any funds to pay for a vessel. He'd refused their offer, and related that later they refused to show him the trinket again.[3]


  • Russell's portrait is based upon Russell Coclea, a friend of Richard Garriott's.[4]
  • In the Key to the Black Gate, Russell provides Anton with information about the city of New Magincia, and his description of the area is a part of the work that the scholar compiles on behalf of the Avatar. (This is somewhat curious, as Anton, himself, claims to be a native of New Magincia and would likely be familiar with it. Curiouser still, Russell speaks of the young scholar as though he is an outsider, claiming his presence will be a cause for gossip and inquisitiveness - as though Anton were not a well-known resident of the island.)[5]
  • Russell will remark that he looked over the wreckage of Robin, Leavell and Battles ship, and that its markings revealed it to be the work of Owen of Minoc. He would further remark that the workmanship of the vessel was curiously poor.[6]
  • Russel will mention having seen the Crown Jewel and Hook on the island shortly after the murder of Alagner.[7]


Prices in Ultima VII were as follows: [8]

Goods Cost
Ship (The Nymphet) 600gp
Sextant 40gp


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