Heart of Earth

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The marker of the Heart

The Heart of Earth is one of the five fragments of the great Blackrock Obelisk of Pagan. It is Lithos' object of power. It appears in Ultima VIII.


Heart of Earth
When the Obelisk was shattered by the Guardian, the Heart of Earth landed in Stone Cove, where Lithos found it and stored it safely in the Catacombs, specifically the Pit of Death part that housed the Chapel of the Dead. It was there, where the Avatar found it in an ancient grave, and later used it to drain Lithos of his powers, destroying him in the process. It melted into the other fragments, reforming the Obelisk.


The first fragment, called the Heart of Earth, fell to Lithos, who keeps it in the fabled Pit of Death. Hydros set hers, the Tear of the Seas, on the floor of the ocean in a deep undersea city. The third fragment, the Breath of Air, is said to be on the island of Stratos' followers. A fourth fragment fell to the lands that became the cemetery, though many years later it was given to the first five Sorcerers and used to bind the Titan of Fire to their will.

- from The Destruction of the Temple (Ultima VIII: Pagan)


Forming the Blackrock Obelisk
The Pieces Obelisk Tip Heart of Earth Breath of Air Tongue of Flames Tear of Seas