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Bane, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Daemon's Crag

This article is about the character from Ultima VIII. For the incarnations of the corrupt principles of Chaos, see Banes of Chaos.

Bane is an acolyte sorceress living in Daemon's Crag. She appears in Ultima VIII.


Bane was an ambitious woman, who sought to depose First Acolyte Vardion and usurp his position. When the Avatar arrived on Daemon's Crag, she would speak to the hero at first about life at the enclave and the art of sorcery, but would eventually turn their conversation to Vardion, whom she claimed posed an active threat to Master Malchir and was involved in a plot to assassinate him. Under the pretext of foiling these plans, she would ask the Avatar to discover her rival's truename that she might scry upon him.

Should the hero agree to aid her, she would entrust them with her own truename (Sabriane), and would agreed to sponsor them as a disciple of sorcery once Vardion was dealt with. When the Avatar delivered her Vardion's truename (Morduin), she would use it to summon a daemon, and would bid it slay her opponent. Malchir would thereafter investigate the matter and would briefly chide her for her overzealous actions in "defending" his life, but would nevertheless promote her to the position of First Acolyte and would approve her sponsorship of the Avatar, whom she would proceed to instruct in the sorcerous arts. Later, after the hero passed through the trials of the Obsidian Fortress, she would assist in the ritual to summon Pyros.[1] She relocates to Vardion's house after the Avatar has completed the trials.

When the Avatar eventually slew Malchir in the course of a duel for possession of the Tongue of Flames, Bane would defer to them upon their return to the enclave, and would bow before them in recognition of their mastery.[2]

Siding with Vardion[edit]

Should the Avatar take the side of Vardion in the dispute between him and Bane, they could deliver the First Acolyte her truename, which would result in a daemon being summoned to slay Bane rather than Vardion. Vardion would thereafter take the hero as his disciple and would lead them in their exploration of sorcery.

Should this course of events transpire, however, Beren would grow embittered against the Avatar, and would reveal that Bane had been his lover.[3][4]


  • Bane's truename, Sabriane, means "Well of Stars."
  • Making two mistakes while summoning Pyros will result in Bane's death if she is present.

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