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Miranda, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Castle Britannia
Ultima VII
Miranda, from Ultima VII
Location: Castle Britannia

This article is about an NPC in Ultima VII/Underworld II. For the NPC in Ultima V: Lazarus, see Miranda (Lazarus).

Miranda is a member of the Great Council during the early Age of Armageddon.


A driven and idealistic woman, Miranda was impassioned about the role of women in modern Britannian society - desiring a greater political voice for her gender and hoping to tear down antiquated high fantasy tropes representing females in power as sexualized objects for the male gaze. At the time of the Avatar's adventures in Ultima VII, Miranda was one of three women on the Great Council, a number she hoped to augment with time.[1]

Should the hero talk to her at length, Miranda would further reveal that she and the Gargish councilor Inwisloklem were in the process of drafting legislation which would make it a punishable offense to dispose of waste in Lock Lake - which had become severely polluted due to runoff from the Britannian Mining Company in Minoc. Should the Avatar claim to be headed in the direction of Cove, she would charge the champion with bringing the finished Bill of Punative [sic] Action for the Distribution of Waste Products in Lock Lake[2] to Lord Heather to get his signature - such as that the law might be completed.[3]

A year later, when Castle Britannia was trapped within the Guardian's blackrock dome during the feast of the Reconstruction, Miranda was among those imprisoned. At Lord British's behest, she took on the role of coordinator for the castle's efforts to weather the calamity - giving the Avatar pertinent information as to what was happening and which lines of magical power the hero had managed to sever in their tour of the worlds of the Blackrock Jewel.

In addition to her political work, Miranda was also mother to a young boy named Max and wife to the Royal Theatre's playwright-in-residence, Raymundo.[4] It is unknown what impact Miranda's imprisonment had on the young family, but it can be assumed that it was a trying time for her spouse and child.[5]


Miranda is one of only three women on the Great Council of Britannia, and is perhaps the most progressive of Britannia's leaders. She is an outspoken supporter of an equal role for women in Britannian society, and also serves with distinction in ameliorating Britannia’s environmental crises.


  • In Ultima VII, Miranda's portrait is based upon Randi Benson, wife of the game's lead writer, Raymond Benson, who in turn gives his visage to Miranda's husband, Raymundo. The real world couple's son appears accordingly as Max, the child of their in-game counterparts.[6][7]
  • In Ultima VII, if Max is present while speaking with Miranda regarding him, the child will say hello, and claim to be a "funny boy."[5]
  • In the Key to the Black Gate, Miranda provides Anton with information about the city of Britain, and her description of the area is a part of the work which the scholar compiles on behalf of the Avatar. In her ramblings about the area she makes mention of the fact that she cannot sew, causing her husband to rely on Gaye as a costumer.[4]
  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, it is Inwisloklem, rather than Miranda, who will ask the Avatar to carry the anti-dumping bill to Lord Heather.[8]


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