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Max, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Castle Britannia

This article is about a character in Ultima VII. For other uses, see Max (disambiguation).

Max is the young son of Great Council member Miranda and famed Royal Theatre playwright-in-residence Raymundo.[1][2] He appears in Ultima VII as one of several children tended to by the Royal Nursery.[2]


Often found in the nursery of Castle Britannia or out playing in the company of Sherry the Mouse, Max was an energetic toddler with a penchant for performing. Still bearing a childhood lisp, the boy would pronounce his name as "Makth," and would claim to be a "funny boy" and a capable singer.[3] Should the Avatar ask for a performance, Max would belt out a raucous rendition of "Old Lord British Had a farm."[4] Should the hero further inquire as to his reputation as a "funny boy," however, the child would throw his pacifier at the confused Avatar, engaging in some manner of game in which the befuddled hero had to return his "binky."[5]

During the catastrophe that befell Castle Britannia in Ultima Underworld II, Max and the other children of the nursery were away from the castle on a field trip with Boots, and thus avoided imprisonment within the Guardian's blackrock dome.[6] His mother, Miranda, however, had the misfortune to have been caught within the castle during the assault, separating her from her son until such a time that the Avatar could free her.


  • Max's portrait is based upon Max Benson, the real world son of the game's lead writer, Raymond Benson, who in turn gives his visage to Max's father Raymundo.[7][8]
  • If Nanna is present during a conversation with Max, she will correct his pronunciation of his name.[9]
  • Max, like all of the nursery children, will cut short conversations while in the midst of a game of tag.[3]


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