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Raymundo, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Britain

Raymundo is the director and playwright-in-residence at the Royal Theatre in Britain during the events of Ultima VII. At the time of the Avatar's adventures in this installment, he is embroiled in a production of his piece "The Trials of the Avatar."


Raymundo had a somewhat grandiose personality, but was obviously dedicated to his work. In his preparations for the Avatar-themed play in progress, however, he ran up against conflict with his troop, with the egotistical Stuart bemoaning his role as a non-protagonist[1] and the debuting Amber upset that she was appearing as a mouse and not a queen.[2] The only actor working without complaint was Jesse, the experimental performer who had been given the lead role.

Should the Avatar speak to him regarding the stage, he would vaguely recognize the spark of heroism about the champion, and would go so far as to offer the Avatar the opportunity to audition as Jesse's understudy. Should the hero procure a costume from the local clothier, Gaye, however, and do a reading for Raymundo, the playwright would prove hesitant to take on the Avatar for their own part.[3]
The Costume

In addition to his theatrical career, Raymundo also enjoyed the rewards of a family life, as husband[4] to Great Council member Miranda and father to her young son, Max. The artist thought highly of his spouse and was quite proud of their child - whom he already considered to show an aptitude for performing.[5][6] It is unknown how the young family weathered Miranda's imprisonment in castle Castle Britannia during Ultima Underworld II, but it must be assumed that the eight days were hard on the father and son.


  • Raymundo's real world counterpart is Raymond Benson, the lead writer of Ultima VII and author of a number of plays and novels. Benson's son also appears in the game world as Spark.[7]
  • A book of collected plays by Raymundo can be found in the game world, listing him as the author of "The Plagiarist", Clue and "Thumbs Down" - all actual works produced by Raymond Benson.[8]
  • The Avatar's failure to gain a role as the Avatar on stage may be seen as similar to numerous anecdotal situations in which famous actors are not recognized as themselves when encountered in public -- something that famously happened to actor Charlie Chaplin when he entered and lost a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contest in San Francisco.


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