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Spark, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Trinsic

Spark is the son of murdered Trinsic blacksmith Christopher in Ultima VII, and a potential party member in the game. He is undoubtedly one of the youngest companions to accompany the Avatar, claiming to be fourteen years of age when the Avatar first meets him.[1]


Spark's mother (whose name is never given), died shortly after his birth, leaving him to be raised entirely by his father, a craftsmen of some repute. Growing up, Spark was gradually apprenticed in his father's trade, and had just begun to learn how to seriously assist Christopher in his work at the time of the man's demise.[1]

The Avatar first met Spark near his father's house in the northwest corner of Trinsic, at the end of Whitsaber Road. Grief-stricken over his father's death, Spark was initially wary of the hero, although he quickly warmed to the stranger once their identity and their determination to investigate Christopher's murder were both made clear.

When questioned about the killing, Spark revealed that he had been among the first to find his father's ritually dismembered body, and that he had had a strange dream the night before - envisioning a red-faced man looking down upon Christopher and taking notice of him. Spark also gave an accounting of his father's recent decision to leave the Fellowship and further told of having seen a hook-handed man and a wingless gargoyle fleeing the scene of the slaying.[2]

Eager for revenge, Spark begged to be allowed to travel in the Avatar's company, threatening to follow the hero regardless of their wishes. While Iolo, if present, would profess some doubt as to the wisdom of adventuring with a child, he would be swiftly rebutted by Spark knocking an insect near to his head out of the air with a sling stone, as the youth attempted to prove his mettle.[3]

Should Spark accompany the Avatar, the boy would prove a jocular comrade, often supplying humorous commentary and light-hearted jibes throughout the hero's adventures. He would prove easily upset if asked to leave the adventurer's company, resorting to tears and begging if he thought himself dismissed.


  • Spark's real life counterpart is the son of the lead writer for the game, Raymond Benson.[4] Benson, himself, also appears in the game world as Raymundo.
  • Spark is one of the few characters in Ultima VII to feature multiple portraits. There are two images of him: one which shows him smiling and one which shows him weeping.
  • Finnigan mentioned to Anton during the scholar's compilation of the Key to the Black Gate that Spark was a remarkably independent child who was well able to cope with his father's busy life. The mayor saw this as a positive quality and admired the boy's tenacity.[5]
  • Spark is the only known Britannian to reference the Avatar's adventures in Savage Empire, rebuffing the player's claims to be the Avatar by saying, "The last time I heard that one I fell off a prehistoric creature from Eodon!" It is unknown if this implies greater knowledge of the hero's adventures in the hidden valley amongst the peoples of Britannia.[6]
  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, Spark will only speak to the Avatar after they have been instructed to question the boy by mayor Finnigan. Once spoken to, Spark will greet the news of his father's kidnapping nonchalantly, claiming that he already knew due to his prophetic dream. While he will not join the Avatar in their quest to find the perpetrator, he will give the hero his father's money: five-hundred gold coins in this version of the game. [7]
  • In the fan-created dialogue patch for Ultima IX, Spark appears as a dead paladin in Trinsic.
  • According to Richard, Spark will returned home as a minor hero and grow up. He will marry a nice local and have 2 kids. They'll raise goats & live happily ever after.[8]

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