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Hook, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII

This article is about an assassin from Ultima VII. For the proprietor of Hook's Arms, see Hook (U4).

Hook is the Fellowship's grand executioner in Ultima VII.


For details regarding the movements of Hook and his ship, the Crown Jewel, in Britannia see: Fellowship Movements in Ultima VII

Hook long made his living as a pirate on Britannia's seas, earning for himself a reputation of exceptional ruthlessness as he did so. Former sailors such as D'Rel and Rutherford could attest first hand to his cruelty, although he seldom left his opponents alive to tell such tales.[1][2]

Some time prior to Ultima VII, Hook had undertaken a change in careers, having joined with the Fellowship and become their grand executioner. Trained under the equally violent De Snel, the former pirate did the grim work of disposing of his organization's enemies as identified by Abraham. He and his assistant, Forskis, would ritually slaughter these unfortunate targets, severing their head and limbs and often leaving them in publicly accessible areas—no doubt, to strike fear into others who might seek to oppose the group.[3]

Well known to the High Court, Hook made his home in remote Buccaneer's Den, in a series of tunnels behind the House of Games. Most of the islanders lived in fear of him and would not speak of his presence, knowing his reputation. Eventually, however, the Avatar was able to use the powers of the blackrock cube to ferret out his location, and within his chambers the hero was able to find the key to the Fellowship stronghold on the Isle of the Avatar.[4][5][6] Here, the champion of the virtue confronted the killer, along with his co-conspirators, and slew him in the chamber of the Black Gate.

Hook's Victims[edit]


Hook is known to be an extremely dangerous killer, a pirate who left his own band of scalliwags to become a freelance assassin for whomever might meet his price. It is believed that he is linked to at least fourteen murders in Britannia. All of the victims had been mutilated with a sharp object believed to be the handiwork of a hook-hand. It is not known where Hook resides, but many believe he has a secret hideout on Buccaneer's Den. His most recent sighting confirmed that he is traveling with a warrior gargoyle named Forskis.



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