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Christopher, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade
Ultima VII
Christopher, from Ultima VII
Location: Trinsic

This article is about a character from Ultima VII. For the Ultima V character, see Christopher (disambiguation).

Christopher was a blacksmith in Trinsic, whose grisly ritualistic murder set off the events of Ultima VII. He was also the father of Spark, a young boy who may join the Avatar's party out of desire for revenge.


In Ultima VII, the Avatar was confronted with news of Christopher's murder immediately upon entering Britannia, as the hero arrived outside of the stables where Iolo and Petre were discussing the crime. Almost immediately after exiting the red moongate by which they arrived, the Avatar was met by Finnigan, the mayor of the city, and charged with the investigation of the crime.

This inquiry quickly revealed that Christopher was a member of the Fellowship prior to his demise, but had made motions to leave the society shortly before the time of his death - having had an argument with the Trinsic branch leader Klog a few days before his body was found.[1] When asked, his son Spark did not quite piece together any Fellowship involvement, but he reported a portentous nightmare of a red-faced man taking notice of his father.[1] According to the boy, Christopher was a smith of considerable renown who had many commissions throughout Britannia. His wife (whose name is never mentioned) died shortly after Spark's birth, leaving him a single father, and rendering Spark an orphan in the wake of his death.[1]

The Avatar eventually ascertained that Christopher had recently come into a fair amount of money for some unknown project; that both Spark and a guard named Gilberto had seen a wingless gargoyle and a man with a hook for a hand fleeing the scene of the crime; and that these two suspects had apparently boarded a ship known as the Crown Jewel. After presenting this evidence to Finnigan, the hero was charged with the pursuit the killers, and was given a password needed to leave the city.[2]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

It was eventually revealed that Christopher's decision to leave the Fellowship apparently had its roots in a commission from Klog, in which Christopher was to build the Blackrock pedestal for the Black Gate.[3] Apparently, either Christopher completed this order and had second thoughts on the matter or ceased work on the project once he realized the ramifications of what he was doing. Given the sensitivity of the operation, the Fellowship opted to silence him by means of ritual murder.

Christopher was then killed by Fellowship assassin Hook and his accomplice Forskis, likely with the aid of Elizabeth and Abraham.[3] In the course of the murder, a young wingless gargoyle named Inamo was also killed, presumably to prevent him from bearing witness to the crime.

Klog, under the powers of the blackrock cube would confess that he regretted missing the murder, but that he needed to remain home with his wife Ellen to create an alibi.[3]----

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Appearance as a Ghost[edit]

In Ultima VII Part Two, the Avatar was able to speak with Christopher's spirit with the aid of the necromage Mortegro in Moonshade. If summoned, Christopher's ghost would thank the Avatar for avenging him and helping his son, but warned that many restless and vengeful ghosts awaited the hero in the lands of the dead, and urged the Avatar to stay alive.


  • Finnigan mentioned to Anton that he had heard rumors of Christopher being badgered by Klog following his resignation from the Fellowship, although he never reported such an occurrence to the Avatar following the blacksmith's murder. [4]
  • Christopher's shop in the southwest corner of Trinsic (western most end of Harold's Hallway) appears to have been vandalized (possibly by Fellowship members) when examined. It is also seemingly haunted, with furniture and doors moving of their own accord. In spite of this, no NPCs make mention of the state of the shop in their dialogue.
  • Christopher's shop is also a means to access a cheat room.
  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, Christopher and Inamo are kidnapped, rather than murdered.


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