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Map of Towne Mary

Towne Mary is a town on Mars in the year 2112 A.D. It appears to exist within the alternate time line created by Minax's interventions during Ultima II.


Towne Mary was a modest settlement, and seemingly the only one existing on the red planet during the 22nd century. It is not clear as to whether the city would have historically occurred independent of Minax's interference with the history, and it appeared to bear little resemblance to the Martian civilization which the Avatar would later encounter three centuries prior in Martian Dreams.

During the time in which the committee of survivors of Earth's apocalypse compiled information, Mars was known to have viable life upon it.[1] Curiously, the initials of Lord British appeared in the center square of Towne Mary, implying that the then Terran ruler may have had influence upon the city in some way - similar monuments could also be found in Terran Towne Linda in 1423 B.C. and in Towne Makler on the distant planet Pluto. A historian within the town further claimed that American president George Washington stayed within the town at some point in time, pointing to additional ties to the blue planet.[2]

After the Time Doors closed and the ahistorical timeline became inaccessible, any other information about it is unknown.


Shops and Services[edit]


  • A Mary Tyler Rollo was is listed in the credits for Ultima II and was responsible for the game's manual. It is possible that she lends her name to this city.[5]


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