Time of Legends

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The Time of Legends

The Time of Legends is a hard to define temporal zone, appearing to either be in the distant past of planet Earth, or more ominously within a metaphysical space that transcends the normal flow of time. Shadowguard, the citadel from which the enchantress Minax enacted her vengeance on the Stranger's home world of Earth, is located within this realm.


Shadowguard in the Time of Legends

The landscape of the Time of Legends consists of little, save a vast, almost perfectly circular continent in the center of which lies Shadowguard. A pristine series of gates, through which the four major time-zones of Earth may be accessed, is located within a mountainous valley on the south end of this landmass, and a panthalassic ocean surrounds the continent.

Theorists of the Earth, attempting to explain this time, hypothesized that the balance of good and evil within the Time of Legends was capable of having effects upon both Earth's future and past, making Minax's prominence here the root of the ills which plagued the war torn planet before its demise in 2111 A.D.

With Minax's eventual destruction, it is unknown what happened to this age of myth, although neither it nor the sorceress' keep were ever seen by the Stranger again.


One period, reported vaguely by at least two independent travelers, appears to have no place in prior philosophic thought at all. Ironically, if it is what it appears to be, it is the period about which the most has been written. Until recently, such writings were believed to be speculation at best, pure fancy at worst. It is a time we know only through mythology - the time of Legends.

The time before time, peopled by creatures of myth and lore. Whether the time of Legends is ruled by good or evil affects all other times and places. It is believed that the power of the enchantress Minax, the authoress of our worst troubles, is greatest at this time.


Minax' Ahistorical Time-Space
Pangea Baradin's Town
1423 B.C. Castle of Lord British Le Jester Towne Linda
1990 A.D. Castle of Lord British New San Antonio Port Bonifice
2112 A.D. aftermath Earth (Pirates Harbour) Planet X (Towne Basko Castle Barataria)
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Time of Legends Shadowguard