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Map of Earh during 2112 A.D. aftermath
The Aftermath (FM-Towns Port)

2112 A.D., also called the Aftermath is one of the four major time-zones accessible through the time doors within the alternate history of Earth created by Minax's disruptions in Ultima II.


From 1990 to 2111[edit]

After the collapse of the Time Doors around 1990 A.D., the Cold War ended peacefully and humanity was ruled by beauty, wisdom and reason for many decades. In this peaceful age, humanity reached all the planets of the Solar System. When Minax opened new Time Doors, she put an end to this blessed century and fueled international tension. In 2111 A.D., this ended in the worst possible way: a massive (and likely nuclear) struggle of major nations against one another that resulted in a cataclysm so great that human civilization was wiped out, and the Earth was left an infertile, burnt husk. Large impact craters were in the places where New San Antonio, Northern China, and much of southeastern Europe and the Middle East once stood.

2112 Aftermath[edit]

The only survivors of this time were those able to escape this hellish fate by means of the time doors or space travel, and the only settlement on the Earth was Pirates Harbour, a city in Russia seemingly created by the gathered remnants of the old Soviet Union.

During the quest to destroy Minax, it was necessary for the Stranger to enter this blighted time, as it was the only accessible period in history where the technology for space travel could be found, and the hero had pressing business to engage in upon the fabled Planet X.

When the Time Doors collapsed, everything that came out from them was sucked back and returned to their original time zones. This includes time travelers, future technology, and also Minax's minions. Further damage by Minax was therefore avoided.


The climax was the devastation of 2111, Minax's greatest triumph, when ancient civilizations born of love and beauty, wisdom and reason, turned on one another in hatred and destroyed most of the very earth that had nurtured them. If it were not for the time doors, we would not be here now. Only the ability to move in time enabled any living thing to survive...

The post devastation period once thought of as the future. Much of life and all known civilization has ceased to exist. As we learn more of the enchantress Minax, we become convinced of her single-handed perpetration of the entire devastation itself and all that led to it. Note that much of the land mass has been wiped out, especially the key centers and most troublesome hotspots of the great Sino-Russo-American Era.


  • Although this was the official opinion of the Britannian sages, it is hard to believe that, when the Time Doors collapsed in this age, all the victim of the worldwide conflict suddenly resurrected and that all damage were instantly fixed.

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