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Female Elf on Sosarian coast, from Ultima III manual.
First appearance: Ultima I
Last appearance: Ultima III

Elves are a humanoid race, which inhabited Sosaria in its earliest days and perhaps existed there prior to the advent of humanity.


Slender in form and swift of foot, the elves of ancient Sosaria were known for their fleetness and agility. The average elf was a few spans shorter than the average human, although their stature far exceeded those of the other sapient denizens of the world at time - the dwarves, bobbits and fuzzies which shared the ancient world with man and elf alike. Unlike the willowy creatures of Terran high fantasy, the Sosarian elves were an urbane and impetuous lot, found in glade and metropolis alike and often lacking in the much needed wisdom to understand their place in universe.

Eventually these merry larks and rogues faded from the realms which would become Britannia, becoming lost to causes unknown - perhaps to the calamities which wracked the lands of early history; perhaps to a gradual intermarriage of their race with mankind. Whatever the mechanism of their disappearance, their cousins, the spiteful aquatic nixies, survived them by a span of several years, roaming the seas of the realm well into the days of the renaissance established by Lord British during the early Age of Enlightenment.


An elf consults with her human companion, from Ultima III manual.
Shorter than their human counterparts by the span of three hands, the elves of Sosaria are slight of build and swift of movement. Their superior natural agility makes them excellent musicians and clever thieves. At home amongst the trees of the deepest forest or in the alleyways of the capital, the Sosarian elf makes a stalwart companion and a relentless foe.


  • In early games, elves receive a racial bonus to their Dexterity statistic.
  • After the disappearance of the elves following Ultima III, the race was not seen in any games bearing the Ultima title until their reappearance as a playable race in the Mondain's Legacy expansion for Ultima Online. (see Races of Ultima Online)
  • Elves were scheduled to appear in the canceled Ultima X. Their detailed historical write-up can be seen here.

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