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In Ultima Online, at first the player could only play as a human. However, over time, more races became available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore here an overview of the three playable races in Ultima Online, and what their characteristics are.


Male human

In every Ultima game -- as they are in real life -- humans are the dominant species, and this hasn't changed throughout the series. They have very little specialization and can do almost any job with enough practice.

Racial Traits[edit]

The re-introduction of the elves has brought to light special racial abilities that only the humans possess. These abilities will help the humans help defend their homeland of Sosaria from the twisted evil unleashed with Mondain’s Legacy.

With the introduction of the elves, humans needed some traits to set them apart from the new race:

Medallion strong back.gif Strong Back: Humans have an increased carrying capacity above what is determined by their strength.
  • Carry an additional 60 Stones of weight
Medallion tough.gif Tough: Humans regenerate hit points faster than normal.
  • +2 Hit Point Regeneration
Medallion workhorse.gif Workhorse: Humans have a better chance at finding more resources while gathering hides, ore and lumber. That means specific bonuses to the skills Mining and Lumberjacking.
  • +1 Logs in Trammel
  • +2 Logs in Felucca
  • +1 Ore when mining at random
  • Additional hides
Medallion jack of all trades.gif Jack of all Trades: Humans have a basic ability in all skills, even untrained ones.
  • 20 minumum level in all skills (does not show on Skill Menu)


Female elf

Elves were introduced to Ultima Online with Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy. They are more graceful humanoids, who put less emphasis on strength and more on skill. Since the canon elves disappeared from sight after Ultima III, no comparisons can be made.

Heartwood is the city of the elves.

Racial Traits[edit]

The elves have always been a part of Sosaria, tied inexplicably to the health of the world itself. The ancient tales and the bards that sing them are definite about that fact. Elven beauty is renowned, elven valor unsurpassed, and elven artistry dazzling in its brilliance. The songs tell us, so it must be true. There are skeptics, of course. There always are those who do not believe and cannot afford to acknowledge mysteries in their lives.

But the stories are true. The elves do exist and serve as the caretakers of Sosaria, linked directly to the world itself, their health tied directly to that of the land. Perhaps not quite as beautiful, valorous and brilliant as legend tells us, but real nonetheless.

Elves have abilities, that give them advantages with stealth and magic.

Night sight medallion.gif Night Sight: Elves always have the effect of a full strength Night Sight spell.
  • Night Sight is always on
Infused medallion.gif Infused with Magic: Elves have an increased energy resistance cap. Elven players must still increase their actual resistances through normal means (i.e. through equipment and magical effects).
  • +5 to Energy Resistance cap (75 total)
Knowledge of nature medallion.gif Knowledge of Nature: Elves receive an increase to their chance of acquiring special resources such as colored ore when mining or special boards when lumberjacking.
Difficult to track medallion.gif Difficult to Track: Elves are more difficult to track than humans.
Perception medallion.gif Perception: Elves gain an increased chance to passively detect hidden monsters and enemies.
Wisdom medallion.gif Wisdom: Elves receive a bonus to their maximum mana.
  • +20 Mana Increase Bonus


Male gargoyle
Female gargoyle

Gargoyles were introduced to Ultima Online with Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss, with the addition of their world to its cosmos. Compared to the classical gargoyles of Ultima lore, these gargoyles are very different. In this game they can have numerous different colors, while canon gargoyles are always red. They are male and female, as in Ultima IX and X, but how they reached a state of equal gender distribution is not addresssed. Also, wingless gargoyles appear only rarely and are not playable or part of main gargoyle society.

In canon, gargoyles first appeared in Ultima VI.

Racial Traits[edit]

Community-minded and strongly principled, the gargoyle race is powerful in both magic and combat, and is renowned for their superior craftsmanship, particularly with unusual materials. The gargoyles are often mistaken as demons but are in fact a proud mystical race with an ancient history.

Gargoyles have no hair on their bodies. Their horns come in several varieties and sizes and are usually left unadorned.

Since they come from a harsh land, gargoyles in general have skills that aim at making them better fighters and enable them to fend for their own. Additionally, their very biology gives them an advantage with their wings.

Flying medallion.png Flying: A gargoyle's powerful wings carry them over land as fast as a galloping horse and grant them access to special gargoyle-only areas.
  • Flying makes it possible for Gargoyles to move at a speed equal to being mounted, or the equivalent being double the usual walking pace of Humans and Elves.
Berserk medallion.png Berserk: In situations of great danger, a gargoyle's natural ferocity will take over, granting speed and power at the cost of defenses.
  • 15% damage bonus and +3% spell damage increase for each 20% health lost from maximum health (60% weapon damage bonus cap and 12% spell damage bonus cap).
Master artisan medallion.png Master Artisan: A strong cultural emphasis on art and craftsmanship grants the gargoyles an increased chance to imbue, enhance, and unravel magical items. Bonus to Imbuing.
Deadly aim medallion.png Deadly Aim: All gargoyles are trained from childhood in the skill of Throwing, giving them a basic competence with missile weapons.
  • Minimum Gargoyle skill in Throwing is 20.0.
  • Gargoyles receive a 5% bonus to hit.
  • Gargoyle’s hit chance cap increased to 50%.
Mystic insight medallion.png Mystic Insight: Gargoyles have an intuitive understanding of Mysticism, allowing them to cast basic Mysticism spells without further training.
  • Minimum Gargoyle skill in Mysticism is 30.0.
No Archery: Gargoyles cannot learn nor use weapons that require Archery.