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Gordy, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Buccaneer's Den

Gordy is the overseer of the House of Games on Buccaneer's Den during Ultima VII.


An ex-pirate, Gordy did his best to seem gentlemanly and distinguished, reeking of pomade and self-importance, and referring to himself as the "Mister" of the house. If asked, he did his best to describe the gambling parlour and its history to the Avatar, proudly citing the wealthy anonymous backers who had funded the establishment six years prior, and boasting as to how it lay outside the jurisdiction of the Britannian Tax Council.[1][2]

Should the Avatar approach Gordy while possessing the blackrock cube, the Mister would prove a little more loose-tongued about certain details of the House, revealing the Fellowship had funded its construction and that the assassin, Hook, lived in a series of passages behind its walls.[3]


  • Gordy's real world counterpart is Ultima VII programmer, Mike McShaffry.[4] The character's title of "The Mister" may be a reference to McShaffry's moniker, "Mr. Mike."[5]
  • Gordy will ask the Avatar to sign into the House of Games' registry, at which point the player may opt to use the hero's real name, a pseudonym, or the title "Avatar." Should they pick the latter, Gordy will become uncomfortable, citing problems with a previous "Avatar" one week prior.[1]


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