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Warrick, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Buccaneer's Den
Transcript: Warrick
Warrick is the master of the Thieves' Guild in Ultima IX.

The Avatar found him on Buccaneer's Den in the guild house after Raven had applied a branding that initiated the Avatar into the ranks of the guild. Warrick offered the Avatar numerous scarce items of great worth for sale, and also was the best supplier of mandrake root.[1]

However, after the Avatar freed the silver serpent, Warrick angrily denied the hero any more service, as the guild had been exposed following this act, and their business had taken great damage.

The Guild House[edit]

Prices in Ultima IX were as follows: [2]

Original Version
Reagents Cost Spell Scrolls Cost Armour Cost Weapons Cost
Mandrake Root 200gp Invisibility 1300gp Blackrock Gauntlets 1900gp Flaming Sword 800gp
------- ----- Mana Breath 1450gp ------- ----- Frost Sword 2420gp

Economy Patch Version
Magic Items Cost Armour Cost Swords Cost Weapons Cost
Mandrake Root 365 gp Blackrock Gauntlets 2900 gp Flaming Sword 1400 gp Crook of Charming 2125 gp
Invisibility Scroll 1900 gp Blackrock Chest 4000 gp Frost Sword 3265 gp War Bow of Blood 2600 gp
Mana Breath Scroll 2050 gp ------- ----- 2-Handed Sword 3000 gp ------- -----
Teleport Scroll 2200 gp ------- ----- Glass Sword 3000 gp ------- -----


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