Ultima: The Fall of Magincia (Manga)

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Fall of Magincia cover
Ultima: The Fall of Magincia (ウルティマ ~ マジンシアの滅亡 Uruteima ~ Majinshia no Metsubou) is an Ultima-inspired manga created by artist Hiroyuki Watanabe. It was published on December 15, 1990 by JICC and originally sold for ¥980.


Britannia's seas are being ravaged by monsters under the command of the sorcerer Vitor, head of Magincia's merchants. The young pirate captain Susadora and his gang - accompanied by Rani Sentri, captain of Britannia's special forces - are commanded by Lord British to find arms strong enough to stop Vitor, as well as discover a mysterious truth about Susadora himself.



  • Susadora: a brash, strong-willed pirate captain
  • Rani Sentri: the captain of Britannia's special forces, assigned by Lord British to assist Susadora
  • Johnny: a member of Susadora's crew; skilled with a boomerang and in love with his captain's sister, Leila
  • D'Artigny: an older member of Susadora's crew; friends with Susadora's mother
  • Godot: a member of Susadora's crew
  • Frowd: member of Susadora's crew; a very tall, strong and silent man
  • Soma: a cowardly and inept bard


Other Characters from Ultima[edit]

Two of the pages of the manga

Other Characters Unique to the Manga[edit]

  • Leila: Susadora's sister; romantically involved with Johnny
  • Susadora's Mother: a strong-willed old woman who has long upheld the ways of the Golaian pirates

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