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The Vesper Mines
The Vesper Mines are a site owned and operated by the Britannian Mining Company in Vesper during Ultima VII.

Located near the southwestern border of the Drylands of northeast Britannia, the mines of Vesper contained rich veins of gold and lead, which were excavated by numerous Gargish and human workers from the nearby village. A cache of Blackrock could also be found in the tunnels, although the lack of a formal Fellowship branch in the region implied that this deposit was probably of lesser importance than that mined at Covetous near Minoc.

Due to the racial hostilities of the nearby town, several gargoyle workers had left their employment under the BMC around the time of the Avatar's travels in the region. While it is unknown if the use of silver serpent venom as a performance-enhancing stimulant contributed to these troubles, as it was in Minoc, it was clear that the integrated workforce was fraught with tension and unease.

Ultima VII (SNES)[edit]

The Vesper Mines appear in the SNES Port of Ultima VII as a dungeon. The Avatar must battle their way through them in this version of the game in order to obtain the Blackrock Talisman, which is necessary to shield Penumbra from the corrupted ethereal waves.[1]



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