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Welcome to the Ultima V quick guide. This is a quick guide detailing what you need to do to beat Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny. Things have not fared well for Britannia since you became the Avatar. Lord British undertook an expedition to the Underworld. Nothing has been heard from him since then. In his place, he left Lord Blackthorn, as regent of the kingdom. Alas, the once virtuous man became tyrannical and oppressive through the instigation of the Shadowlords. He has consolidated his grip on power and has codified the Eight Virtues into law. Some people, notably your former companions, are resisting his rule and have summoned you here to help them. In addition, three horrible beasts from the Underworld, known as the Shadowlords, have arisen and are terrifying all of Britannia. You sure have your work cut out for you!

Character Creation[edit]

Britannia map
Britannia, computer-generated map

If you have a character from Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar transfers it in now. Otherwise, you will have to create a new character. The process is the same as it was in Ultima IV: the gypsy will ask you several questions, and you must pick the virtue that corresponds with the class you want to play (or you could always answer from the heart and let the chips fall where they may).

Virtue Dexterity Strength Intelligence
Compassion +2 -- --
Spirituality +1 +1 +1
Sacrifice +1 +1 --
Justice +1 -- +1
Valor -- +2 --
Honor -- +1 +1
Honesty -- -- +2
Humility -- -- --

Dexterity is perhaps the most useful attribute: it rules the accuracy of attacks (hit rate), the speed in battle (number of attacks), the ability to disarm traps, and probably the ability to dodge enemy attacks.

Strength comes second: if the enemy is hit (and that depends on Dexterity) Strength determines how much damage is dealt. Some few weapons of which hit rate are based on Strength instead of Dexterity. Moreover, no matter your choices, Strength will be set to 20 even if your answers would set it to a lower value.

Intelligence is the least important attribute: it rules the number of Magic Points. Even if you are a magic-lover, in Ultima Magic Points do not rule over spellcasting, because this is actually determined by the gold you can spend on magic reagents. Since food and weapons come first, magic and intelligence should wait.

Once you have done that, you proceed on with the game.

Game Objectives[edit]

You must do several things to beat the game.

  1. Collect four items belonging to Lord British that you will need to brave the Underworld:
    1. The Scepter - Found in Stonegate. Watch out for the Shadowlords!
    2. The Crown - Found on the rooftop of the Palace of Blackthorn.
    3. The Amulet - Underworld. (under Destard)
    4. The Sandalwood Box - Found in Lord British's study by playing "Stones".
  2. Kill the Shadowlords.
    1. Find the shards corresponding to each Shadowlord.
      1. Shard of Falsehood - Underworld. (Deceit)
      2. Shard of Hate - Underworld. (Covetous)
      3. Shard of Cowardice - Underworld. (Hythloth)
    2. Learn the names of each Shadowlord.
      1. Falsehood - Faulinei.
      2. Hatred - Astaroth.
      3. Cowardice - Nosfentor.
    3. Take the shards to the keep opposite each Shadowlord, Yell his name and throw the Shard into the Flame.
  3. Go to Dungeon Doom in the Underworld, beat it and rescue Lord British.

General Hints[edit]

  • It is beneficial to buy ranged weapons only, due to their inherent advantage in a melee. Most of them can be bought from Gwenneth at Iolo's Bows in Britain.
  • Travel is expensive: the party eats food, which must be bought again. To optimize travel budget, it is good to travel by land and fight land enemies for their loot. Sea enemies drop no loot, except for pirates. Skiffs, frigates, horses and the magic carpet should be used only when absolutely necessary.
  • When a character levels up, he or she gains one point of either strength, intelligence or dexterity. The characters do not lose this point if they lose their level, so very high attribute levels can be achieved through multiple leveling-up-and-down attempts.
  • Pirate ships can be acquired by killing her crew. (P)ass turns all night near water for multiple ships. Skiffs can be taken from the conquered ships and put them on the player's frigate. Extra skiffs can then be left as ferries between the mainland and locations of interest.
  • Karma can be checked by pressing Ctrl+K. Experience points remaining after death are equal to this amount; e.g. a karma of 90 means the player is resurrected with 90% of their current experience.

The Companions[edit]

Main article: Party Members in Ultima V

It is not necessary to have a party of six characters. Four characters will cover all available professions (Avatar, fighter, bard, mage), consume less food; require less equipment and less healing. Moreover, there will be two empty slots for any character met along the way. It may be advantageous to always keep companions with the highest dexterity, and leave the others at inns.

The Shrines of Virtue[edit]

The first thing the player should try to accomplish is the Shrine Quests, because they greatly improve the attributes (DEX, STR, and INT) of the Avatar.

The procedure is the following: go to a Virtuous town, learn the Mantra, then go to the corresponding Shrine, meditate and be ordained the quest, go to the Avatar Isle and learn, then go back to the Shrine and have your attributes raised.

Virtue Town Character who knows the Mantra Mantra Shrine location Requirements Bonus
Honesty Moonglow Malifora Ahm Island North of Verity Isle Skiff INT+1
Compassion Britain Greyson Mu East of Britain, between the lake and the mountains Skiff DEX+1
Valor Jhelom Thorne and Trian Ra Island South of Jhelom Frigate STR+1
Justice Yew Jerone, Jeremy, Chamfort Beh North-East of Yew, between swamp and sea Skiff DEX+1, INT+1
Sacrifice Minoc Rew Cah In the Eastern Desert -- DEX+1, STR+1
Honor Trinsic Gruman Summ West of Trinsic, between swamp and sea Skiff STR+1, INT+1
Spirituality Skara Brae Saul, Kindor Om Talk to Lady Janell at the Lycaeum -- DEX+1, STR+1, INT+1
Humility New Magincia Shirita, Wartow Lum Northern part of the Isle of the Avatar Frigate --

Where the table above lists more than one character, it means that the first one tells you to talk to next one and so on until the last one tells you the Mantra.

In order to receive the Word of Power for Doom, the player must first travel to all eight shrines and meditate for three cycles using the correct mantra. The player will then be told to journey to the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom for enlightenment in that virtue. After meditating at all the eight shrines, the player will receive the Word of Power for Doom, Veramocor.

"Beyond shames egress in the center of the underworld there is a place of darkness. Beyond this darkness lies the gate to the core of the world. When thou art ready thou must call forth VERAMOCOR to unlock the gate and venture past ethereal wards and stealers of souls. That which the world hath lost, dost awaits thy coming!."

After receiving enlightenment in that virtue, the player can return to the respective shrine for a stat boost after meditating three cycles.

Side Quests and More Items[edit]

Even though these items are not necessary, they will definitely help. Moreover, they will provide something to do while raising money for a skiff or a frigate.

Free food[edit]

Cory, the beautiful chef of Empath Abbey, will gift one free meal if asked for some squid or shark. As many meals as desired may be received in this fashion, although the process is quite slow.

His Majesty's Ship Cape Plans[edit]

Woolfe in Trinsic will talk about his son Jimmy, who loves ships. Asking Jimmy about ships will prompt him to reveal the plans for His Majesty's Ship Cape should be at The Oaken Oar. This is a shipwright in East Britanny, where Squire Jimmy and Sir Adam the Torch can be found; more importantly, the plans are found in a room behind locked double doors, which can be jimmied.

The plans for His Majesty's Ship Cape will double the speed of any frigate they are used on.

Free Reagents and More Spells[edit]

Desiree, found in the upper kitchen of Castle Britannia, will tell that Lord Stuart the Hungry is studying of a spell to create food. Find this ravenous man in Moonglow (you need a skiff to get there). He will provide all the details about the Create Food spell.

Still in Moonglow, Malik will tell of Saul, a friend of his who knows where to find free mandrake and nightshade. Saul can be found in Skara Brae; he will reveal that nightshade can be found in the center of Spiritwood, a forest east of the city; mandrake root can be found in a swampy patch in the Bloody Plains, southeast of Minoc. There are three spells that can be cast with nightshade and mandrake root alone, and therefore are absolutely free:

  • In Wis (2nd circle, nightshade): it works like the sextant.
  • Quas An Wis (6th circle, nightshade and mandrake): it confuses all the enemies.
  • In Quas Wis (7th circle, nightshade and mandrake): it creates a map, just like a peer gem.

Navigating along the coast east of Britain will reveal a hut surrounded by a swamp. Within is Grendel, who will talk about a spell to turn enemies into weak rats.

Navigating straight west from Serpent's Hold will find a small island, upon which the mage Temme resides. She will mention a spell that makes things disappear, but that she is not sure about the reagents. It is a spell of the first circle, and the reagents are not sulfurous ash and mandrake root.

More Karma[edit]

A higher karma lowers the prices of every shop.

Talking to Fenelon in Minoc will give 5 Karma points, providing the right words are chosen.

Offering a donation to Ava will provide 5 more Karma points.

After talking to Aleyn and Mario in Yew, using two keys to free them will reward the player with 2 Karma points from each.

The Sextant[edit]

In Buccaneer's Den, the bard Scally will talk about a man who invented a sextant. David, the inventor, is now the keeper of Greyhaven, the lighthouse south of Trinsic, and he will be happy to provide a sextant if asked.

The sextant reads the player's current coordinates, although the result is expressed in runic alphabet.

The Spyglass[edit]

While in Farthing, talking to Dufus will reveal the existence of a spyglass owned by the lord of the keep, Seggallion, who will give it to the player if asked.

The spyglass shows the eight planets, corresponding to the eight virtues, and three comets, corresponding to the Shadowlords. Zachariah of Moonglow can tell more about it, ONLY if the player is a member of the Resistance.

The Moonstones[edit]

Zachariah of Moonglow will also reveal that a mage in Jhelom discovered a new power of the moongates. Go to Jhelom and talk first to the bard Trian, then find the mage Goeth on the walls, and he will talk about the moonstones, i.e. how to get them and how to use them.

There is a moonstone under every moongate, it can be well said that moongates spring up from moonstones. Getting a moonstone from one place and burying it somewhere else moves the location of the moongate. A problem with moongates is that their destination is hard to control: on a given night, the moon phase may not correspond with the desired destination. Collect the eight moonstones and bury them near each other, in one or two locations around Britannia. For example, one strategy could be the following:

  • bury 4 moonstones between Spiritwood (free nightshade) and Skara Brae.
  • bury 3 moonstones in the Bloody Plains (free mandrake), south of Minoc.
  • keep 1 moonstone: It is advised to use this one to create a moongate to escape from a tight situation.

Magic Axe[edit]

Go to Jhelom and search for it outside the east walls. To get there, you have to look around on the main level for a secret door in the northeast sector.

The Resistance[edit]

Talk to Terrance in Britain and he will tell you about the Resistance. If you agree with him, he will tell you to speak to the owner of the "Arms of Justice": this is Chamfort of Yew, who will accept you in the Resistance and tell you to go talk to the local leader, Landon. He will tell you about the Lord British's Crown, and suggest you to talk to Sir Simon, who is hiding in Bordermarch.

Still in Yew, a prisoner named Greymarch will ask you about his son, Froed. If you met him in Skara Brae, Greymarch will be relieved and thank you by telling you about the Sceptre of Lord British. He will also tell you to ask about it to Sir Simon of Bordermarch.

Shall we go to Bordermarch straight away, then? No. Let us go to North Britanny instead, where a farmer named Thentis is a member of the Resistance. He will give you an appointment at the well at midnight. Talk with the other members of the Resistance, Vigil, Joshua and Leof and learn more about the Shadowlords. They will relay you to Sir Sean of the Lycaeum and Sutek, who lives on a small island in the South.

Quest for the Crown Jewels[edit]

The Sceptre[edit]

As you were told in Britanny, ask Sir Sean of the Lycaeum about Stonegate, and he will tell you how to get there, but he will also emphasize that you need an item to cross-mountains.

Strange and exotic items can be found in Buccaneer's Den. Talk first to Lord Dalgrin, who will direct you to Tierra. Be kind to her, and she will tell you that Bidney used to climb mountains. However, the pirate does not have the grapple anymore: he gave it to Lord Michael of Empath Abbey. Therefore, you should just go to the Castle of Love and ask him of the grapple, and he will give it to you.

Now that you have the grapple, you can reach Bordermarch and talk to Sir Simon, who will tell you about the powers of the Crown and the location of the sceptre, that is Stonegate.

In addition, you need more items before going to Stonegate. Go to Britain and talk to the cook Justin: he will start the trail about glassware. Talk to Eb in the same tavern, then to Malik of Moonglow, and finally to Sven in Buccaneer's Den, and you will have all the information to get the Glass Swords. Explore the mountains with gems to find the exact location; when you get there, search the land, get one sword, equip it to one of your party members, then repeat: this way you will be able to have one glass sword per party member plus one; unequip them and save them for a fight against the Shadowlords.

If you go to Stonegate now, the Shadowlords are not the only obstacle to retrieve the Sceptre of Lord British: the keep is filled with bottomless pit traps, and you should fly over them. Go to Serpent's Hold and talk to Monsieur Loubet, he will tell you about a magic carpet he gave to Bandaii of Paws. This mage, in turn, does not own the carpet anymore, but he will tell you whom he gave the carpet if you can find proof of the existence of a talking horse. Continue to North Britanny and talk to Kurt the stable boy: he will just tell you the favorite horses of his friend, Treanna. She is a girl working in the stables of Castle Britannia, and if you guess her favorite horses, she will tell you about Smith the talking horse. With this information, you can go back to Bandaii and learn that the magic carpet is in the private chambers of Lord British atop Castle Britannia. To get in there, you should first avoid Stillwelt the guard, who actually goes to sleep at night, then use a Magic Unlock spell or a skull key to open the door.

Now you are fully equipped to face the dangers in Stonegate and retrieve Lord British's Sceptre. The keep is inhabited by the three Shadowlords, who can go invisible and are only vulnerable to glass swords. The Sceptre is in the central room, surrounded by deadly pit traps.

Note: if the Avatar enters conflict with a Shadowlord while in possession of the sceptre, the Shadowlord will steal the sceptre and return it to Stonegate. The player will have to retrieve the sceptre once again.

The Guardian of Stonegate[edit]

As you approach this building, you will come across a Daemon. This creature will give you a riddle. He promises you that IF you answer it correctly he will let you through. Unfortunately, he will not keep his end of his bargain and will attack you. The answer is "Well".

The Crown[edit]

Landon of Yew told you that Lord British's Crown is kept in a room atop Palace of Blackthorn, and Sir Simon told you of its ability that prevents the use of magic. Therefore, you cannot hope to navigate the palace easily. Moreover, Toede, a prisoner in Serpent's Hold, will warn you about the many pit traps in the passageways of the palace.

Kristi, the beautiful cook of Serpent's Hold, will tell you about an armourer of Minoc who sold her some skull keys. You can then go to Minoc and talk to Shenstone the armourer, but you will find nothing about the skull keys. The hint comes from Delwyn, a beggar from the same city, who suggests you to follow Shenstone around noon. Search the tree where Shenstone goes everyday for five skull keys a day. The Skull Keys open magically locked doors despite the magic negation caused by the Crown, but it will destroy each key upon use. Stock them up since they are free, they are more convenient than the reagents for the "Magic Unlock" spell.

Still in Minoc talk to Tactus the smith. Pretend to agree with his ideas, and he will tell you about the Oppression, and direct you to the Judge Dryden of Yew. The judge will relay you to archmage Flain in Skara Brae. There, you will need either "magic unlock" spells or skull keys to access his tower, but also the magic carpet (see above, Stonegate) to shake off the bats that will chase you when you unlock a door. When you talk to Flain, he will tell the password of the Oppression and direct you to Elistaria in Windemere to confirm your acceptance in the Oppression. The sorceress will give you the Black Badge, which together with the password will grant you free access to the palace of Blackthorn.

In addition, in Windemere you can talk to Thrud and acquire the useless Jeweled Arms.

When you enter, palace of Blackthorn, turn immediately either left or right, and climb down the stairs to the dungeons. There, talk to the two prisoners: Hassad will tell you a word of power; Gorn will ask you to join and give you the walkthrough for the castle. Remember to look for the Crown while you are on the palace roof.

In the palace, you can also find a Jeweled Sword and the Chaos Sword

Once you leave the palace of Blackthorn, you can drop him at the nearest inn for good. You can then sell all his equipment for some good gold.

  • Beware! The Sword of Chaos is cursed! As one of you companions wields this weapon it will turn him/her against the others. Do not use it!

The Amulet[edit]

In order to pass through the Dark Area in the Underworld you'll need this artifact. This is to be found deep within the Underworld beneath the waterfall in Spiritwood or dungeon Destard at the Grave of Valiant Warriors near OE, GJ.

Go first to Lady Tessa at Bordermarch to inquire the exact whereabouts of the Amulet and its proprieties. Using the mystic arts, she tells you that it is lying at the Grave of Valiant Warriors in the dungeon called Destard. To get inside, you need its Word of Power. For that, you must speak to Thorne in Jhelom. He will direct you to Trian. Trian tells you about Goeth. This person (one of the members of the Council), knows the Word of Power. One catch: everything what Goeth says is backwards.

For complete instructions, see: Objectives in the Underworld.

  • It is advised to make full use of The Journal of Lord British's Journey to the Underworld.

The Sandalwood Box[edit]

While exploring Lord British's Castle, you may come across a harpsichord atop Castle Britannia in a magically locked room in the centre of the map. Approach at night, or the guard Stillwelt will be there to stop you. One can either use a skull key to open the door or use the cannon to blow open the door. After entering Lord British‘s study, don't forget to (g)et the magic carpet.

Speak at first with Tim in Empath Abbey. He informs you that the former court musician Sir Kenneth, one of the most famous musicians in Britannia, is now traveling the land with Lord British's disappearance. Go look for Kenneth in the lighthouse Greyhaven and learn to play the song Stones.

Return to the Castle, use the harpsichord, and play the tune. (678-987-8767653). A secret door will open and leads you to a room where you can find the Sandalwood Box. This is required ultimately to save Lord British from the Underworld. Beware of the traitor Saduj!

Dungeon Despise[edit]

Talk to Jotham in Fogsbane, the lighthouse near Britain, and he will tell you about whirlpools that drag ships to the Underworld. It seems that someone survived the fall, so let us look for them. If you sail your frigate in a whirlpool, you will be stuck in the Underworld, unless you know the Word of Power to open the corresponding Dungeon.

Go to Britain and talk to Annon: he will tell you the Word of Power to open Dungeon Despise: this is the dungeon where the whirlpool sends the ships.

Explore the underworld of Despise, possibly with a magic carpet, and you will meet one of the last party members: the mage Captain Johne.

Destroying the Shadowlords[edit]

The Underworld in Ultima V

Joshua of North Britanny from the Resistance told you to talk to Sutek, who lives on a swampy island south of New Magincia. The mage will tell you how to defeat the Shadowlords, by retrieving the three shards of Mondain's gem from the Underworld and destroying them.

If you talk to Quintin of Farthing, you will find that he loves to gossip, especially with his friend Telila of Britain. She will let you know that Bullwier of Jhelom knows about the Mystic Arms of the Avatar. In fact, Bullwier will relay you to Ambrose of Cove, a seriously injured warrior, that will inform you that the Mystic Arms lie under Dungeon Hythloth. Even though it is in the Underworld itself, it is good equipment to face the perils of the Underworld!

Dungeon Hythloth[edit]

Before starting the quest, talk to Gardner of Serpent's Hold: he will give you many important details about Hythloth, most important of all the fact that the Shard of Cowardice can be found there. The Councillor Hassad, captive in the dungeons of Palace of Blackthorn, knows the word of power to open Hythloth. Once the Mystic Arms (OL, NF) and the Shard of Cowardice are obtained, talk to Lord Malone of Serpent's Hold to learn the name of one of the Shadowlords, and follow Sutek's instructions to eliminate it.

Dungeon Deceit[edit]

At the Lycaeum, Lady Janell, who already helped finding the Shrine of Spirituality, will suggest to talk to the twin sisters in Cove about the Shard of Falsehood. Leona will give you detailed directions to retrieve the Shard of Falsehood from Dungeon Deceit. Malifora of Moonglow, who already helped with the mantra of Honesty, also knows the Word of Power to open the Dungeon. Afterwards, go back to the Lycaeum and talk to Lord Shalineth to learn the name of another Shadowlord.

Dungeon Covetous and Dungeon Wrong[edit]

Lord Michael of Empath Abbey will direct you to the gargoyle Sin'Vraal, who lives in the eastern desert, to learn about the Shadowlord of Hatred. Sin'Vraal will teach you not only the name of the Shadowlord, but also the two dungeons that connect to the section of Underworld where the Shard of Hatred is kept. One of the two is Dungeon Wrong, and Felespar, captive in Yew, is the councillor who knows its Word of Power. The other one is Dungeon Covetous; Annon informed you that a sailmaker's mother Fiona is a councillor too: the sailmaker is Rew of Minoc. She knows the Word of Power.

Notice the pattern of opposing dungeons and virtues, opposing shards and principles, and the location of the people who have information specific for the shards:

Shard Dungeon Opposing Virtue Virtuous town Opposing Principle Castle Coordinates
Cowardice Hythloth Spirituality Skara Brae (Hassad) Courage (+ Love + Truth) Serpent's Hold (Gardner, Lord Malone) LA, LI
Falsehood Deceit Honesty Moonglow (Malifora) Truth Lycaeum (Lady Janell, Lord Shalineth) FA, MA
Hatred Covetous
Minoc and the Desert (Fiona, Sin'Vraal)
Yew (Felespar)
Love (+ Courage)
Love (+ Truth)
Empath Abbey (Lord Michael) EB, IC

Overview of the Words of Power[edit]

The words of power for the seven surface dungeons are known only by the members of the Great Council, who are either captured or in hiding. ONLY the one for Dungeon Doom must be learned from the Codex.

Dungeon Councillor Location Word of Power
Deceit Malifora Moonglow FALLAX
Despise Annon Britain VILIS
Destard Goeth Jhelom INOPIA
Wrong Felespar Yew MALUM
Covetous Fiona Minoc AVIDUS
Shame Sindar Trinsic INFAMA
Hythloth Hassad In the Blackthorn's dungeon IGNAVUS
Doom Codex Shrine of the Codex VERAMOCOR

Freeing Lord British[edit]

After ALL the Shadowlords have been destroyed, all shrine quests have been completed, and all of Lord British‘s artifacts have been obtained, it is time for the hero's final challenge. To reach Dungeon Doom, first descend to the bottom of Shame.

  • Beware: You MUST have the sandalwood Box. Otherwise. Do not go, yet.

Dungeon Shame[edit]

Upon shouting the Word of Power (gained by talking to Sindar) to enter the Dungeon Shame, you will find yourself seemingly trapped within a doorless room. To get out you must hurl your Magic Axe(s) at the boulders on the south edge, which opens a secret door leading to the south. Now take the first hall on the left and you will go deeper into the dungeon to the seventh level.

Move south for four times and then you will be able to go even further. Go to the west and cast the spell Des Por to reach the Underworld.

There, head east as far as one can travel, and Blink across the mountain range. From there, Lord British's Amulet is required to travel through the darkness. After reaching the dungeon (80,80 in the Underworld), shout Veramocor to gain entrance.


For a detailed guide to dungeon Doom, see Dungeon Doom Solution.

You will in the end come to a room with a mirror in the centre showing Lord British's reflection. It was Barbra who has seen this in one of her visions. Move all party members in front of the mirror, and they will be transported through to their liege. Lord British will ask for his Sandalwood Box, within which he has hidden his Orb of the Moons. Using the power of the orb, Lord British and your party will be transported to safety.

Now you just have to watch the final cutscene showing Blackthorn's banishment from Britannia, and the Avatar's return to Earth.

Quests by Location[edit]


Iolo's Hut[edit]

  • You begin the game at Iolo's Hut, which is located in the Deep Forest near Yew.
  • Talk to the horse here for fun. His name is Smith, and he will give you an important clue. Important, that is, to Ultima IV.



Castle Britannia[edit]

Empath Abbey[edit]

  • Lord Michael will tell you to seek out a daemon in the eastern deserts to find out more about the Shadowlord of Hatred.
  • Ask Lord Michael about the grappling hook (i.e. grapple), and he will give it to you. You can use it to climb over some mountainous terrain.
  • Cory, the cook, will give you some food if you ask for it.
  • Tim, the bard, will tell you to seek out Lord Kenneth to learn the harpsichord.
  • Julia and Toshi will join your party.


  • Chamfort, owner of the Arms of Justice, will give you the Resistance password DAWN if you tell him Terrance sent you, the mantra of Justice Beh and tell you to speak to Landon, who is located behind his fireplace.
  • Landon, the leader of the Resistance, tells you that Lord British's Crown can be found in the palace of Blackthorn. He suggests you seek out Sir Simon in Spiritwood for help.
  • Jaana, in the Resistance tunnels, will join you.
  • Greymarch, in the Yew prison, will ask if you have seen his son Froed. If you tell him you have seen him in Skara Brae, he will tell you to seek out Sir Simon on the isle west of Spiritwood to find out the location of Lord British's scepter.
  • Judge Dryden will suggest that you ask Archmage Flain in Skara Brae about the Oppression if you tell him Tactus told you to speak to him.
  • Jeremy, the chef at The Slaughtered Lamb, will give you five skull keys for 30 or 50 gold.
  • Jerone, Jeremy's imprisoned brother, will tell you about the Lord British apparition that sometimes appears when you rest.
  • Felespar, an imprisoned Great Council member, will give you the Word of Power for Wrong, MALUM. ONLY if you know the Resistance password.
  • Mario and his son Aleyn are being unjustly held in the stocks. If you have two lockpicks, you can free both of them for karma.



  • Woolfe, the armourer at The Paladin’s Protectorate, will tell you to speak to his son Jimmy at the healer's about sailing. He also tells you that Sindar walks the walls of the city at midnight.
  • Jimmy, at the healer's, will tell you about the HMS Cape. He will tell you that plans for it are kept by Master Hawkins of The Oaken Oar.
  • Sindar, on the city walls at night, will tell you the word of power for Shame: INFAMA.
  • Gruman will tell you the Mantra of Honor (SUMM) if your Karma is high enough.



  • Rew, at the sailmaker, will tell you the mantra of Sacrifice (CAH). She will also tell you about his mother Fiona.
  • Fenelon, at the sailmaker, will tell you to enter Minoc at noon to avoid the Sacrifice tax.
  • Delwyn, the beggar, can be given gold for some karma. He will also tell you that Shenstone, the armorer has been sneaking around town at noon.
  • Fiona, in the poorhouse, will give you free food if you ask. She also knows the word of power for Covetous: AVIDUM.
  • Tactus, the armourer at the Darkwatch Armoury, will tell you to speak to Judge Dryden if you tell him you support the Oppression.


Sin'Vraal's Hut[edit]

Grendel's Hut[edit]

  • On a small swampy peninsula southeast of Cove, the mage Grendel has turned himself into a rat. He will teach the hero the spell Rel Xen Bet.

Near Islands[edit]

(Can ONLY be reached with a skiff)


  • Lighthouse near Britain
  • Jotham and his granddaughter Jennifer live here.

The Lycaeum[edit]



Serpent's Hold[edit]

Skara Brae[edit]

  • Froed will ask you to send a message to his father Greymarch, who is imprisoned in Yew, that his son is alive and well.
  • Flain, in his tower, will ask who sent you (Judge Dryden). He will let you join the Oppression if you give him the name of one of the Great Councillors. He will then give you the Oppression password IMPERA and tell you to speak to Elistaria in Windemere.
  • Saul, a ranger, will tell you to speak to Kindor at the healer's around 6PM to get more information on a shrine.
  • Kindor will tell you the mantra of Spirituality (OM). He will then tell you to speak to Lady Janell in the Lycaeum to find the location of the Shrine of Spirituality.


Oversea Islands[edit]

(Can ONLY be reached with a frigate)


  • Search for the Magic Axe outside the east walls. To get there, you have to look around on the main level for a secret door in the northeast sector.
  • Thorne knows the mantra of valor (RA) and directs you to Trian.
  • Trian will tell you about Goeth and gives you a hint.

New Magincia[edit]

Buccaneer's Den[edit]


A small, swampy island in the southern midst of the Great Sea[edit]

Palace of Blackthorn[edit]

  • Unless you have the Black Badge, the guards will throw you in jail. The magic carpet can help you avoid them.
  • It helps to have some Skull Keys to open some doors to get out safely.
  • Hassad will tell you the word of power for Hythloth if you know either Kaiko or the resistance password.
  • Gorn will join the party.
  • Lord Blackthorn will arrest you if you do not know the Oppression password IMPERA. Otherwise, he will allow you to freely roam the castle.
    • Warning: If you are caught by the guards, Blackthorn will execute one of your party members (usually Iolo, but not always). If this happens, whoever Blackthorn kills is permanently dead; they are erased from your saved data and can never be resurrected by any means.
  • The crown is on the fourth floor. The gargoyles will attack you after you pick it up. When worn, the crown negates all magic during combat.


(Can ONLY be reached using the grapple)



NES version[edit]

There are several differences with the Computer Version and the NES.

Party Members[edit]

The potential party members and their whereabouts[edit]

Who are missing?[edit]

These Characters, potential party members are NOT included in this version:

Locations of the important items[edit]

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