Master Hawkins

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Master Hawkins
Master Hawkins, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: East Britanny
Description: shipwright at The Oaken Oar
Ultima V
Master Hawkins.png
Master Hawkins, from Ultima V
Location: East Britanny
Description: shipwright at The Oaken Oar
U5 Transcript: Master Hawkins

Master Hawkins is an East Britanny shipwright, directing operations at The Oaken Oar in Ultima V.


A third-generation master shipwright,[1] Master Hawkins was aided in his work by the services of Flint and Sir Adam, as well as mentoring an apprentice in young Squire Jimmy. Prior to Ultima IV, his grandfather constructed HMS Cape, reputed to be the swiftest ship that ever sailed.[1] However, the vessel sank in the Cape of Heroes, wherefrom the Stranger later recovered its enchanted wheel during the Quest of the Avatar. The ship's construction plans were subsequently misplaced by Hawkins,[1] only to be recovered by the Avatar from the shipbuilder's own storeroom during the crusade to subvert Lord Blackthorn's regime.

By the time of the gargoyle occupation in Ultima VI, Master Hawkins had been succeeded at The Oaken Oar by the mute Arty.

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

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A foppish and immaculately dressed man, he readily bragged to the Avatar that even though he wasn't certain if he was the best shipwright in Britannia, he knew he was the only third-generation shipwright. He proudly told the hero that he was personally endorsed as the Royal Shipwright by Lord Blackthorn, saying the new regent was doing an excellent job, and how with the construction of Fogsbane and his patrolling of the seas, shipping was safer than ever. He merely felt that the people who opposed Blackthorn were afraid of change, while he himself embraced change, and that the people should be more concerned with defeating the Shadowlords.[2]

He spoke proudly of his father who taught him his skill, and his grandfather who designed the HMS Cape. He wished that the plans were still available, so he could compare to his current designs to see if they were superior, but that his father had been in possession of the plans upon his death, and they had since been lost. He told the Avatar of how he merely designed ships, along with the help of Flint, Sir Adam, and Squire Jimmy, but it was Oreste who hammered the ships together.

Should the Avatar discover the plans to the HMS Cape and present them to Master Hawkins, the shipwright will make the hero a copy of the plans and keep the original for his own studies.


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