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Glinkie, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Paws
Ultima V
Glinkie, from Ultima V
Location: Paws
U5 Transcript: Glinkie

Glinkie is an adventurer in Paws during the events of Ultima V.


Glinkie could most often be found at The Guild in need of peer gems, which he sought for aid in his endeavor to locate the enigmatic Shrine of Spirituality. Having thus far eluded him, the adventurer feared it razed. Were the Avatar to divulge it was, in fact, accessible strictly via moongate at midnight, Glinkie would express relief at its isolation from danger. In turn, he could provide instruction as to the restoration of a desecrated shrine, whereby the invocation of its corresponding dungeon's Word of Power was required before three cycles of meditation with the appropriate mantra.[1]

Glinkie otherwise lodged at The Smugglers' Inn and was also a frequent patron of Paws' local tavern, The Cat's Lair. An early riser, each day he would reliably occupy Dr. Cat's establishment for a meal at first light (several hours prior to its formal opening time), before returning late in the afternoon.

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

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In Ultima V: Lazarus, Glinkie introduced himself as an adventurer, but said he was often mistaken as a mage due to his unorthodox attire and interest in mystical knowledge. The adventurer told the Avatar how his personal quest was to visit all eight shrines, but he had not yet visited the Shrine of Humility or Spirituality, and that he was in Paws to purchase peer gems from Danfits, so that he could learn more about the Shrines. He had heard through the underground in Britain that Danfits was in possession of such items, and they would allow him to see things ordinarily hidden, specifically the Shrine of Spirituality. [2]

He also told the Avatar that the Shrine of Humility was located on the Isle of the Avatar, and that he would need to charter a crew to visit its shores. Interested in the history of the Shrines, Glinkie mentioned how the island had used to be haunted by the daemons that destroyed Magincia, but the Avatar had driven them away with the Silver Horn

The Avatar could tell Glinkie how to reach the Shrine of Spirituality, thus filling the man with renewed vigor in some day completing his quest.


  • Glinkie is named after Donald Glinkie, a particularly irate fan of the Ultima series who, beginning in 1984, would regularly write vitriolic letters to Origin Systems detailing his many grievances with the games. Despite this, Glinkie would faithfully complete each installment (which he then praised) and send payment for its sequel well in advance of release, until his death in 1997. Such peculiar enthusiasm quickly gained him notoriety among Origin staff and inspired his Britannian namesake's early-bird patronage of The Cat's Lair.[3][4][5]


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