The Slaughtered Lamb

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The Slaughtered Lamb
Slaughtered Lamb.png
Ultima VI
Type: Tavern
Location: Yew
Proprietor: Andrea
Ultima V
The Slaughtered Lamb, from Ultima V
Location: Yew
Proprietor: Duclas

The Slaughtered Lamb is a Yewen tavern of the mid-to-late Age of Enlightenment, with appearances in Ultima V and Ultima VI.


Constructed sometime prior to Lord Blackthorn's oppressive reign, The Slaughtered Lamb was run by Duclas during its early years in Ultima V, with chef Jeremy employed to prepare meals for the establishment.

Two decades later, the bar was tended by the boisterous Andrea, a stout woman who commanded respect among her male patrons through bouts of arm wrestling. The Slaughtered Lamb also came to be of particular significance in the Avatar's endeavor towards resolving the gargoyle conflict of Ultima VI; the Rune of Justice, crucial to the hero's quest, could be found under a potted plant in the tavern's southeast corner, ensconced by the thieving Boskin before his eventual incarceration for purloining it from the grave of Yew's former Lord Mayor.

As the city of Justice became further engulfed by the Deep Forest in the two centuries that followed, The Slaughtered Lamb found itself among the establishments absent from the dwindling townscape by the time of the Avatar's next appearance in Ultima VII. It would not be until the hero's final return to the realm in Ultima IX that Yew featured a venue to succeed the Lamb: Jean Paul's Meady Ale Tavern.


Now, the Slaughtered Lamb is one tavern I'm none too eager to see again soon. Don't get me wrong — the food and drink are fine, and the service good enough. But I lost a bet to Andrea over an arm-wrestling match, and the debt is not one to be paid in coin. Just the thought of it is enough to drive a man to drink. Which is no great feat in my case, but still...


Ultima V[edit]

Prices in Ultima V are as follows:[1]

Goods Cost
Rum 1gp
Wild Boar 3gp

Ultima VI[edit]

Prices in Ultima VI are as follows:[2]

Goods Cost
Mead 4gp
Ale 3gp
Wine 6gp
Rations (mutton) 4gp
Ribs 6gp


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