Moonglow Catacombs

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In the catacombs


The Moonglow Catacombs (also known as The Crypts) lies deep under the city and functions as the burial place for the citizens of Moonglow.


As long as the city Moonglow exists, the catacombs are used as the last resting place for the people of the city of Honesty, whom they buried there with their worldly possessions. It is also a known fact that even before the unification of Britannia, the rulers of the city also used it to contain their treasures for safe keeping.

During or before the war against the marauding Gargoyles, Beyvin, the keeper of the Rune of Honesty, who was dear to Penumbra found an untimely death through murder. Thereafter they buried him inside one of the crypts along with the Rune. His cousin Manrel holds the only key to his crypt.

At the time of the Age of Armageddon the catacombs cannot be accessed any more.


For a solution to the dungeon in Ultima VI, see: Moonglow Crypts Solution
For a solution to the dungeon in The Ultima 6 Project, see: The Ultima 6 Project Moonglow Crypts Solution


  • Interesting enough, there is a ladder in Xiao's house who also leads into the Catacombs. Although, Mandrake suggests that it has to do with her experiments.

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