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Isle of Frost Dragons

The Ice Dragon's Lair is an isle lying north of Serpent Isle's mainland. It is home to ice dragons, rare and deadly creatures of legend, whose blood is highly prized by the Gwani for its medicinal properties. It appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


The Ice Dragon's Lair was dominated by a curious magical maze of caverns which lead up to the ice dragons' nest. This labyrinth, constructed in such a way that an unwary traveler is constantly teleported throughout its passages by magical means, was originally commissioned by the Moonshadian merchant Purlonio - that he might hide his riches there. The creator of the maze, Drogeni, placed the various enchantments and traps within this place and summoned an ice dragon to stand as its guardian, but warned Purlonio that for all these efforts he was still fated to lose the whole of his wealth.

Purlonio, thinking himself above this fate, slew Drogeni that she might not reveal the island's secrets, upon which the magical map she had given him to relocate his treasure disintegrated. Fearing the fruition of the sorceress' prophecy, the merchant returned to the isle, trying in vain to find his riches. He eventually died in his search.[1]

Later, if the claims of the certain tale-spinners are to be believed, the solitary dragon conjured by Drogeni wandered south, looking for a mate. It was eventually sighted by several exploratory Fawnish vessels, singing along with its new found partner.

Years later, the Avatar had cause to arrive on the dragon-inhabited island, seeking the blood of an ice dragon that the hero might help to cure the Gwani child, Neyobi. There, the hero was able to encounter what were presumably the mated dragons seen by the Fawnish fleet and their hatchlings. While one of these was eventually slain and the little Gwani thus relieved of her sickness, it is not known if the champion of virtue also found Purlonio's treasure and the truth of Drogeni's fate, or if these secret remain hidden within the snowy north.

Map with Solution[edit]

U72-Ice Dragon Map.png


  • Purlonio, a self-proclaimed criminal in his own records, has a name which appears to be a play on the word "purloin," meaning "to steal." [1]


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