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A raft is a flat-bodied water vessel which lacks a hull.


A raft in Ultima VI
Rarely used by any who can afford better accommodations, rafts were first encountered in the days of Ultima I, where they served as a sort of poor man's frigate; a cheap solution for anyone needing to cross bodies of water. However, these rafts possessed no on-board armaments, and waterborne adventurers riding them had to rely on their own hand-held weapons -- preferably ranged ones -- for protection at sea. In this era, these crafts were available at transportation shops in most coastal cities in Sosaria.

After the fall of Mondain and the long discontinuation of the shipbuilding which followed the sinking of most merchant vessels by a pirate fleet,[1] rafts became unavailable to the Sosarian and later Britannian populaces, with captured pirate vessels being the only means for sea travel for many years. Even after the resurgence of shipwrights around the time of Blackthorn's brief reign, skiffs proved a more popular light water vessel, although rafts briefly made a reappearance in the days of Ultima VI - still unarmed, but capable of accommodating a full party's worth of passengers.

Rafts in Eodon[edit]

Using a raft in Savage Empire

In the hidden valley of Eodon, the tribal peoples of the area employ rafts for water transport - making use of large, multi-passenger vessels requiring at least four individuals to man the paddles which propel them. Two such crafts could be found in the valley during the Avatar's adventures there in Savage Empire: one to the northeast of the Pindiro village (unfortunately unequipped with the necessary paddles during the time of the hero's journeys); and one on the lake to the west of the Barako village, which was necessary for passage to the island home of Topuru, former shaman of the Urali people.


The helpful Barako natives told us where to find Topuru's island. On the shore of the lake was a large raft -- so large, in fact, that it required four people to control, and I was glad we'd dragged Rafkin along -- and we poled out to Topuru's island.


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