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Without doubt, the Urali Tribe is one of the most puzzling tribes of Eodon. They have no clear ethnicy from which they originate from and the most likely explanation is, that they developed entirely from outcasts and exiles from the other clans. The Urali are very secretive and live in a small sub-valley east of the main village, only reachable through a cave system. Little is known about the tribe, but they pray to a spirit called Fabozz, who seems to be only known to them, and prefer to live near swamplands, which also is a reason for them moving to their current location.

Prior to Savage Empire, Darden the Huge had usurped power by getting the statue of the spirit Fabozz under his control, ruling over the tribe like a dictator and leading them against other tribes. The Avatar had to feel this first hand, when being injured during Darden's abduction of Aiela.

However, the Avatar didn't rest, and after getting the directions from the exile Topuru, entered the village (after evading a guard-Tyrannosaurus) and freed Fabozz from Darden's influence, before rescuing Aiela and killing Darden in a duel. The new chief Wamap then accepted the Avatar's proposal to unite the tribes to fight against the Myrmidex threat.


In the village:

Found outside the village:


Among the most exasperating peoples of the valley - exasperating in both a personal and academic sense - are the Urali tribe. It would be difficult to find a more suspicious, insular culture.
According to the legends of the Yolaru and the Kurak, the Urali once lived out in a marshy region of the central jungle area of the valley, east of the Nahuatla. However, over a period of centuries the marsh gradually dried out, forcing the Urali into an ever - smaller homeland ... for the Urali do prefer swamps to more congenial surroundings.
Eventually, again according to legend, the Urali just vanished as a tribe, not to be heard from again for quite a long time. (The natives say it was a thousand years, which is unlikely, but following the approximation of dividing by ten any such inflated number out of antiquity a century is not unlikely.) As it turns out - as modern members of the Urali will reluctantly admit - an Urali scout of that time discovered access to another, greater swamp region and the entire tribe migrated there in secret. It was not until recent years that the other tribes encountered Urali exiles and discovered that the Urali still existed; and only in recent months has contact with the Urali been extensive, as a recent chieftain led the tribe in raids against the other tribes.
But the Urali remain as secretive as ever, and will not willingly divulge the secret of the access to their hidden swamplands. As it turns out, that access is not too far afield of their original homeland (else the legends of other tribes might mention the Urali migrating before disappearing altogether).
On an academic level, the Urali are exasperating because it has been difficult - rather, impossible - to discern their outer - world origins. Based on the preponderance of rogues, outcasts, and exiles in their folklore, the blended quality of their dialect and racial characteristics, and other data, it is my belief that they are a tribe originating in the valley itself, being composed of exiles who fled to the seclusion of the swamps in order to elude enemies. This is certainly an appropriate origin for their suspicious tribal personality. However, this is merely a working hypothesis. It will take a more accomplished linguist and anthropologist than your humble correspondent to root out the truth about their background.

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