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Denys, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Location: Eodon
SE Transcript: Denys

Denys is an artist and outcast from the Urali Tribe.


Denys was a passionate artist who refused to stop drawing, even when talking to the Avatar. When Darden took control of the Urali tribe, he stole the idol of the Great Fabozz, and hid it within a cave. Darden then commissioned Denys to create a painting that showed the Great Fabozz willingly leaving with him. When Denys refused, he was forced to flee from the Urali tribe and hide amongst the caves of Eodon. Despite Denys's status as an outcast, he still refused to give the Avatar the location of the hidden Urali village.[1]

When the Avatar is finished talking to Denys the first time, he received a crude personal portrait from the hard working artist. Should Aiela be in the Avatar's party on his first visit to Denys, he would receive an image of his companion instead.



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