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Ultimate Adventures

Ultimate Adventures is the Savage Empire game manual. It is 46 pages long, and it is written by Aaron Allston. The magazine lists the creators of the game as the magazine staff. Several of the articles appear to be written by game characters, such as the Avatar, Dr. Rafkin and Jimmy Malone.

The manual is written like a pulp magazine, similar to those of the early 20th century. It contains numerous articles based upon Eodon, and is written tongue-in-cheek. This is especially noticeable on the second-to-last page, where Aiela models the Wild Basin Expedition T-Shirt. The final section about the return of the Wild Basin Expedition actually shows photos of the Origin staff in safari outfits, including Richard Garriott.

For the port to the PC-9801 in Japan, the entire book was translated. Interestingly, the cover is totally different, sporting a newly drawn image. Content-wise however, it stayed the same, with the exception of the removal of the T-Shirt ad.

Book Content[edit]

The following topics are part of the book:

Alternate Covers[edit]


  • There is some inconsistency between the story of the Avatar’s coming to Eodon in the manual and the story told in the actual game itself. The manual clearly states that the black gate that transported the entire lab to Eodon was caused by Dr. Rafkin’s experiments on the ruined moonstone sent to him by one of Spector’s former students. The game contradicts this by stating it was Rafkin’s experiments on the Avatar’s Orb of the Moons that created the Black Gate. According to the manual, the Avatar only showed the Orb of the Moons to Rafkin, then pocketed it while Rafkin got to work on the ruined moonstone.

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