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There are many items useable as weapons in Savage Empire. Most of these are products of the tribes of Eodon, but some are are ancient Kotl devices, and others are from modern-day Earth. These weapons are compiled here.

(Note: Damage ratings obtained from Savage Empire Cluebook)

Weapon Damage Notes Location
Ranged weapons
SE-rifle-modern.gif Modern rifle Amazing SE-rifle-bullets.gif Uses rifle bullets From Dr. Rafkin's laboratory
and Seggallion's hideout.
SE-bamboo-flintlock.gif Bamboo flintlock SE-bamboo-flintlock2.gif Incredible SE-gunpowder.gif Uses gunpowder (1 unit/shot) Rafkin can construct one.
SE atlatl.gif Atl-atl Excellent SE-spear.gif Uses spears as ammo Dokray begins with one.
SE-bow.gif Bow Good SE-arrow.gif Uses arrows Triolo and Shamuru begin with bows.
SE-boomerang.gif Boomerang Fair
SE-blowgun.gif Blowgun Special (poisonous) SE-dart-poison.gif Uses poison darts.
Throwing weapons
SE-grenade.gif Grenade SE-grenade-lit.gif Amazing Light fuse and drop or throw Found in Seggallion's hideout;
it can be made.
SE-bug-bomb-anim.gif Bug bomb Amazing/Poor* *Amazing vs. Myrmidex only;
light and drop or throw.
SE-spear-shamap.gif Spear of Shamap Special Spear SE-spear.gif coated with Disquiqui plachta;
can knock out a Tyrannosaurus.
SE-spear.gif Spear Good Power increased with an atl-atl (above) Ugyuk and Dokray begin with spears.
SE axe-throwing.gif Throwing Axe Average
Melee weapons
SE-black-staff-anim.gif Black Staff Amazing/Fair* *Amazing vs. Myrmidex only;
broken ones SE-blackstaff-broken.gif are useless.
SE-obsidian-sword.gif Obsidian Sword Excellent Best tribal melee weapon.
SE-axe-fire.gif Fire axe Excellent From Dr. Rafkin's laboratory.
SE-hammer-2h.gif Two-Handed Hammer Good Common among the Sakkhra.
SE-axe.gif Axe Good Dokray begins with one.
SE-rock-hammer.gif Rock Hammer Average
SE-hammer-metal.gif Metal Hammer Average From Dr. Rafkin's laboratory.
SE-fire-extinguisher.gif Fire extinguisher Average Used as club or to cool lava. From Dr. Rafkin's laboratory
SE-club.gif Club Average
SE-knife.gif Modern (Bowie) Knife Average The Avatar begins with one;
also in Dr. Rafkin's hut at Yolaru Tribe.
SE-obsidian-knife.gif Obsidian Knife Fair Dokray begins with one.
SE-torch-lit.gif Torches (lit) Fair Unlit torches SE-torch-unlit.gif can be made from
tree branch SE-branch.gif + tarred cloth strips. SE-cloth-strip-tarred.gif
SE-bamboo-pole.gif Bamboo pole Poor Used to make bamboo flintlock (above).
SE-stick.gif Stick Poor

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