Aram-Dol's Lair

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The Avatar's group confronts Aram-Dol in his lair

Aram-Dol's Lair is located north of Serpent's Fang Keep, in The Silver Seed era of Serpent Isle.


It is the home of the arch-liche, Aram-Dol, who resides in a chamber deep beneath the earth. To traverse the lair, many traps have to be disarmed and puzzles solved, before Aram-Dol's throne-room is reached. Care has to be taken, in that Aram-Dol has amassed a big number of soldiers in form of undead and other murderous creatures that do his bidding. These guards will do everything in their power to stop intruders.

Once the liche is dead, many treasures can be liberated from the lair, including the powerful weapon known as Erinon's Axe.

The magical blue Orb required for accessing the Silver Seed is also found in Aram-Dol's treasury.


The blue orb is certainly the strangest tale, but its possessor is a known entity; it rests in the decayed hands of the lich Aram-Dol. How that malevolent entity came to possess the blue orb is where the strange tale doth lie. Approximately the same time the red orb was carried to presumed safety, the blue orb was to be carried to a location only SubCommander Gareth knew. The six automatons sent on this mission were ambushed not far from the outpost; lookouts witnessed the battle but could not send aid in time. The attackers were assumed to be spies of Chaos, but their identities will forever be unknown. They outnumbered the automatons by fully a score; the battle was quick. They fled away with great haste.

Later a merchant traveling to the keep from Shasavrah reported that he had seen the thieves in a small town west of the keep, but the orb was stolen from them, along with much of their supplies, in the night. The orb appeared again in the hands of authorities in Thiriastith, who siezed it from a suspected stolen goods fence. Not knowing its import, the authorities auctioned it as a bauble to a wizard who knew what the orb was. This wizard, who was known only as the Asp, aspired to steal the silver seed. He came to Serpent's Fang as an adventure seeker and was told that the other orbs were stolen or lost. He discerned their whereabouts from this information, but that which he was told was apparently not true, for he set out immediately for Aram-Dol's lair.

Foolishly, he brought the one orb he possessed with him into those foul tunnels of Aram-Dol's lair. The dead that walk those caverns and tunnels soon forced the Asp to join them in their ever-living death. This new soldier of Aram-Dol brought the orb to the lich, thus bringing a momentary end to its lengthy sojourn.

Map of Aram-Dol's Lair[edit]


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