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This page contains the transcripts of the Ultima V game




This page contains the conversations of the Ultima V game. They were extracted using a variant of Nytegard's decoder: Ultima 5 decoder.

Note: This uses the fix of CASTLE.TLK provided by: Ultima 5 castle fix.

The following table links to each character dialogue, subdivided by location. The "Pop." (population) column ignores merchants and guards.

Type Location Pop. Inhabitants
Castles Castle Britannia 9 #Alistair, #Chuckles, #Desiree, #Drudgeworth, #Margaret, #Stephen, #Saduj, #Stillwelt, #Treanna
Empath Abbey 7 #Barbra, #Cory, #Hardluck, #Julia, #Lord Michael, #Tim, #Toshi
The Lycaeum 7 #Lady Hayden, #Lady Janell, #Lord R'hien, #Lord Shalineth, #Mariah, #Rollo, #Sir Sean
Serpent's Hold 6 #Gardner, #Kristi, #Lord Malone, #Loubet, #Maxwell, #Toede
Palace of Blackthorn 7 #Foulwell, #Gallrot, #Gorn, #Hassad, #Kraw, #Blackthorn, #Weblock, #Unnamed prisoner
Towns Britain 7 #Annon, #Eb, #Greyson, #Gwenno, #Justin, #Telila, #Terrance
Yew 10 #Aleyn, #Chamfort, #Felespar, #Greymarch, #Jaana, #Jeremy, #Jerone, #Judge Dryden, #Landon, #Mario
Trinsic 4 #Gruman, #Jimmy, #Sindar, #Woolfe
Minoc 6 #Delwyn, #Fenelon, #Fiona, #Lady Sahra, #Rew, #Tactus
Moonglow 5 #Donn Piatt, #Lord Stuart the Hungry, #Malifora, #Malik, #Zachariah
Skara Brae 4 #Flain, #Froed, #Kindor, #Saul
New Magincia 8 #Fumiko, #Kaiko, #Katrina, #Shirita, #Tetsuo, #Tomoka, #Wartow, #Yasuda
Jhelom 4 #Bullwier, #Goeth, #Thorne, #Trian
Lighthouses Greyhaven (Trinsic) 5 #Anthony, #Charlotte, #David, #Sir Arbuthnot, #Kenneth
Stormcrow (Minoc) 2 #Emilly, #Windmire
Fogsbane (Britain) 2 #Jennifer, #Jotham
Waveguide (Moonglow) 2 #Gregory, #Jacqueline
Villages West Britanny 3 #Camile, #Christopher, #Phillip
North Britanny 5 #Joshua, #Kurt, #Leof, #Thentis, #Vigil
East Britanny 3 #Sir Adam, #Flint, #Squire Jimmy
Paws 2 #Bandaii, #Glinkie
Cove 3 #Ambrose, #Ava, #Leona
Buccaneer's Den 7 #Bidney, #Geoffrey, #Lord Dalgrin, #Scally, #Sven, #Thorkin, #Tierra
Forts Bordermarch 4 #Dupre, #Lady Tessa, #Sentri, #Sir Simon
Farthing 4 #Dufus, #Quintin, #Seggallion, #Temme
Windemere 2 #Elistaria, #Thrud
Stonegate 1 #Balinor
Huts Iolo's hut 1 #Smith the Horse
Sin'Vraal's hut 1 #Sin'Vraal
Grendel's hut 1 #Grendel
Sutek's hut 1 #Sutek
Ararat shipwreck 1 #Captain Johne



Name: Alistair the Bard

Description: a melancholy musician.

Greeting: A fine day to thee <AVATAR NAME> !

Job: I try to lift people's spirits through my music!

Goodbye: Good day to thee, friend!

Text information:

  • spir or musi: Once, this was a happy place, where all could come to shed the worries of the world for a brief time." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "But now, times have changed and all that remains are memories!
  • memo: Memories of the good times.
  • good or time: When Lord British ruled this land with a firm but just hand.
  • just or hand: 'Tis hard for a monarch to walk the line of power and fairness.
  • line or mona or powe or fair: We miss the true ruler, and yet hope for his return!


Name: Stephen

Description: a large, jolly man with a very dirty apron.


Job: I am the lower kitchen chef.

Goodbye: May thou stay as well fed as I am!

Text information:

  • apr: Well, what dost thou expect! I've been working in the kitchen!
  • cook or chef: I love to cook, especially for banquets!
  • kitc: 'Tis small but well stocked.
  • banq: Alas, we have not had one since the master left us.
  • his or mast: Yes, 'tis very sad, though I hope for his return, so I may once again place roast pheasant before him!
  • roas or phea: 'Twas his favorite.
  • stoc: We have many delicacies from every region of the Kingdom!
  • deli: We even have pheasant!
  • king or regi: All over!


Name: Treanna" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <Ask Name>

Description: a young girl.

Greeting: <Goto Label 0>

Job: I am the stable girl.

Goodbye: Goodbye.

Text information:

  • stab: Lord British's stables are home to many of the finest breeds in the land.
  • val: <Goto Label 1>
  • lord or brit: Alas, he is no longer with us.
  • bree: We have prime examples of most of the major breeds." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
  • smit: <Goto Label 4>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Greetings, <AVATAR NAME> , nice to see thee again." <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 1> What's thy favorite breed?
    • Default: Never heard of that one, must be one of Blackthorn's new creations!
    • val: Hey, mine too!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 2>
    • step or plou or moun: Well, they're well enough I suppose, but they hath not any true spirit!
  • <Label 2> Ever heard of a talking horse?
    • Default: <Goto Label 2>
    • n: A mage from Paws name Bandaii claims one exists! I wish I could remember the horse's name....
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> What was its name?
    • Default: No, that's not it.
    • ed: Not that one!
    • smit: <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 4> That's it!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "I have heard it lives in Iolo's barn, by his hut in the deep forest!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Name: Margaret

Description: a sprightly old woman.

Greeting: Aye, <AVATAR NAME> , always a pleasure!

Job: I am the upper kitchen chef.

Goodbye: Drop by later for a hot bowl of soup.

Text information:

  • uppe or kitc or chef: We feed a whole lot o' folks here!
  • folk: We serve mostly guards. Since Lord British left we get few visitors.
  • visi: <Goto Label 0>
  • brit: He took an expedition into the newfound Underworld and was killed!
  • guar: They're a mangy lot, but I loves 'em.
  • food or soup: <Goto Label 2>
  • cold or day: The weather's turned quite bitter since those Shadowlords appeared!
  • weat or shad: Indeed it has!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> Art thou from around here?
    • Default: Nice to have thee, friend." <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name>
    • y: I see.
  • <Label 1> 'Tis a shame." <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 2> Wouldst thou like some hot broth?
    • Default: Ah.
    • y: 'ere, 'ave some. It'll take the chill from thy bones on these cold days." <New Line> <New Line> <Change - Item 65> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Wouldst thou pay 5 crowns to 'elp offset the cost?
    • Default: <Karma - 1> Well, thanks anyway.
    • y: <Gold - 005> Thanks.


Name: Desiree

Description: a scruffy young girl.


Job: I help my grandmother prepare the meals!

Goodbye: See ya!

Text information:

  • gran: Her name is Margaret, and her broth is the best.
  • prep or meal: It's hard work, for we feed a lot of hungry mouths.
  • feed or hung or mout: Those guards eat like bottomless pits... But, none of them are as bad as Lord Stuart the Hungry!
  • lord or stu: He travels around between the towns and castles and eats and eats until they throw him out!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I hear he's been working on a magic spell to create food!
  • magi or spel or crea or food: It is not yet perfected, I'm told. Apparently, it only creates a small quantity, much too little for him!


Name: Drudgeworth

Description: a unkempt and pitiful soul with a distant stare. <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I didn't do it!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>

Goodbye: <Goto Label 3>

Text information:

  • sent: For a crime I did not commit.
  • faul or comm or crim: I didn't mean to kill 'er! Honest!
  • who or kill or her: Why doesn't they believes me?" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 1>
  • chuc: 'Twer his fault really!
  • help: Why, I can show ye where it's hidden!
  • it or wher or hidd: Lets me out, I'll show ye." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Hey, come 'ere!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Yer the first soul I've seen in months!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Won't ye stay and speak with me a while?
    • Default: <Goto Label 3>
    • y: Chuckles 'ates me! Left me locked up 'ere well beyond me sentence!
  • <Label 1> Ye believes me, don't ye?
    • Default: <Goto Label 3>
    • y: Then let me out. I can helps ye!
  • <Label 2> Ye will let me out, won't ye?
    • Default: <Goto Label 3>
    • y: Aye, let's go then." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 3> Then go! On yer wretched way, <Rune> PIGDOG <Rune> ! Just ye wait 'til I get outta this hole! I'll teach ye to mess with ol' Drudgeworth!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Saduj

Description: a shifty-eyed man.


Job: I'm the gardener.

Goodbye: Be off!

Text information:

  • gard: Really! Just inspecting the plants.
  • plan or insp: Thou knowest, watering and the like!
  • wate or like: <Goto Label 0>
  • blac or obje or hide or brit or cham: I know not what it is, but it rests in a sandalwood box.
  • sand or box: If destroyed, there shall be no chance for that scourge British to return!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 5>
  • join: <Goto Label 5>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> What is the matter..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Dost thou not believe me?
    • Default: I see." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> For that matter, what art thou doing here?
    • Default: Likely story!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Art thou with the Oppression?
    • Default: Neither am I.
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Prove it! What's the password?
    • Default: Impostor!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • impe: <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 4> Greetings friend! Knowest thou of my mission?
    • Default: Oh.
    • n: Blackthorn himself sent me here to find an object hidden in Lord British's chambers.
  • <Label 5> Might I join thee, that we might work together?
    • Default: Later perhaps.
    • y: Good!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>


Name: Stillwelt

Description: a big, mean, nasty, ugly guard! <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>



Goodbye: Bye!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Hey, you!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Dost thou not know that this is a restricted area?
    • Default: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Shut up!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Thou art not allowed up here!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Art thou going to leave on thy own or must I throw thee off the battlements?
    • Default: I didn't catch thy meaning. Didst thou understand me? I said..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 2>
    • thro or n: <Call Guards> Thou hadst thy chance!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • own or leav or y: Get off the roof, NOW!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Chuckles

Description: a bouncing jester!


Job: I am here to welcome and try to entertain!

Goodbye: Let me know if I might entertain thee again!

Text information:

  • welc: Welcome, welcome, welcome." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Welcome to the castle of His Royal Majesty, His Eminence, The Immortal, currently missing, feared dead, Lord Cantabrigian British!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "And, his trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "...Jester, Chuckles the Bumble..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> ...That's ME!
  • ente: <Goto Label 0>
  • roya or maje or emin or immo or miss or dead or cant or brit: The same.
  • cast: This one.
  • drud: Who?

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Ho eyo he hum!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Ho eyo he hum!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Ho eyo he hum!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Didst thou enjoy that?
    • Default: Oh, I'll do it better this time!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 0>
    • y: I thought thou might!


Name: Blackthorn

Description: the Dark Lord himself! <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <Goto Label 4>




Label information:

  • <Label 0> Greetings, <AVATAR NAME> , what an unexpected pleasure!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Wilt thou be staying with us long?
    • Default: I beg to differ!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "So very kind of thee to deliver thyself unto me!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Prepare now to meet thy fate! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Hast thou joined us in the Oppression?
    • Default: Then how considerate of thee to turn thyself in..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Guards! Seize this infidel! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Then, surely, thou dost know our password...." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "What is it?
    • Default: No, I'm afraid that is not it..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Guards! Seize this infidel! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • impe: Fine! With thee on our side, we shall be invincible!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Please, feel free to roam my castle and grounds!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 4> Who dares approach the mighty Blackthorn?" <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <PAUSE> "I think not, let's try again!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 4>


Name: Gorn

Description: a mighty-thewed barbarian. <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>


Job: <Goto Label 0>

Goodbye: Take care.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Ah, Brohm be praised! A soul to share my cell!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "With me for an escape?
    • Default: Fool!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> If I helps thee, wilt thou take me with thee?
    • Default: Hmmm." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> I've escaped many times, and been caught as many. I knows this castle likes the backs of me hands!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> In the dead of night we must go out through a secret door that's here behinds me." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Climbs up onto the roof and sneaks down the northern ladder." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "In Blackthorn's bedroom, go through a secret door, down the ladder on t'other side." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Through the secret door to the north, down another ladder and out the back gates!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Wait there 'til morning when the drawbridge is lowered and flee for our lives!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Get all that down?
    • Default: <Goto Label 3>
    • y: Get the keys I hid in the brazier and let's be off!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>

Unnamed Prisoner[edit]

Name: ...." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Thou art in grave danger!

Description: a scraggly, tortured soul in tattered garb.


Job: I've been here oh so many months, and all for the breaking of a Law of Virtue!

Goodbye: Don't leave me here! Please unlock my chains!

Text information:

  • grav or dang: Guards, daemons and Shadowlords abound! Thou must leave before it's too late!
  • guar or daem or shad: Yes, they come here often to beat and taunt me!
  • brea or law or virt: It matters not, they are all a travesty!
  • trav: They defile the foundations of Virtue!


Name: Kraw

Description: a simple man with a crooked back.


Job: I tend the horses.

Goodbye: Farewell.

Text information:

  • hors or tend: Yes, we have a fine stable of thoroughbreds.
  • stab or thor: Indeed, the finest. Why, we have not only the plough and mountain breeds, but even the purest breed of the High Steppes. " <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "We lack only the Valorian warhorse, which we still seek!
  • val: That breed we still lack.
  • step or plou or moun: That breed we have.


Name: Weblock

Description: a mysterious old mage with a twisted, bony face. <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I am here to aid thee.

Goodbye: Watch thy step.

Text information:

  • aid: <Goto Label 1>
  • blac: Try up the northern stairs to the throne room, but he usually does not see visitors!
  • gorn or hass: He is a prisoner in the dungeon!
  • kraw: He is likely in the stables.
  • webl: 'Tis I.
  • gall: The chef is probably in the kitchen.
  • foul: The jester is often hard to locate!
  • thro: Try up the northern stairs.
  • kitc: Go up the ladder in the main foyer.
  • foye: Back down the stairs.
  • dung: Take the stairs behind the guardposts, near the front gates.
  • roof: Climb up a corner tower from the dungeon level.
  • stab: Take the ladder down.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Please sign in." <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Where or whom dost thou seek?" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Name: Gallrot

Description: fat and greasy man.


Job: I make the slop that feeds this lot of mangy dogs.

Goodbye: Oh, bugger off then.

Text information:

  • food or slop: A little ol' horse meat, a few young children, that sort of thing." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • meat or hors: It's cheap an' plentiful!
  • youn or chil: When we can get 'em!
  • cook or chef: I make the food here.
  • mang or dog: Well, they may not really be dogs, but they sure is mangy!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Care to try some?
    • Default: Don't touch the stuff meself.
    • y: Gulp..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Choke..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Gag..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Spit..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Aye, goes down a bit rough.


Name: Foulwell

Description: a pompous, silly man.


Job: I entertain with tales of the inquisition.

Goodbye: Jingle, jingle!

Text information:

  • tale or inqu: Why, just the other day, we had a marvelous time, watching a young lady being drawn and quartered!
  • lady or draw or quar: She refused to humble herself to a guard's advances!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Isn't that a riot?
    • Default: Perhaps then, thou wouldst find more humorous the one about the visitor who failed to laugh at the Royal Jester's stories." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The cook's young nephew was a little brat. He didn't laugh at my jokes, so we threw 'im in the vat!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 2>
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Wouldst thou like to join us next time?
    • Default: Just watch thyself, friend!
    • y: I'll be sure to look ye up.
  • <Label 2> Ho, ho, ha, ha, he, he..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "How 'bout that one, like it?
    • Default: <Call Guards> GUARDS!
    • y: I thank thee.


Name: Hassad

Description: an old and blind wizard. <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <Goto Label 1>


Job: I am a prisoner, just as thou art now.

Goodbye: Farewell.

Text information:

  • pris: I was taken from my home in New Magincia.
  • magi: Therein I led a peaceful life.
  • life or peac: Until the Shadowlords found me.
  • foun or shad: I have knowledge Blackthorn seeks.
  • know or blac or seek: That is for me to know.
  • powe or word or coun: <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> I don't know of what thou dost speak.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Is that thee <AVATAR NAME> ?
    • Default: Then what dost thou want?
    • y: Oh, good.
  • <Label 1> Who is there?" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> What dost thou want?" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 2> I know of the Great Council, but what maketh thee ask me?
    • Default: I know nothing about it!
    • kaik: She is a fine woman. If she has told thee of me, she must have great faith in thee." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 3>
    • dawn: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> I presume thou dost seek the Word of Power for the dungeon Hythloth. Are we where I may speak freely?
    • Default: Then I shall wait.
    • y: The Word thou seeketh is <Rune> IGNAVUS <Rune> !


Name: Camile

Description: a young woman.

Greeting: <Goto Label 0>

Job: I keep the fields.

Goodbye: <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> Oh, by the way..." <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>

Text information:

  • fiel: Unlike the unfortunates living in other parts of the land, our crops grow true and strong!
  • crop or true or stro: Indeed they do!
  • unfo or othe or land: Surely, thou knowest of the ravages of the Dark Lord!
  • shad or rava or dark: Blackthorn sends the Shadowlords unto many townes, but we lie too close to Lord British's castle.
  • blac: The Dark Lord, ya fool!
  • clos or brit or cast: It would seem as though they don't like to get too close to the castle of the True Master!
  • true or mast: <Goto Label 3>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> <AVATAR NAME> , how art thou doing on this fine day?
    • Default: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Hmmm... How hath thy journeys fared?
    • Default: I see, what canst I do for thee today?" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 2> Farewell, and a good day to thee, <AVATAR NAME> ." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 3> Surely, thou dost agree Lord British is the rightful ruler?
    • Default: Begone, foolish knave!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: Good.


Name: Phillip

Description: a sweaty and soiled farmer.

Greeting: Aye up lad, what's goin' on?

Job: I work these fields, with me chum Dibbs.

Goodbye: <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Text information:

  • chum or dibb: That's just me nickname for Christopher.
  • chri: He works the fields with me.
  • farm or fiel: It's an 'ard grind, but I shan't be doin' it long.
  • long or it or grin: I've plans to become an artist!
  • arti: 'Till then I'll just keep workin' 'ere!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Cheerio!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>

Christopher (U5)[edit]

Name: Christopher

Description: a dashing young farmer.

Greeting: G'day, <AVATAR NAME> !

Job: I fiddle in the fields to keep me fed.

Goodbye: Ta, mate.

Text information:

  • dibb: I see thou hast been speakin' with Phillip.
  • phil: He's me mate!
  • mate: Friend.
  • fidd or fiel: I pride myself in a job well done, even if one does not enjoy it.
  • enjo or job or done: What I really enjoy is writing works of fantasy.
  • writ or fant: I'm currently working on an epic called 'Times of Lore!'
  • time or lore: I hope to have it published soon.
  • soon or publ: Through Origin, of course." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wilt thou buy it?
    • Default: Then I'll be of little help to thee in the future!
    • y: Good!" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> "Enchanted, I'm sure, to have met such an enlightened soul.
  • <Label 1> What a nice chap thou art." <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Name: Thentis

Description: a young farmer.


Job: I am a farmer." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Goodbye: Good journeys.

Text information:

  • resi: Never heard of it.
  • blac: A fine man..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Cough, cough!
  • dawn: To the others!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> What dost thou do?
    • Default: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Dost thou like it?
    • Default: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Art thou helped, or hindered by the new laws?
    • Default: I said..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 2>
    • help: Oh.
    • hind: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Then might I venture to say that thou doth oppose Blackthorn's new laws?
    • Default: I see.
    • y: <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 4> Art thou aware that this is heresy?
    • Default: It is!
    • y: <Goto Label 5>
  • <Label 5> Dost thou know of the Resistance?
    • Default: Hmmm...
    • y: <Goto Label 6>
  • <Label 6> Dost thou support it?
    • Default: Oh.
    • y: <Goto Label 7>
  • <Label 7> Dost thou know their password?
    • Default: I see.
    • y: <Goto Label 8>
    • dawn: <Goto Label 9>
  • <Label 8> What is it?
    • Default: Hmmm...
    • dawn: <Goto Label 9>
  • <Label 9> Good..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Sorry about all the questions, but we've got to be careful." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "If thou art with us, meet us by the well at midnight!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Mention the password to those attending, but no one else, for spies abound!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>

Joshua (U5)[edit]

Name: Joshua" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>

Description: a soiled farmer.

Greeting: Greetings <AVATAR NAME> !

Job: I am a farmer, of course!

Goodbye: Farewell.

Text information:

  • farm: Our crops grow well.
  • crop: 'Tis on account of the fine soil!
  • soil: This soil grows the best crops.
  • dawn: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> What didst thou say?
    • Default: Oh.
    • dawn: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> <Nothing>
  • <Label 2> Dost thou serve the Resistance?
    • Default: Oh.
    • y: Good!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Shall I tell thee what I know?
    • Default: O.K.
    • y: I've heard much of the Shadowlords." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "If faced in combat, thou art drawn into their plane of existance to do battle." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "It seems that they cannot be killed by normal means, so most who fight them die quickly." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "A few souls have lived to tell that if a Shadowlord is struck down, it will vanish into thin air!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Soon after, its twisted soul shall return anew!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "One named Sutek knows how to destroy them, he lives on a remote isle in the south of the Great Sea!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Leof

Description: a burly farm hand.


Job: I work for Miss Vigil

Goodbye: Good day.

Text information:

  • miss or vigi: She owns the farm.
  • farm: That's where I work.
  • dawn: <Goto Label 0>
  • resi: <Goto Label 1>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Yes, sunrise is beautiful." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Hard to Resist, wouldst thou not agree?
    • Default: Indeed!
  • <Label 1> Whom dost thou resist?
    • Default: I see.
    • blac: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> We too resist his foul, oppressive regime!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Hast thou ever faced a Shadowlord?
    • Default: We have heard that here upon the very surface of Britannia there is a place where their energies focus!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Just where it is we have not learned, but thou might learn more if thou dost seek out Sir Sean, who lives..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Ah yes, in the Lycaeum on Dagger Isle." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "If thou canst find him, ask of Stonegate!Mayhap those Spectres can be dispatched from this plane of existence!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Vigil

Description: a strong, tall woman


Job: I make my living by farming.

Goodbye: Good hunting!

Text information:

  • livi or farm: <Goto Label 0>
  • adve or roam or land or warr: That was before!
  • befo: Never mind.
  • neve: That's right! Never mind!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • dawn: <Goto Label 1>
  • them or frie: Thentis, Joshua, and Leof!
  • then or josh or leof: We adventured together!
  • lear or much: That was before the Shadowlords!
  • shad: My friends and I learned much about them before we retired. Talk to them!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> I do now, but once I roamed the land as a warrior!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Dost thou believe me?
    • Default: Try me then, fool!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: Thou art perceptive!
  • <Label 1> Hmmm..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "I guess that thou art with the Resistance, yes?
    • Default: O.K. have it your way.
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Canst thou prove it?
    • Default: <Goto Label 2>
    • y: I doubt it!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • n: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> At least thou art honest!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I feel thou art trustworthy." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Before, when my friends and I were a band of stalwart adventurers, we learned much!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Name: Kurt

Description: a young boy

Greeting: None

Job: I am the stable boy.

Goodbye: Good bye!

Text information:

  • stab or boy: I tend the horses.
  • tend: I feed and groom them.
  • feed: Oats and hay, mostly.
  • oat: And hay.
  • hay: And oats.
  • groo: It's hard work but I enjoy the horses.
  • hors: We have many breeds.
  • bree: Well...." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "We have Ploughhorses, the Mountain breed, and those from the Steppes!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Unfortunately, we don't have any Valorian purebreds, But they do over in the castle!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>
  • plou or moun or step: We have those.
  • val or cast or trea: I am sure Treanna would love to talk to thee about horses, especially Valorian horses!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Hast thou ever seen one?
    • Default: My friend Treanna and I both love them. Treanna works in the castle and gets to see them every day!

Sir Adam[edit]

Name: Sir Adam the Torch

Description: a man with singed eyebrows and charred clothes, holding a blackened box.


Job: I seek to improve water travel!

Goodbye: See 'ya!

Text information:

  • wate or trav or blac or box: Look out, this might explode.
  • expl: Should be safe enough, though. What harm could a fire do, especially on board a ship!?
  • fire or ship: 'Twas Squire Jimmy's fault, indeed. I told him to keep that torch away from my experiment, but nooo! He never listens!
  • expe or idea: I found that a mixture of sulfur ash, mandrake, and the powder they fire cannons with will unleash great power when burned!
  • unle or powe: Enough to make a ship sail sixscore knots faster!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "For a second or two, anyway." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> This could be a great breakthrough, dost thou agree?
    • Default: Hmph!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • Y: I wish I could convince Master Hawkins.

Squire Jimmy[edit]

Name: Squire Jimmy

Description: a wide-eyed young boy <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I am apprenticed to Master Hawkins!

Goodbye: Come back and see us ever and anon!

Text information:

  • hawk: Hawkins, the third generation master shipwright!
  • ship or mast or appr: His grandfather designed the HMS Cape, fastest ship that ever sailed! Now Master Hawkins and his servants ply the family trade.
  • trad or serv or fami: Shipbuilding!
  • cape or hms: Master Hawkins misplaced the plans for 'er long ago, and nothing since has been so fast. Still, we try many new ideas!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Nothing>
  • idea: Ask Sir Adam!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> I say, thou dost seem rather well-travelled. What news of the world hath thee?
    • Default: Ah, that's the same news as anyone else's. They teach us in school that 'tis all for the common good. I suppose that we're to believe what we're taught." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Name: Flint

Description: a short, bearded stump of a man


Job: I work me forge, craftin' fine ship parts!

Goodbye: Come back anytime, I'll be here.

Text information:

  • part or forg or ship: Nowadays, they're turnin' to all this newfangled magical stuff to run ships, an' away from the days of sweat and iron!
  • swea or iron or stuf or magi or days: In my younger days, we thought it queer to use aught but what grew by the beaches in the vessels we made." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "And proud we were indeed of our handiwork, even when it sank." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Then, just as I learned the craft, we began to make use of more iron and steel than wood. An' things were just fine up 'til now.
  • til or unti or now: Now with all that magic, no one knows what's goin' on!


Name: Glinkie

Description: a wisened adventurer!


Job: I've come to Paws to visit the guild.

Goodbye: Until we next meet.

Text information:

  • guil: I hear they have some of the best gems made.
  • gem: I am searching for the mystic Shrine of Spirituality, and feel they would be of good use!
  • spir or shri: I fear it was destroyed!
  • dest: <Goto Label 0>
  • word or powe: Whilst at the destroyed shrine, yell the word of power." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Then meditate upon the Shrine's virtue with the proper Mantra for three cycles.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou know where to find it?
    • Default: Too bad.
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Where?
    • Default: I don't think so.
    • moon or mid or gate or equa: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Art thou saying that I must enter a Moongate to reach the Shrine of Spirituality?
    • Default: Oh.
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> At midnight?
    • Default: Oh.
    • y: Oh, no wonder I never found it!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Well, that one is likely safe then..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "But, should thou see one destroyed..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Remember they can be restored with the Words of Power!


Name: Bandaii

Description: a mysterious mage.


Job: I seek a magical beast.

Goodbye: Farewell friend.

Text information:

  • magi or beas: Since the last age, rumours abound of a legendary horse!
  • rumo or lege or hors: I search for Smith, the notorious talking horse!
  • smit or talk: I do not doubt the rumours, but this I must see for myself!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • magi or fly or carp: Yes, I once had a magic flying carpet." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I wilt tell thee where it was, if thou wilt help me find the talking horse!
  • iolo or hut: <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou believe in talking horses?
    • Default: Too bad.
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Hast thou seen one?
    • Default: Too bad.
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Was it Smith?
    • Default: Think of that, another!
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Where didst thou see him?
    • Default: Unlikely.
    • iolo or hut: At last!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "For thy efforts I will tell thee that I gave a magical carpet to Lord British himself!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "He kept it in his private chamber atop his castle! If thou can get it, I'm sure thou can use it." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Ava

Description: a pretty young girl.

Greeting: Welcome, <AVATAR NAME> .

Job: My sister and I care for this temple.

Goodbye: Lead a life of Virtue.

Text information:

  • temp: The Temple of Virtue.
  • sist: Leona.
  • virt: Here, we hold the Eight Virtues sacred." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • eigh or sacr: Indeed we do.
  • fals or shar: <Goto Label 4>
  • visi: Ask my sister!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou wish to make an offering?
    • Default: Do as thou wilt.
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> We welcome thee." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 3> <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> We ask for 5 gold crowns, wilt thou give?
    • Default: As thou wilt.
    • y: <Gold - 005> We thank thee.
  • <Label 3> We ask for 5 gold crowns, wilt thou give?
    • Default: As thou wilt.
    • y: <Gold - 005> <Karma + 1> <Karma + 1> <Karma + 1> <Karma + 1> <Karma + 1> We thank thee.
  • <Label 4> Art thou the Avatar of legend?
    • Default: Virtue makes no mistakes." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "We shall tell thee what we know of the Shard of Falsehood." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Ask my sister of her vision!


Name: Leona

Description: a pretty young girl.


Job: We care for the temple.

Goodbye: Bye.

Text information:

  • temp: The Temple of Virtue.
  • sist: Ava.
  • fals or virt or shar: Talk with my sister.
  • visi: In the deep of night, many moons ago, a vision came unto my sister and I..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "We saw the Shard of Falsehood deep below a dungeon named Deceit." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The path that was revealed traveled first southwest across many high peaks, opening to a large system of caverns." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Then the way led southwest. At a major intersection it turned northwest, soon branching northeast." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "After a long journey northward, the passage turned west. Here the path went on to rocky hills to the southwest, then turned northwest." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Over a lake it ran, unto a massive series of great falls, ending in a larger lake." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Here, upon a small isle, lies the Shard of Falsehood!


Name: Ambrose

Description: a frail and injured fighter.


Job: I am resting.

Goodbye: Good luck, thou shalt need it!

Text information:

  • rest: A long and brutal battle 'twas.
  • long or brut or batt: I was deep below the surface of Britannia, in search of the fabled mystic weapons of the Avatar!
  • myst or weap or avat: I had heard that they lay at the foundation of the Great Abyss!
  • abys: Though the Abyss is gone, I descended through the mines of Hythloth to search out the mystics.
  • sear or mine or hyth: Within the Underworld, where the Abyss once was, the lava still flows, north of the underground entrance of Hythloth." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "'Tis there, northward across cavernous peaks from the dungeon, amidst the boiling lava, that the mystic arms are said to lie!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou seek the fate of Lord British?
    • Default: I see.
    • y: Remember only the Mystic arms work near great evil. Only such evil could hold our lord!


Name: Thorkin

Description: a broad-chested, burly man.

Greeting: Ahar there, <AVATAR NAME> .

Job: I be a blacksmith.

Goodbye: If'n ye haves need of a smithy, gimme a shout, matey!

Text information:

  • blac: I works metal fer The Rusty Bucket an' Buccaneer's Booty.
  • forg or meta: Iron.
  • rust or buck: I makes the iron rivets 'n bindins fer their ships.
  • bucc or boot: I forge most all er' thems fine weapons.
  • fine or weap: Sharp swords and nasty daggers!
  • rive or bind or ship: Only the best.
  • swor: Good fer slitt'n the gullet of a fat merchant." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>
  • dagg: Sharp 'n deadly!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Interested in makin' a purchase?
    • Default: <Goto Label 0>
    • n: Too bad.
    • y: Talk to Kitiara, I'm sure ye'll be more'n satisfied!" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Ask Name>


Name: Scally

Description: a chubby old bard.


Job: Likin' ye might expect, I entertain.

Goodbye: Farewell.

Text information:

  • expe or ente: Why, I is the best singer 'ere in this whole towne!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "'Course, I is the only singer in this whole towne..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "No matter..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>
  • pira or davi: A real nasty ol' bloke I 'ear!
  • nast or blok or crot or misb: Aye, but I've also 'eard he was a great inventor!
  • inve: Some say he's made a strange tool to aid in navigation.
  • tool or navi: I believes he called it a..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Err..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Ahh..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Umm..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "...Sextant.
  • sext or wher: No one knows just where ol' David's off to, but I've 'eard some speculat'n he's runnin' a lighthouse.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wouldst ye likes me to sing ye a song, there mate?
    • Default: <Goto Label 0>
    • n: Ah.
    • y"There once was a pirate named David, so crotchety and misbehav'd." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "And then one day, he sailed away, only to where, he would not say.: @Bidney
    • a scruffy, smelly man.:
    • I loves to drink!: Hic.
    • drin: Rum, that's me favorite." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Hic!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "'Scuse me.
    • rum: Yo ho ho!
    • ho or yo: And a bottle of rum!
    • bott: Of rum!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 0>
    • moun or clim or grap: Grapple of Rum!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Hic!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 3>
    • pira: <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 0> Ey, got any?
    • Default: Hic, oh.
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Might I have a li'l taste?
    • Default: <Goto Label 2>
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 2> Please?
    • Default: Grumble... Hic!
    • y: Aye, thanks mate!... Hic!
  • <Label 3> Didst ye ask me 'bout mountain climb'n?
    • Default: I used to be a..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Hic..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Mountain climber..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Gave it up..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Too dangerous..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "So, I 'came a pirate!
  • <Label 4> Gave me grapple to a man named Lord Michael..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Lived o'er at the Emapthical Abbeyneyney..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Hic... Zzzzz..." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Bidney

Description: a scruffy, smelly man.


Job: I loves to drink!

Goodbye: Hic.

Text information:

  • drin: Rum, that's me favorite." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Hic!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "'Scuse me.
  • rum: Yo ho ho!
  • ho or yo: And a bottle of rum!
  • bott: Of rum!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 0>
  • moun or clim or grap: Grapple of Rum!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Hic!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 3>
  • pira: <Goto Label 4>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Ey, got any?
    • Default: Hic, oh.
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Might I have a li'l taste?
    • Default: <Goto Label 2>
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 2> Please?
    • Default: Grumble... Hic!
    • y: Aye, thanks mate!... Hic!
  • <Label 3> Didst ye ask me 'bout mountain climb'n?
    • Default: I used to be a..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Hic..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Mountain climber..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Gave it up..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Too dangerous..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "So, I 'came a pirate!
  • <Label 4> Gave me grapple to a man named Lord Michael..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Lived o'er at the Emapthical Abbeyneyney..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Hic... Zzzzz..." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Sven

Description: a swarthy pirate.


Job: I'm a pirate!!!

Goodbye: I need a drink!

Text information:

  • pira: Aye, but once upon a time, I was a glassblower.
  • glas: Used to make fine and wonderful things, I did.
  • fine or wond or thin: Oh, sculptures, crystals and the like.
  • scul or crys or like: Aye, fine they were too." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "But, there were'nt much money in it, so I 'came a pirate!
  • glas or swor or weap: I once tried to make glass weapons, but all my attempts failed." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I have heard, though, of magically enhanced crystalline swords of great power!
  • magi or enha or crys or grea or powe: They were said to have been lost in the Serpent's Spine by the captain of a great airship.
  • capt or air or ship: Airships sound like a heap of nonsense if thou wert to ask me!

Lord Dalgrin[edit]

Name: Lord Dalgrin

Description: a tall man in pirate attire. <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> "Greet'ns stranger, I am Lord Dalgrin." <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Job: <Goto Label 0>

Goodbye: Watch out fer them keel haulin' seadogs of that Blackthorn feller.

Text information:

  • bloo: Dead foes don't talk!
  • pira: I plunder where'er the winds take me.
  • wind or sea: I been 'round the world many a time!
  • dead or foes: I've had my share.
  • roun or worl or time or shar: More'n I can count." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "But today, I thinks I'll just relax an 'ave a drink with Tierra!
  • drin: Rum, me thinks.
  • rum: Smart arse!
  • tier: Aye, she's a feisty wench..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "But, give'r a drink and she'll oft'n 'ave a bit a news fer ya.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Avast ye mate, surely thou dost know who I am, don't ye?
    • Default: Why, I am the most bloodthirsty pirate to sail the seas.
  • <Label 1> Why, shiver me timbers, if it ain't ol' <AVATAR NAME> !" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Name: Tierra

Description: a feisty wench.

Greeting: A goodly day unto thee <AVATAR NAME> .

Job: <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> What makes ye think it's any o'thee business?

Goodbye: <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> Beat it!

Text information:

  • busi: None of yours.
  • drin: Sure, I'll drinks with ye..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> If'n I canst only find my glass.
  • glas: I left it round 'ere somewhere.
  • roun or ere or some: I canst not seem to remember.
  • reme: Speak'n of which..." <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> <PAUSE> "I canst not remember yer name..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> <Nothing>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> <AVATAR NAME> , thou ought to know by now." <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 1> See ya later, <AVATAR NAME> ." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 2> Dost ye think me pretty?
    • Default: <Goto Label 2>
    • n: Thou hast the beauty of an orc thyself!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> I likes thee, perhaps I canst help thee!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Dost ye wish ye couldst climb mountains?
    • Default: Well, Bidney here used to..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Talk to him 'bout mountain climb'n.


Name: Geoffrey

Description: a large and impressive fighter." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> " <AVATAR NAME> !" <New Line> <New Line> "Greetings, and well met!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "'Tis I, Geoffrey, thy old friend of battles past!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I await thy request to join with thee in battle!

Goodbye: Come for me soon!

Text information:

  • trou: With Blackthorn and the Shadowlords!
  • blac: Indeed, what a tyrant!
  • shad: Such foul spectres of Evil!
  • tyra or spec or evil: <Goto Label 2>
  • join: <Goto Label 3>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Have the years treated thee well?
    • Default: <Goto Label 0>
    • n: That is unfortunate." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
    • y: Ah, that is good." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> I presume thou hast heard of our troubles." <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 2> Is it time we set off against them?
    • Default: <Goto Label 2>
    • n: Soon, I hope.
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Shall I join thy party now?
    • Default: <Goto Label 3>
    • n: Soon, I hope.
    • y: I am eager for battle!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>



Name: Jennifer

Description: a weathered young girl.


Job: I live here and help my grandpa with the light.

Goodbye: A good night to thee!

Text information:

  • gran: He is old, but very wise.
  • ligh: We keep the light shining through storms and darkness to help guide ships safely to port.
  • stor or dark: Many would die if this light were not to shine.
  • port: The port of Britanny.
  • brit: North and east of here thou shalt find its pier.
  • wise: He once was a great mariner!
  • mari: He has travelled throughout the Great Sea.
  • sea: Thou should ask him of his travels!


Name: Jotham

Description: a crusty old sea dog smoking a pipe. <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I once sailed upon the open seas.

Goodbye: Watch out for reefs!

Text information:

  • trav or sail or seas: 'Twas many years ago, when I was much younger.
  • youn: Now, I leave such things to others.
  • thin or othe: The seas are very dangerous these days.
  • dang or thes or days: I've heard rumours of great whirlpools, caused by the collapse of caverns deep below the ocean floor in the Underworld.
  • unde or cave or whir: There are some who say that the ships they drag under lie beached deep within the recesses of the earth.
  • deep or rece or eart: They are even those who claim that some survive the perilous journey below." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Only to be killed and eaten by the horrible creatures that dwell in the dark recesses.
  • rum: Aye, 'tis my favorite.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Ahoy there, matey. Care to join me for a tot of rum?
    • Default: Pardon me if I do.
    • y: 'ere ye are, mate!


Name: Windmire

Description: an old seaman with a flowing white beard.


Job: I tend this lighthouse, here with my wife.

Goodbye: Leave a good watch on board, if thou dost leave thy ship in the port of Minoc.

Text information:

  • wife: Her name is Emilly. She helps me with the light.
  • ligh: We help ships reach the harbour safely at night or in a storm.
  • harb or nigh: Indeed, this is a busy port. We are frequented by merchant ships from around the world.
  • worl or merc or freq or port: Minoc has a well-known shipwright, as well as a fine armourer!
  • mino: Minoc is the City of Sacrifice!
  • ship: A man named Captain Blythe runs that renowned establishment called the Crow's Nest.
  • armo: Indeed, Shenstone of the Darkwatch Armoury is famous for his fine leather work!
  • blyt: I hear he's got a heart blacker than gunpowder!
  • shen: Don't know the man myself.
  • acci or mate or scot: I don't wish to talk about it.


Name: Emilly

Description: a fine and hardened woman.


Job: I tend the light with my husband, Windmire.

Goodbye: A good day to thee.

Text information:

  • tend or ligh: 'Tis pleasant, peaceful work.
  • husb or wind: He was a fine sailor.
  • was or sail: That was before the accident.
  • acci: His best shipmate died in a storm whilst trying to reach this port." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Since that day, Windmire has dedicated his life to protecting these shipping lanes.
  • prot or ship or lane: He arranged for the construction of this lighthouse, as well as the breakwater around the pier area.
  • mate: His name was Scotty and he was a fine lad.
  • scot: He was a fine lad. Yelled something about a 'beam' just 'fore he died. Gave Windmire the idea for the lighthouse, he did.


Name: Anthony

Description: a lively young boy.

Greeting: Oh, 'tis thee.

Job: Well, I do my chores every day.

Goodbye: Good bye.

Text information:

  • chor: I do my studies and clean my room.
  • stud: I am studying Virtue.
  • clea or room: Yes, my parents make me clean it every day!
  • moth or fath or pare: My mother's name is Charlotte and my father's name is David.
  • char: Yes, she is my mother.
  • davi: He is my father.
  • virt: Blackthorn's Eight Laws of Virtue!
  • blac or eigh or laws: I must learn to recite them.
  • reci: I can't yet." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <Nothing>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou live by Virtue?
    • Default: Then thou art a bad person!
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Art thou an Avatar?
    • Default: Thou should study too.
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> If I study Blackthorn's laws well, will I become an Avatar?
    • Default: <Goto Label 3>
    • y: Good!
  • <Label 3> Why, are his laws in error?
    • Default: Then thou art not being very kind!
    • y: I do not believe thee! He would not lie to us!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>

Charlotte (U5)[edit]

Name: Charlotte

Description: a young woman.


Job: I live here with my husband and son, and maintain the lighthouse!

Goodbye: May thou walk the true path of the Eight Laws.

Text information:

  • husb: His name is David.
  • davi: He is a fine figure of a man.
  • son: My son's name is Anthony.
  • anth: He is my son.
  • main or ligh: 'Tis quiet work.
  • quie: 'Tis the ideal climate for an amateur philosopher like myself.
  • amat or phil: I ponder the virtues of Avatarhood.
  • virt or avat: Indeed, I believe there is a lot of merit in the premise of Blackthorn's First Law.
  • prem or law or firs or one: We must look at the very roots of dishonesty, and see it comes from the twisted tongues of liars." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "And, surely, one cannot lie without a tongue!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wouldst thou agree, the teachings of Blackthorn are meaningful and true?
    • Default: Hold thy tongue, heretic, or thou shalt lose it!
    • y: Thou art a wise and truthful scholar.


Name: David

Description: a crotchety old man.


Job: What dost ye thinks I do? Ye mangy dog!

Goodbye: Good riddance!

Text information:

  • tend or ligh or main: Good guess, ya scum!
  • wit or dim: Aye, now I know that I speak the truth! Ye must have the brains of a jellyfish!
  • son or anth: He's a brat of a kid!
  • wife or char: Aye, she's a good woman, but she's got some strange ideas.
  • stra or idea: Ask 'er!
  • sext: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Aye, shiver me timbers, so ye've 'eard of me great invention?
    • Default: 'Den what are ye babbling 'bout!
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Obviously, thou art a person of exceptional wisdom!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "So, me matey, does ya think me invention were a good one?
    • Default: What dost thou know!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Thou dost speak true!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Wouldst thou like one I've made with me own hands?
    • Default: Harumph!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Change - Item 72> 'ere ye are mate, use it wisely and thou shalt profit by it!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Gregory

Description: a tall, heavily scarred man. <New Line> <New Line> "What in the name of Mondain art ye doing in me lighthouse!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>


Job: Now that's a real poser!

Goodbye: And a good riddance, too.

Text information:

  • ligh: Yes, ye did guess it, ya bloomin' plonker!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Didst ye not know this is private property?
    • Default: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Were ye born that ugly, or didst ye lose a fight with a frying pan?
    • Default: Not only ugly, but yer stupid too!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "What dost ye want anyway?


Name: Jacqueline

Description: a bony woman with a blank stare.


Job: I, uh..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "don't remember.

Goodbye: Uh, bye....

Text information:

  • reme: Remember what?
  • star: Oh, am I?
  • y: Sorry.
  • mud: Mmmmm, my favorite!


Name: Sutek

Description: a young, solemn mage. <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>




Label information:

  • <Label 0> Greetings, I am Sutek." <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 1> Art thou the Avatar of legend?
    • Default: Oh." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: I have been scrying for the nature of the three Shards!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I have learned they were formed at the time of the first Dark Lord." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "When Mondain's Gem of Immortality was destroyed, its shards still harbored unspeakable evil!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "They lay festering deep within the earth, but now their malevolent power has been unleashed upon the world." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The Shards and the Shadowlords can and must be destroyed!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The Shards must be recovered from their resting places in the boundless Underworld, and cast into the Eternal Flames of Truth, Love, and Courage..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Even as each respective Shadowlord stands nigh upon the flame of the Principle it opposes." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Take now this knowledge and use it well!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Sin'Vraal

Description: a huge, horned, leather-winged daemon.


Job: I once served the mighty Astaroth, but that was long ago.

Goodbye: I bid thee a safe journey.

Text information:

  • asta: Speak not that name in too loud a voice, lest thou summon the Shadowlord of Hatred!
  • summ or shad or hat: Beware, for they who yell their Names, oft die at the will of the foul wraiths!
  • foul or wrai or once or serv: No longer do I serve Evil, for deep below the earth did the Once and True King show me the paths of Virtue!
  • virt or king or belo or eart or deep: I can only tell thee that he has turned me from the ways of darkness, but he'll have no such luck with the Shadowlords!
  • shar: The accursed Shard of Hatred that spawned my former master lies within the underworld at the location thou wouldst call <Rune> I <Rune> ' <Rune> A <Rune> ", <Rune> I <Rune> ' <Rune> A <Rune> "" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Enter through the dungeons by Lost Hope Bay!


Name: Grendel

Description: a giant rat! <New Line> <New Line> "Squeek..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> "Squeek..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "What dost thou want?" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Job: I once was a great alchemist!

Goodbye: Squeek!

Text information:

  • alch: Squeek..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "That was before my accident!
  • acci: Squeek..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "I was working on a spell called: <New Line> <Rune> VAS REL XEN BET <Rune> <New Line> It got a little out of hand.
  • spel or hand or vas: It was to be an enchantment to turn foes into rats.
  • rat: Squeek..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "During an early experiment I was transformed into a rat!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "I have since perfected a lesser version.
  • less or vers or perf: I call it <Rune> REL XEN BET <Rune> . It is of the Sixth Circle, and will turn one being into a rat for fair time!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wouldst thou like the formula?
    • Default: O.K.
    • y: It requires that one part spider silk be mixed with a pinch of sulfurous ash..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "...with a crushed root of mandrake and spores scraped from a nightshade cap.

Smith the Horse[edit]

Name: Smith

Description: a strangely familiar horse. <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 3> <Goto Label 0>


Job: Well..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "I eat hay.

Goodbye: Come back and see me again. Really!

Text information:

  • eat or hay: Yep." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Oh, I'm also here to ask you something.
  • ask: <Goto Label 4>
  • forg or tell: Yea..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The answer..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "It was..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> " <Rune> INFINITY <Rune> !

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Hey..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "You look familiar, have we met?
    • Default: <Goto Label 1>
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 1> Oh..." <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 2> I thought so..." <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 3> Hello, <AVATAR NAME> ..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "You know what?
    • Default: Way back..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Way, way back..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I forgot to tell you something!
  • <Label 4> Lord British wanted me to ask you if you were enjoying this game?
    • Default: <Goto Label 4>
    • n: Well, if you have any complaints, write to him at Origin. He would really like to know.
    • y: He will be so glad to hear it..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Of course, he won't ever know unless you write to him at Origin and tell him so." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I know first hand he'd like that.


Name: Lord Kenneth

Description: a scholarly gentleman.


Job: I am the Court Composer.

Goodbye: Bye.

Text information:

  • cour or comp: I travel throughout Britannia teaching my craft." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou wish to learn the harpsichord?
    • Default: Alas.
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Open the Book of Lore to the Music section and study the score for the piece 'Stones'." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> The notes are like a series of square marks upon a four-line staff. Their positions, either on one or between two lines, marks their pitch." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "A letter C marks the second line of the staff as the pitch 'C'. The first 3 notes are 'ABC'." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> What are the next 3?
    • Default: No, try again." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 3>
    • dcb: Good!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 4> Many keyboards are marked with numbers, so that ABC would be 678.What would the next 3 be?
    • Default: No, try again." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 4>
    • 987: Good! So the first phrase goes 678 987 8767653! Now thou must practice!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>

Sir Arbuthnot[edit]

Name: Sir Arbuthnot

Description: a hardened man.

Greeting: Ah, <AVATAR NAME> , 'tis thee.

Job: I am the Royal Coinmaker!

Goodbye: Fare thee well.

Text information:

  • roya or coin: Well..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "That is to say I was, before I became a wanted man!
  • was or want or man: I am afraid I did something that was not taken too well by the current regime.
  • take or well or curr or regi: <Goto Label 0>
  • magi or coin: It was in the symbol of the Codex!
  • symb or code: It was commisioned secretly by persons unknown even to me. It was to be used to call back the one true Avatar!
  • avat: <Goto Label 1>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou favor the current regime?
    • Default: I see.
    • n: I minted a magical coin!
  • <Label 1> Dost thou know of the one true Avatar?
    • Default: I see.
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Art thou the one true Avatar?
    • Default: Oh.
    • 'Tis indeed an honor!" <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing> : @
    • ng: Songs of valqP


Captain Johne[edit]

Name: Johne, Captain Johne.

Description: an unkempt mage in tattered robes. <New Line> <New Line> "At long last, another living soul!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Job: I fear the Shadowlords!

Goodbye: Beware!

Text information:

  • fear or shad: Years ago, my ship was swallowed by a massive whirlpool. The remains of my ship washed up on this isle with myself and three others." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "When I recovered, I explored my surroundings, and found a great gem broken into three shards." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The Shards, full of evil, drove me to kill my three companions, and from their blood sprang the three Shadowlords. " <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Taking the Shards deep into this underworld, they entrapped Lord British, and hold Blackthorn in their power." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "They spare me only to taunt me with such news until my dying day." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wilt thou save Britannia?
    • Default: Pity." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Might I join thee?
    • Default: Pity." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: Let me avenge my wrongdoing." <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>

Sir Simon[edit]

Name: Sir Simon

Description: a strong, spry man.


Job: I am lord of this keep.

Goodbye: Farewell!

Text information:

  • keep: We fled here when the tyrant Blackthorn began to spread his self-righteous rule.
  • blac or rule: The land has not been the same since the loss of Lord British." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "A good friend. I wish I knew of a way to help him.
  • brit or help: All I know is that his crown jewels, the Crown, the Sceptre and the Amulet must be recovered.
  • crow: A powerful artifact. Lord British once told me of its ability.
  • abil: When worn, it absorbs all magical forms of attack, no matter how powerful.
  • scep: A mighty item of immense power. It is said that when used it can disperse all magical barriers, even in the ethereal plane." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I hear 'tis held by the Shadowlords themselves, in their earthly fortress!
  • amul: Of that, my wife knows more than I.

Lady Tessa[edit]

Name: Lady Tessa

Description: a tall, beautiful woman.


Job: I practice the mystical arts.

Goodbye: Tread softly, thy destiny is a great one!

Text information:

  • arts or myst: I can see thou art no ordinary mortal, but the Avatar of legend, and thus familiar with my profession.
  • prof or lege or avat: <Goto Label 0>
  • amul: <Goto Label 1>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> I see it in thy eyes, but tell me, dost thou support Blackthorn's rule?
    • Default: I see.
    • n: I knew that one who has tread the path of Virtue could not agree with the current state of affairs." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> I have seen the Amulet which Lord British once bore. It lies forgotten in the Underworld, amongst the graves of valiant warriors." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "With only this can thee find thy path in a place of unholy darkness, which I have forseen shall block thy way." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "'Tis beyond such a place that thou must search, if thou art to mend the injustice wrought upon the world by Blackthorn and his spectres!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Lord Seggallion

Description: a wistful looking man.


Job: I am the lord of this keep.

Goodbye: Farewell, stranger!

Text information:

  • keep: A fine homestead, furnished with the proceeds from my old profession.
  • home or prof or proc or old: Many years ago, I carved my living from the seafaring trade routes of Britannia.
  • trad or rout or livi: You know..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I demanded a fair toll for passage through my waters..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The fact that this usually amounted to all of their belongings is irrelevant!
  • star or spy: I used my spyglass to study the stars." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wouldst thou like to see it?
    • Default: I see.
    • y: I used it on many nights for navigational purposes. I use it but rarely now." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Dost thou study the stars?
    • Default: Too bad.
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> What is it said that the eight planets represent?
    • Default: Really.
    • virt: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> I would like thee to have my spyglass, Wouldst thou like it?
    • Default: O.K.
    • y: <Change - Item 73> Use it wisely!


Name: Temme

Description: a tall, dark woman.


Job: I am a mage of great repute!

Goodbye: Nice talking shoppe.

Text information:

  • grea or repu: Modesty was never one of my great virtues. But, I am actually quite good." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>
  • spel or thin or near or disa: I know I've got the words right, but I may have mixed the reagents improperly, I think.
  • word: I use the chant... " <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Now, don't tell anyone else..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> " <Rune> AN YLEM <Rune> !
  • an ylem: Not now, fool! Am I still here?
  • y: Good, watch it!
  • reag: I think it was Ash and Mandrake..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "But, then again, perhaps it was Garlic and Blood Moss..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Oh, I don't know. I've never had a very good memory.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Would ye be impressed if I told thee that I can cast a spell that CREATES light even on the darkest night?
    • Default: Well I've done better." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: Well! If ye think that's good, I've NEARLY made things disappear!


Name: Dufus

Description: a clumsy looking boy.


Job: I am apprentice to the Great Mage Temme!

Goodbye: Nice talking with thee!

Text information:

  • mage or temm or grea: The most all-powerful mage to walk the surface of Britannia.
  • appr: I am lucky enough to be chosen as understudy to the Great Mage Temme, so that one day I too can cast powerful spells.
  • powe or spel: Beyond imagining! Why, one day I even saw her nearly kill a Giant Rat with a single spell.
  • gian or rat: Yes, 'tis true, I saw it with my own eyes!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • spy: Lord Seggallion uses it to study the stars! If thou ask, he might show it unto thee.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Would ye like me to tell thee something really amazing?
    • Default: Oh, well.
    • y: Just the other day, the Great Mage Temme lit a fire with no flint or steel, but merely Lord Seggallion's spyglass.


Name: Quintin

Description: a round, jovial man.


Job: I am the cook for this keep.

Goodbye: May thou never get indigestion!

Text information:

  • cook: Yes, I simmer up plenty of tasty dishes for the residents of this abode.
  • keep: One of the better looking keeps I have worked in.
  • tast or dish: They have to be good, or else the Lord will order Temme to turn me into a newt!
  • lord: Seggallion.
  • resi or abod: A mixed bunch with an interesting history, Before he retired, my lord was a famous pirate. Now, even he fears Blackthorn." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "But, I mustn't gossip!
  • blac: I mustn't gossip.
  • goss: Like I said, I don't wish to tell tales, but if thou dost have an ear for gossip, I've never heard anyone who talks as much as my friend Telila." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "She lives in the city of Britain, ask her for some rumours or gossip!


Name: Thrud

Description: a dark, heavyset man.


Job: An infamous mercenary!

Goodbye: Uhmph!

Text information:

  • infa or merc: I enjoy killing immensely!
  • kill or imme: <Goto Label 0>
  • item or jewe or weap: <Goto Label 1>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Surely thou hast heard of the time when I butchered an entire village?
    • Default: I had just returned from a war across the sea, when on my way home, I stopped at an inn." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The meal I ate there gave me indigestion for two days! Upon recovery, I killed the innkeeper and his entire staff." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The ensuing outcry forced me to dispense with the rest of the village!
  • <Label 1> The Jeweled Sword and Shield are fine weapons indeed! Wouldst thou like them?
    • Default: Thy loss!
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> I will let thee have these great weapons for the Resistance's password, which thou hast so cleverly discovered." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Tell me, what is it?
    • Default: Liar! Guards! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • dawn: May they serve thee well! <Change - Item 8> <Change - Item 28> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Elistaria

Description: a tall, dark lady


Job: I dabble in the dark arts.

Goodbye: Begone, wretch!

Text information:

  • dabb or arts or dark: I play with forces beyond the comprehension of most mortals.
  • forc or comp or mort: I conjure daemons and such.
  • daem or demo: Yes! My favorite creatures! Thou hast seen my two best summonings guarding this keep.
  • oppr: <Goto Label 1>
  • impera: <Goto Label 3>
  • miss or item: The Jeweled Weapons of course! Ask Thrud for them!

Label information:

  • <Label 1> What is the password?
    • Default: <Goto Label 8>
    • impera: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Ah yes, now I remember. Thou art the one infiltrating the Resistance." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Here, wear this badge when thou doth wish to show thou art with Blackthorn and the Oppression!" <New Line> <New Line> <Change - Item 74> <Key wait> "It may be that Thrud has some items that may be useful in your mission." <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 8> Daemons! Kill this wretch! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Balinor

Description: a leather-winged abomination <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>




Label information:

  • <Label 0> Foul mortal, thou hast disturbed my peaceful rest!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "My bound duty is to prevent intruders from passing! And so I shall!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "But first, thou dost seem an educated person and so I offer thee an educated solution to the problem at hand..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I suggest a battle of wits for thy passage. If I win, I shall slay thee, if thou dost win, I shall let thee pass to face the perils within!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Dost thou accept?
    • Default: So be it! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: Ah good, I've not tested my wit for some time!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> What is as tall as a house, round as a cup, and all the king's horses can't draw it up?
    • Default: Hah! Thou hast failed! Now to keep my part of the bargain! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • well: Thou hast guessed well, foolish one, but thou hast committed a fatal blunder!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Never trust a Daemon's word! Hah, hah, hah! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>

Lady Janell[edit]

Name: Lady Janell

Description: a wise and beautiful princess.


Job: I am Queen of the Magi of Britannia.

Goodbye: Fare thee well, and quest ye forever for Truth.

Text information:

  • quee or mag or brit: Evil times are before us, but the hearts of our people shall perservere.
  • hear or peop or dark or time: Though the days grow darker, there are many who still seek the light of Truth.
  • seek or ligh or trut: I know of two sisters, ascetics of a temple of Virtue, who know of the evil artifact which most opposes Truth!
  • arti or evil or temp or oppo: Seek out the twin sisters in the hidden city of Cove, and ask them of the Shard of Falsehood!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou meditate at shrines?
    • Default: I see.
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Dost thou seek the Shrine of Spirituality?
    • Default: I see.
    • y: Enter one of the mystic moongates at precisely midnight. Then shalt thou find the Shrine!

Lord Shalineth[edit]

Name: Lord Shalineth

Description: a tall man with a bearing of wisdom and power. <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> "Well met, worthy servant of Truth!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Job: I am the Lord of the Keep of Truth.

Goodbye: Go, abandon not thy quest for Light!

Text information:

  • keep: The Lycaeum is the Keep of Truth.
  • trut: We use the precepts of Truth to strengthen our magic.
  • magi: It is Truth that lends our arts the power to overcome all Evil, if we but trust in it.
  • evil: A creature of great Evil must hide its name, for it is at the mercy of one armed with such a simple truth.
  • merc or simp or name: Through the exercise of great magic and scrying, I have gleaned the name of the Shadowlord of Falsehood." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou swear not to use it foolishly?
    • Default: <Goto Label 0>
    • y: The Name of this dread lord is <Rune> FAULINEI <Rune> . Speak it not, for only at thy bidding can he enter our hallowed Keep.
    • n: Thou fool." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 1> A pleasure to see thee again, <AVATAR NAME> " <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Name: Rollo

Description: a wisened scribe.


Job: I am scribe for the Lycaeum.

Goodbye: Fare thee well.

Text information:

  • lyca: In our libraries, we keep many of the important Britannian documents.
  • scri: I serve the duties of librarian, and have written a number of the works we have published.
  • libr: Our libraries are the best in Britannia.
  • brit or docu: 'Tis here that the journal of Lord British's expedition into the underworld was authenticated!
  • jour or lord or expe or unde or auth: Yes, 'tis sad, but 'twould seem that there is little hope for his return.
  • writ or work or publ: I compiled the reference work known as 'The Book of Lore.'" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Hast thou seen it?
    • Default: Too bad.
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Didst thou enjoy it?
    • Default: <Goto Label 1>
    • n: Shows what thou dost know!
    • y: I thank thee, kind soul.

Lady Hayden[edit]

Name: Lady Hayden.

Description: a lovely young woman, both stately and fair.

Greeting: Ah, again we meet. Well met, <AVATAR NAME> .

Job: I seek the ways of truth and knowledge, here in the Lycaeum.

Goodbye: Farewell, mighty Avatar.

Text information:

  • stud or know or lyca: Yes, I study here with my companion, Lord R'hien.
  • comp or rhie or lord or r'hi: He is the Keeper of the Royal Horses, and a fine man.
  • roya or hors: I find peace in riding our sturdy mounts through the forests to the south." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "It helps me think of my magic and happier times.
  • moun or ridi: Horses.
  • magi: We once wrought our spells for learning, not to save our lives when confronted by evil creatures. Peace is a more valuable part of our lives now.
  • happ or time or peac: If only one still unafraid to fight for Virtue walked the land..." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Art thou afraid?
    • Default: I see.
    • n: Then there is hope!

Lord R'hien[edit]

Name: Lord R'hien

Description: a chivalric, battle-hardened knight.


Job: I fight for the ways of Truth.

Goodbye: May Truth always guide thee.

Text information:

  • ways or trut or figh: In these days, Truth is in great peril!
  • peri: Blackthorn has warped the meaning of the Virtues to match his self-righteous needs.
  • warp or mean or virt or self or need: The people live as sheep, manipulated by his misguided principles!
  • misg or prin: Virtue, when imposed by force rather than belief and choice, lacks the meaning that is required for a guiding force in one's life.
  • stev: Hi, John! Thanks for putting me in Ultima V!

Lord Michael[edit]

Name: Lord Michael

Description: a tall, caring man.


Job: I am lord of this castle.

Goodbye: Take care!

Text information:

  • cast: Here in Empath Abbey we protect the Principle of Love from the evils that would corrupt it.
  • prin or love or corr or evil: Since the disappearance of Lord British, evil has reared its foul head, and now the three Castles of Virtue stand alone.
  • thre or alon or stan or virt: The Shadowlords dare not desecrate this holy place, not even the Shadowlord of Hate!
  • shad or hate: Seek out the daemon who lives in the great eastern desert. He knows much of the Lord of Hatred!
  • moun or clim or grap: I have the grapple used to climb mountains." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Though it allows passage through many mountains, there are some peaks which still cannot be crossed!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "And, one can still fall whilst using it if one is not nimble enough!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wouldst thou like it?
    • Default: Oh.
    • y: Use it well, and be careful! <Change - Item 70> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Cory

Description: a pretty young girl.


Job: I am the cook for this castle.

Goodbye: See thee!

Text information:

  • cast: A great fortress, saving us from the turmoil engulfing Britannia.
  • cook: I certainly do! Many delicacies pass from my kitchens onto the plates of hungry souls.
  • hung or soul or deli: Such mouth-watering dishes as fried shark and sauteed squid au poivre.
  • shar or squi: <Goto Label 0>
  • turm or engu or brit: Ever since Lord British disappeared, the entire kingdom has gone to ruin. Blackthorn only hinders matters.
  • hind or matt or blac: Blackthorn claims he is the true ruler!
  • lord or brit: I wish he would return!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Ah! A connoisseur! Wouldst thou like to try some?
    • Default: Thy loss.
    • y: Here, eat this.." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> You put the morsel in your mouth... <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> Such food as this you've never tasted! It melts in your mouth, tasting of a thousand different spices, all perfectly matched! <Change - Item 65> <Key wait> <New Line> <New Line> "Good, huh!


Name: Hardluck

Description: a cheerful man.


Job: I am the Abbey jester!

Goodbye: May fate smile brightly on you!

Text information:

  • jest: I juggle and sing fine songs!
  • sing or song: Blackthorn once was a fine ol' man." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Upon fine principles he would stand." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "But then came the Shadowlords, full of evil." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Blackthorn's soul they came to steal." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "All at once the Tyranny began." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "All because of Fate's dark hand!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>
  • abbe: Empath Abbey!
  • empa: Hey, thou ought to be a jester too!
  • jug: Nah, not in the mood.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Like it?
    • Default: Oh.
    • y: Thou may have noticed that it points out that Blackthorn himself is not responsible for the evils he imposes." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Rather, he is trapped, as we are, under the control of the truly evil Shadowlords, only more so." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "A pity.


Name: Barbra

Description: a serene lady.


Job: I am keeper of the flame of Love.

Goodbye: Tread carefully, Avatar. The fate of our world depends on thee.

Text information:

  • flam or love: One of the three Principles, Avatar of legend!
  • lord or brit or virt or lege or prin or avat: <Goto Label 0>
  • keep: I tend and protect the sacred flame of Love, to show the world that all hope is not yet lost!
  • hope or lost: Since the loss of Lord British, evil, especially in the form of the three Shadowlords, has infested this land.
  • shad: They oppose the basic fabric of Virtue!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Thou dost know it is thy duty to try and recover what this kingdom has lost. Dost thou intend to?
    • Default: Too bad.
    • y: Then perhaps I have a vision that may help thee." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I saw a great man in a distant place." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I saw him as if through a looking glass." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I saw naught but his reflection." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "More I do not know." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Tim

Description: a spritely young man.


Job: I am the bard for this castle.

Goodbye: Journey safely!

Text information:

  • bard: Yes, I play and sing for the inhabitants of this castle.
  • inha or cast: Empath Abbey.
  • play: <Goto Label 0>
  • sing: Tra-la-la!
  • cour or comp or trav or ken: He trades music lessons for melodies. He is compiling a collection of Britannian folkmusic.
  • less or melo or coll or folk: Recently he gave a recital in Trinsic, and then headed south." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "He often teaches a piece by Iolo and Gweno. 'Tis a favorite of Lord British.
  • iolo or bard or teac or piec or favo: Some even say that to play the piece on the finest instrument may cause magical occurrences.
  • fine or inst or magi or occu: Only on an instrument worthy of kings!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou enjoy fine harpsichord music?
    • Default: Oh.
    • y: Since Lord British's disappearance, his Court Composer Sir Kenneth is said to be traveling throughout Britannia.


Name: Toede

Description: a small, fat, slimy soul.


Job: I helped build Blackthorn's castle, before I was captured.

Goodbye: Don't leave me!

Text information:

  • blac: A nicer overlord I've never met!
  • buil or cast: The largest, strongest, most impregnable fortress ever constructed in the history of Britannia.
  • larg or stro or fort or impr: Built on the isle of three volcanoes, in the southeast of Britannia." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Yes, I was the foreman for trap-door construction. There are many placed on common passageways." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Blackthorn's castle, beware! If thou doth fall...." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Think of me!
  • capt: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> I was shipwrecked on this isle and captured by ones who did not share my belief in the righteousness of Blackthorn's rule." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Dost thou support Blackthorn?
    • Default: Heretic!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Good! Wilt thou help me escape?
    • Default: <Rune> PIGDOG <Rune> !" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: Then free me from these manacles!

Lord Malone[edit]

Name: Lord Malone

Description: a tall, strong man.


Job: I am the lord of this castle and the surrounding land.

Goodbye: Farewell!

Text information:

  • cast or surr or land: This area of the kingdom was entrusted to my ancestors by Lord British in payment for their deeds of Valor.
  • pay or deed or valo: My great grandfather was the famous Sir Percy, who cleared the local countryside of dragons many decades ago.
  • lord or brit: I fear that Lord British is no more. He has been missing for some time. I feel sure if he still lived he would deal with the impostor Blackthorn!
  • impo or blac: This castle, a bastion of Courage, is one of the last redoubts against the evil of the Shadowlords!
  • evil or cowa or shad: Even Nosfentor dares not cross the sacred threshold of Serpent's Hold!
  • nosf: Speak not that name too loudly, for 'tis the name of the Shadowlord of Cowardice!


Name: Monsieur Loubet

Description: a tall, cynical man.


Job: I am the fencing master.

Goodbye: Au revoir!

Text information:

  • fenc or mast: I am ze best! As an enfant I learned fencing from my father who was tutor to ze king of a distant land.
  • land or dist: I lived zere in my childhood, and came to Britannia upon a magical carpet!
  • magi or carp: Ah, an interesting tale. Unfortunately, I zold it zoon after my arrival in Britannia." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I did not know zey were so scarce here, or I would not have zold it." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Monsieur, dost thou seek to discover ze fate of Lord British?
    • Default: Oh.
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Perhaps zen my magic carpet would be of some use?
    • Default: I zold it to a mage named Bandaii. He lived in a village named Paws." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Strange fellow, he was looking for a talking horse!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "If thou canst find him, he might be willing to zell thee my carpet!


Name: Kristi

Description: a pretty, dark haired woman.

Greeting: Oh, it's thee. Hi.

Job: I cook for the hungry mouths in this castle.

Goodbye: Bye!

Text information:

  • land or evil: There are many now that Lord British is gone.
  • cast or cook or hung or mout: The inhabitants, as well as any visitors.
  • inha: And visitors.
  • visi: We don't have too many these days..." <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <Nothing>
  • skul or keys: <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> A few weeks ago there was a strange, silent mage who ate here. He gave me 5 skull keys as payment." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "He said they are magic and powerful, worth many gold pieces. I have no use for them." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> I will sell them to thee for 100 gold crowns. Wouldst thou like to buy them?
    • Default: Thy loss.
    • y: <Gold - 100> <Change - Item 75> <Change - Item 75> <Change - Item 75> <Change - Item 75> <Change - Item 75> The mage said that they could open even magically locked doors.
  • <Label 2> I have no more, but the mage told me that he acquired them from an armourer named Shenstone!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Name: Gardner

Description: a sincere man.


Job: I am the keeper of the Flame of Courage.

Goodbye: Fare thee well!

Text information:

  • cour or flam or keep: I tend this Flame of Virtue against the darkness of Blackthorn and the Shadowlords.
  • dark or blac or shad: Within the flames I often see visions!
  • visi: Avatar, I can offer thee my vision of the Shard of Cowardice to aid thee on thy quest.
  • shar or cowa or ques: Upon the Isle of the Avatar, there lies a dungeon. At its bottom lies a small, cavernous room of the Underworld." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "However, there are many more such small chambers, near enough to be reached by one with the proper magic!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "With many uses of such magic, and a great deal of exploration, one may find the Shard of Cowardice." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "It lies at the location which upon the surface would be recorded as <Rune> L <Rune> ' <Rune> A <Rune> ", <Rune> L <Rune> ' <Rune> I <Rune> ".

Sir Sean[edit]

Name: Sir Sean

Description: a young nobleman.


Job: I am the Keeper of the Eternal Flame of Truth.

Goodbye: I wish thee luck, though I fear for thy life.

Text information:

  • trut or eter or keep or flam: We stand against the three evil lords who ravage the land!
  • evil or land or lord: The Shadowlords!
  • shad: They are foul spectres!
  • foul or spec: Indeed they are!
  • ston: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Art thou afraid to journey into Evil's abode?
    • Default: <Goto Label 0>
    • y: Coward.
    • n: Sail first thy ship unto the southernmost part of Lost Hope Bay. Travel so far as thy skiff will take thee." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Some speak of a special implement that can be used to cross the mountains. Find first this equipment!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Then climb thyway through the mountains to the south." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "There thou shalt find the black keep Stonegate, guarded by Balinor, foulest of daemons!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "This is the earthly domain of the three Shadowlords, from which few have returned!


Name: Mariah

Description: a weak and frail friend. <New Line> <New Line> " <AVATAR NAME> , my old friend." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "'Tis I, Mariah!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Job: I have been quite ill, for many days.

Goodbye: Please, return and take me with thee when thou canst.

Text information:

  • ill or day: The healers here, in the Lycaeum, canst heal even the wound of a Shadowlord quickly.
  • shad: I met one in Moonglow some time back, but did escape with my life!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>
  • join: <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> So, art thou here to set things right?
    • Default: <Goto Label 0>
    • n: Then we are doomed.
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Wilt thou have need of my services?
    • Default: <Goto Label 1>
    • n: I am deeply grieved.
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> My wounds are mostly healed. Shall I join with thee now?
    • Default: <Goto Label 2>
    • n: Soon, I hope.
    • y: I am honored to be with thee again!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>


Name: Toshi

Description: a small, nimble, deadly looking man.

Greeting: Hail friend!

Job: I am a student here at the Abbey.

Goodbye: Farewell.

Text information:

  • abbe: Empath Abbey, castle to the Principle of Love!
  • prin or trut or love or cour: 'Tis one of the three Principles, Truth, Love, and Courage!
  • stud: Here I learn how love can exist in a world filled with such evil!
  • evil: I learn how it can be overcome.
  • over or lear: Thou doth show much interest in the Principle of Love." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Perhaps, thou should study here at the abbey..." <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Key wait> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <Nothing>
  • join: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> I would like to join thee on thy quest!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Might I join thee?
    • Default: <Goto Label 0>
    • n: I am saddened.
    • y: A great honor indeed!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>


Name: Maxwell

Description: a strong, yet sleek fighter.

Greeting: Ah, <AVATAR NAME> , my good friend!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Monsieur Loubet has been telling me of thy quest." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Job: I am a student here at Serpent's Hold.

Goodbye: Farewell." <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>

Text information:

  • serp or hold: Here we study the Principle of Courage.
  • prin or cour or stud: I study the many arts and styles of fighting under Monsieur Loubet.
  • mons or loub: He is a well-known Master of Arms!
  • art or styl or figh: My favorite weapon is the axe!
  • favo or weap or axe: Yes, the axe.
  • join: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> I would like to join thee, wilt thou have me?
    • Default: <Goto Label 0>
    • n: A pity.
    • y: 'Tis indeed a great honor!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>
  • <Label 1> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Dupre

Description: a paladin, shining with Virtue. <New Line> <New Line> "Ah, <AVATAR NAME> !" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>


Job: Sentri and I live here in Bordermarch. We await thy call for us to join thee!

Goodbye: Farewell. Return soon with good news.

Text information:

  • join: <Goto Label 2>
  • duck: <Goto Label 3>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> That is thee, yes?
    • Default: <Goto Label 0>
    • n: I am sorry, I have mistaken thee for an old friend." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: I hardly recognize thee, it has been so long." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Hast thou returned to Britannia to set things straight?
    • Default: Then we are doomed!
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Shall I join with thee again?
    • Default: As thou wisheth.
    • y: Good, it will be good to fight by thy side again!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>
  • <Label 3> Wanna buy a duck?
    • Default: They're cheap.
    • y: <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 4> It'll cost 5 gold crowns, O.K.?
    • Default: Cheapskate!
    • y: <Gold - 005> <Change - Item 65> Enjoy the duck!


Name: Sentri

Description: a strong fighter. <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>


Job: We live here in Bordermarch to escape the Shadowlords!

Goodbye: Farewell, good Avatar!

Text information:

  • evil or shad: Spectres of Evil!
  • join: <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Have we not met before?
    • Default: Ah yes, I remember, 'twas before the dark times!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Thou art the Avatar of legend, art thou not?
    • Default: Oh, I could have sworn it was thee.
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Art thou here collecting adventurers for thy cause?
    • Default: I see.
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> I would be honored to join thee, wilt thou have me?
    • Default: I understand.
    • y: It is indeed an honor to fight with thee." <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>


Name: Julia

Description: a kindly tinker. <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I live here at the Abbey, a refuge from the Shadowlords!

Goodbye: Farewell, good Avatar!

Text information:

  • shad: They hunt all of us who helped thee on the quest. Blackthorn fears us!
  • blac or fear: He feared we would find a way to bring thee back. Which is, of course, exactly what we did!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 1>
  • join: <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> <AVATAR NAME> , it is thee, is it not?
    • Default: Oh, sorry.
    • y: At long last! We had thought thy return was beyond hope!
  • <Label 1> <AVATAR NAME> , is it time we took up arms again?
    • Default: I wish it were.
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Shall I join with thee now?
    • Default: Just let me know.
    • y: At last, we begin anew!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>



Name: Zachariah

Description: a stately, white-haired man of many years.

Greeting: Welcome, <AVATAR NAME> , in these dark times.

Job: I study the stars.

Goodbye: Good journeys.

Text information:

  • tele or star: I watch the signs amongst the planets!
  • sign or plan: Comets have come! A sign of evil!
  • evil or come: There are three comets in the firmament. Likely, each of these represents one of the Shadowlords.
  • shad: It seems that when a comet aligns with a planet, the city of that virtue comes under attack!
  • city or virt or atta: If only the Avatar would return!
  • avat or retu: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Art thou the Avatar of legend?
    • Default: Alas.
    • y: Indeed?" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 1> What is the password of our Resistance?
    • Default: I do not yet believe thee!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • dawn: I have news that may aid thee..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "There is a mage named Goeth that knows a newly discovered power of the moongates." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Seek him out in Jhelom. Beware, some say he has gone insane!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Malifora

Description: an old, strangely familiar gypsy. <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Welcome, <AVATAR NAME> , 'tis good to see thee!" <New Line> <New Line> "How may I aid thee?


Job: I can see many things beyond thy keen!

Goodbye: <Goto Label 0>

Text information:

  • see or keen or thin: Tell me what thou seeketh.
  • blac: I see that he resides upon an isle of three volcanoes, far to the south in the great sea!
  • shad: Their magic is too black for even my eyes to penetrate!
  • crow or scep or amul: I can tell thee only that thou hast great need of this item!
  • shar: I see them lying scattered deep in the underworld!
  • mant: I see an honest man chanting <Rune> AHM <Rune> !
  • word: I see the runes <Rune> FALLAX <Rune> inscribed upon the entrance of the dungeon Deceit!
  • coun: Yes, <AVATAR NAME> , I served on the Great Council.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wouldst thou pay me 15 gold crowns for my aid?
    • Default: Someday, thou shalt need me!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Gold - 015> Thy kindness shall be remembered!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Malik" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Ask Name>

Description: a young gypsy child.

Greeting: Hi, <AVATAR NAME> " <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Job: Mostly just playing games.

Goodbye: Farewell!

Text information:

  • play or game: <Goto Label 1>
  • she or moth or gyps or fort or tell: <Goto Label 2>
  • powe or reag or mand or nigh or free: He lives in Skara Brae, ask him.
  • glas or swor: I once knew a man who tried to make glass weapons." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I think he gave up and became a pirate! Probably lives in Buccaneer's Den now.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Been to see my mother today?
    • Default: I know she'd like to see thee." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 3>
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 1> Didst thou know my mother is a fortuneteller?
    • Default: Well, she is!
    • y: Oh.
  • <Label 2> I'll tell thee more for 3 gold coins, o.k.?
    • Default: Thy loss." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • o or y: <Gold - 004> We live in the building in the northwest corner. Go talk to her! She knows lots of chants and powerful words!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 3> Didst thou know that I can help thee too?
    • Default: I know a man named Saul who knows where thou canst find the powerful reagents Mandrake and Nightshade.

Donn Piatt[edit]

Name: Donn Piatt

Description: a stately lord in fine attire. <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <Goto Label 1>

Greeting: Good day!

Job: I am Head Counsel for this fine community.

Goodbye: Let me know if I may ever be of service.

Text information:

  • comm or head or coun: Of Moonglow, of course!
  • pub: It is in the southeast building.
  • herb: It is in the southwest building.
  • man or towe: The man in the tower is a seed of discontent and will bring thee ill fortune!
  • moon: Yes!
  • fort: Ill fortune!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> A good day to thee <AVATAR NAME> , art thou well today?
    • Default: I see...
    • Y: Ah, good. So glad to hear it!
  • <Label 1> A good day to thee." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "My name is Donn Piatt, and I am the Head Counsel for this fine community!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> "May I be of service unto thee?
    • Default: Well, our towne is at thy service!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • Y: Thou may wish to frequent our fine pub or our herbalist, but avoid the man in the tower!

Lord Stuart the Hungry[edit]

Name: Lord Stuart the Hungry" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Key wait> <Ask Name>

Description: a man of average build who seems rather ravenous!

Greeting: <PAUSE> <Goto Label 0>

Job: Oh, I do love to eat!

Goodbye: Don't worry, I'll finish that for you!

Text information:

  • eat: It's not the quality, it's the quantity!
  • qual: It's edible.
  • quan: I love the all-you-can-eat special!
  • spec or rav or food: I love to eat!
  • magi or spel: Well, yes, I've been working on a spell to make food, but it's not perfected yet.
  • perf: It makes but a small quantity of high quality food! " <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 1>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Hey, <AVATAR NAME> , join me for some chow?
    • Default: Ah well, more for me!
    • Y: There's no room here, sit over there!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 1> Thou dost look thin enough that it might be good for thee. Want to know it?
    • Default: Must be on a diet!
    • y: 'Tis an enchantment of the Second Circle, and is intoned <Rune> IN XEN MANI <Rune> , requiring ginseng, garlic and mandrake root.


Name: Greyson

Description: a noble fighting bard.

Greeting: A good day to thee, <AVATAR NAME> !

Job: I am an adventurer!

Goodbye: Until morrow.

Text information:

  • adve: I have been many places, and seen many things!
  • thin or plac: I've even seen the Guardians!
  • guar: They are like two winged stone giants, yet they possess life!
  • gian or life: Only those upon a sacred quest ordained by the mystic Shrines are granted passage unto the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom which lies beyond!
  • code: I know not more, for I was not on a sacred quest and could not pass.
  • sacr or ques or shri: One must know first the Mantra for a particular shrine." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Meditate there, and be sent upon a sacred quest, then canst thou enter the Shrine of the Codex!
  • mant: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Who dost thou think is the rightful ruler of Britannia?
    • Default: Interesting viewpoint.
    • brit: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Which Mantra dost thou seek?
    • Default: I know not that Mantra!
    • comp: The Mantra of Compassion is <Rune> MU <Rune> !


Name: Justin

Description: a spicy ol' chef.

Greeting: A good day to thee <AVATAR NAME>

Job: Why, I am the cook, of course!

Goodbye: Until then.

Text information:

  • chef or cook: My specialty is roast leg of mutton a la Britanny!
  • roas or leg or mutt: Ah, 'tis the finest in all the land, if I do say so myself!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • spec or brit: I learned the recipe from Andre', of West Britanny.
  • reci: That, my friend, is a family secret!
  • secr: I won't tell!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wouldst thou like to try a bite?
    • Default: Too bad, 'tis quite good!
    • y: <Change - Item 65> Here thou art..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Smack..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Slurp..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Chomp..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Didst thou enjoy it?
    • Default: I am deeply sorry!
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Surely then, thou wouldst pay me 3 gold coins for such a culinary delight?
    • Default: Begone then, and never darken my kitchen again!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Gold - 003> I thank thee kindly!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Dost thou admire fine glass and crystal?
    • Default: Eb, our busboy, knows much of fine glassware!


Name: Eb" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Ask Name>

Description: a young boy.

Greeting: <Goto Label 0>

Job: I am the busboy.

Goodbye: Farewell!

Text information:

  • bus: I clean the tables.
  • clea: The tables.
  • tabl: The ones with dirty dishes.
  • dish: The ones on the dirty tables.
  • dirt: Our customers are messy!
  • mess: They mess up the tables.
  • cust: They always make a mess!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
  • glas: <Goto Label 3>
  • mali: He lives in Moonglow.
  • moon: On Dagger Isle.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Hello, <AVATAR NAME> , art thou here to eat?
    • Default: Too bad!
    • y: Please then, have a seat!
  • <Label 1> Art thou going to eat here?
    • Default: Too bad!
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Art thou going to leave a mess?
    • Default: Well, then have a seat, please!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: See if I give thee good service!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 3> Didst thou break a glass?
    • Default: Don't worry, klutz, I'll clean it up!
    • n: <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 4> Dost thou admire fine glasswork?
    • Default: <Goto Label 5>
  • <Label 5> Ever heard of a glass sword?
    • Default: My friend Malik, who lives in Moonglow, knew a man who tried to make one.


Name: Terrance

Description: a sweaty, soiled farmer.

Greeting: <Goto Label 0>

Job: I keep this orchard to earn my humble living.

Goodbye: Fare thee well.

Text information:

  • orch or earn: It's even harder in these dark times!
  • livi or humb: I barely manage to make ends meet." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
  • hard or time or dark: It's mostly on account of them blasted Shadowlords!
  • shad: If it weren't for the Resistance, I'd have nothing left.
  • resi: <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> How art thou, <AVATAR NAME> , well I hope?
    • Default: Ah, 'tis a shame.
    • y: Ah, good!
  • <Label 1> Dost thou have enough to eat?
    • Default: Ah, good!
    • n: Then here friend, I have enough to share with one in need!" <New Line> <New Line> <Change - Item 65> <Key wait> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> "My name is Terrance!" <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name>
  • <Label 2> Ooops...." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Dost thou intend to turn me in for my treason?
    • Default: Then so be it!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Help! Guards! I'm being robbed! <Call Guards> <Karma - 1> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • n: I am grateful." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Dost thou know of the Resistance?
    • Default: Ask the owner of the Arms of Justice!
    • y: Good!


Name: Telila

Description: a hard and ragged woman.

Greeting: Hello, <AVATAR NAME> .

Job: I clean the rooms.

Goodbye: Goodbye.

Text information:

  • clea: 'Tis light but tedious work.
  • room: We have but few guests these days.
  • gues: We have a mage and a bard staying this night.
  • thes or days: Few guests.
  • mage: His name is Annon- a strange fellow! He spends his days alone upon the balconies!
  • balc: Up on the second floor of the inn!
  • bard: A nice chap! His name is Greyson and he can usually be found near the fountains!
  • foun: At the centre of towne!
  • rumo or goss: I love to gossip!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Why, just the other day an armourer named Bullwier from Jhelom came by on a visit." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Well, I wasn't trying to, mind you, but I overheard him talking about those famous Mystic Arms!
  • myst or arms: You know, the ones used by the Avatar of legend! " <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Bullwier did say more, but he left for Jhelom before I accidently heard any more!


Name: Gwenno

Description: a charming woman. <New Line> <New Line> "Hello friends, 'tis good to see thee all!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Job: I repair bows and crossbows.

Goodbye: <Goto Label 2>

Text information:

  • cros or bow: Iolo makes them, I repair them.
  • repa: The finest yew bows and the stoutest crossbows in the land!
  • iolo: Strange, is it not, that even though Iolo is an outlaw, we still manage to keep his bows in stock..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Nudge, nudge...
  • outl: Yes, there are many signs about those brigands (tee hee) in many towns.
  • brig or sign: Wanted: Dead or Alive!
  • dead or aliv or want: Dead or Alive!
  • town: Yew, for instance!
  • yew: Northwest of here, in the Deep Forest." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • join: <Goto Label 3>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Say, art thou from around here?
    • Default: I thought not.
    • y: Then perhaps just not too smart!
  • <Label 2> Aren't ye going to ask me to join with thee?
    • Default: I am Iolo's better half!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Iolo and I both thank thee!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>


Name: Annon

Description: a grave wizard. <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 3> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I once served on the Great Council!

Goodbye: Good luck!

Text information:

  • coun or grea: We derived the eight Words of Power!
  • word or powe: We used these words to seal the eight dungeons!
  • seal or dung: Blackthorn hunts us down, so that he might unlock them and free the evils within!
  • blac or hunt or free or evil or unlo: <Test Karma: 75> <Goto Label 4> I trust not yet thy Virtue!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> Good day!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 1> I have heard tales of thy deeds and am honored to meet thee!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I am Annon, of the Great Council!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 3> Greetings, <AVATAR NAME> ." <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 4> I know merely one of these Words." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Dost thou wish to know it?
    • Default: Oh.
    • y: The Word is <Rune> VILIS <Rune> , and remember, it can be used to open the dungeon Despise! " <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The daughter of another council member works as a sailmaker. Ask the child about her mother for she too knows one of the Words of Power!


Name: Bullwier

Description: a rough and scrungy man with a patch on one eye. <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I make weapons, canst thou not see!

Goodbye: Finally!

Text information:

  • weap: Swords, shields, and helms, fool!
  • swor: Iron swords! Thou art testing my patience!
  • shie: Iron shields! What dost thou expect!
  • helm: Iron helms! But, thou already hast a thick skull!
  • iron: Thou art testing my patience, fool!
  • pati or fool: GUARDS!!! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • myst: I've heard rumors about a man by the name of Ambrose, who was in search of the weapons.
  • ambr or weap or rumo: 'Twas rumored he was heavily injured during his quest. " <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "So badly injured is he, that he is conscious for only about an hour near midnight each night." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "He is healing in the towne of Cove.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Hey, you..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Dost thou have any business here?
    • Default: Then thou art trespassing! Buzz off!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: What dost thou want, and I don't have all day!


Name: Trian" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Ask Name>

Description: a young minstrel.

Greeting: A good day unto thee, <AVATAR NAME> !

Job: I play songs!

Goodbye: Farewell!

Text information:

  • song: Songs of valor, of course!
  • val: The tales of many a valiant deed come through this pub!
  • deed or tale: Why, there's a fighter who frequents this place by the name of Thorne.
  • figh or thor: His travels take him on many quests.
  • ques: He visits the shrines often!
  • shri: Of that, thou shalt have to ask him!
  • dest or word or powe: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou intend to explore one of the forbidden dungeons?
    • Default: Good, it is not only dangerous, but illegal!
    • y: Well, if thou must be so foolish as to try that, I can tell thee only this." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "There is one in this towne who doth search for that which is not there. He knows the Word of Power." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "But, he has gone quite insane, so if he doth have trouble remembering, saying each word backwards oft is of some help!


Name: Goeth

Description: a confused and bewildered mage!


Job: Looking rof something, I am.

Goodbye: I ees thee.

Text information:

  • look or some: Not gnol ago, I tsol it.
  • tsol or lost or it: Valuable, saw it!
  • valu: Remember ton I; but here be it must!
  • moon or ston or word or powe: Remember ton I; but know it I should!
  • drow or rewo: Ah, sey, coming kcab to me it is." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • noom or etag or seta or seno or enot: On taht, my dnim is more clear!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 1>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Drow which, that was?
    • Default: Remember ton I.
    • drat: Drow of Rewop thou seeketh; remember <Rune> AIPONI <Rune> htod I.
  • <Label 1> Noom Gates, thou tsod know about?
    • Default: I have found taht, below the location erehw a gate appears, there si a stone!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Reveal it nac thou, htiw a simple hcraes, retfa the gate senaw." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "If uoht taketh siht stone and yrub it elsewhere, the noom gate shall appear ni the wen location!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Amazing, is ti ton?
    • Default: This sevig one great rewop indeed!


Name: Thorne

Description: a battleworn fighter.

Greeting: <Goto Label 0>

Job: I'm resting up between battles.

Goodbye: Good hunting!

Text information:

  • rest: I like to exchange battle stories!
  • exch or batt or stor: Just the other day I was locked in mortal combat with a bunch of nasty trolls!
  • trol: They even had the gall to ask ME for gold in order to pass!
  • gall or gold or pass: I taught them a thing or two!
  • mant or shri: <Goto Label 1>
  • word or powe: Ask the minstrel!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> <AVATAR NAME> , been in any good battles lately?
    • Default: Too bad.
    • y: Glad to hear it!
  • <Label 1> Who dost thou serve?
    • Default: Sorry.
    • brit: The Mantra for Valor is <Rune> RA <Rune> !" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Wilt thou be exploring the dungeon Destard?
    • Default: Ah.
    • y: In many dungeon rooms there are trips that open secret passages!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The more devious ones are those that must be pushed, like wall panels." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Some even must be shot at, such as a torch across a chasm!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "And, remember, thou dost need the Word of Power to enter!


Name: Chamfort

Description: a hearty blacksmith.

Greeting: Hello, <AVATAR NAME> !

Job: I own this smithy and also forge its goods!

Goodbye: Good luck!

Text information:

  • resi: <Goto Label 0>
  • land: He is the local leader of the Resistance.
  • loca or lead: There is a secret passage through my fireplace that will lead thee unto him! Go now, and good luck!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • good or forg or smit: I'm a busy man and don't have time to chat." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "So, if thou wilt excuse me..." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • mant: <Goto Label 3>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Who told thee to ask me?
    • Default: I don't know what thou art talking about.
    • terr: I see..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Dost thou wish to aid the Resistance?
    • Default: Then we have no business.
    • y: Very good!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> <PAUSE> "We don't need thy help." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 2> The first thing thou dost need is to see Landon!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "The password is <Rune> DAWN <Rune> ." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Nothing>
  • <Label 3> Who told thee to ask me?
    • Default: I don't know what thou art talking about.
    • jere: Ah, yes. The Mantra of Justice is <Rune> BEH <Rune> !


Name: Landon

Description: a grim and stalwart fighter. <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 3> <Goto Label 0>


Job: If thou must ask, thou need not know.

Goodbye: Good luck!

Text information:

  • resi: <Goto Label 2>
  • blac or brit or crow: Blackthorn uses the powers of the Crown to maintain his reign of tyranny!
  • powe or reig or tyra: 'Tis said that he keeps it in a small room atop his terrible castle!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "It must be recovered! <AVATAR NAME> , thou art the one to do it!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Be warned, he uses its powers to prevent the use of magic within his castle!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Seek out Sir Simon on a mountain isle, west of Spiritwood." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 1> With whom dost thy loyalty lie?
    • Default: We have no business." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • brit: Fine, how might I aid thee?
  • <Label 2> What's the password?
    • Default: Buzz off!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • dawn: Good!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 3> Hello, <AVATAR NAME> , how can I aid thee?" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 4> Canst thou help us with the cause?
    • Default: Too bad.
    • y: Well, <AVATAR NAME> , it is rumored that Blackthorn himself has taken Lord British's crown!

Judge Dryden[edit]

Name: Judge Dryden

Description: a man in flowing black robes.

Greeting: I remember thee, what dost thou want?" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Job: I am the head Inquisitor.

Goodbye: Live by the Eight Laws!

Text information:

  • judg or cour or inqu: This is the Court of Inquisition of His Majesty Blackthorn!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • oppr: <Goto Label 6>
  • plea: <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Art thou here to confess?
    • Default: <Goto Label 1>
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 1> Perhaps then, to plead for the life of another, yes?
    • Default: Then what?
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Whom dost thou wish me to pity?
    • Default: That one is not a prisoner here!
    • jero or fele or grey or mari or aley: That one deserves no pity!
  • <Label 3> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 4> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 4> Thou art not in my records!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 4> Art thou pleading guilty of heresy?
    • Default: Nonetheless... GUARDS! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: GUARDS! <Call Guards> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 6> Who sent thee?
    • Default: Never heard of 'em.
    • tact: I see..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "I think thou had best see Archmage Flain!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "He will be eager to meet thee. See him in the tower of Skara Brae and ask him of the Oppression!


Name: Jeremy

Description: a man with a tall white hat.

Greeting: Hello again.

Job: I am the chef at The Slaughtered Lamb.

Goodbye: Good luck!

Text information:

  • slau or lamb or chef: I work hard- I need the money.
  • mone: I'm trying to get my brother out of jail.
  • jail or brot: It is going to cost me 500 gold crowns!
  • 500 or gold or crow: I know not how I shall save that much." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • key: <Change - Item 67> <Change - Item 67> <Change - Item 67> <Change - Item 67> <Change - Item 67> Have five!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wouldst thou donate 30 gold crowns?
    • Default: Thanks anyway.
    • y: <Gold - 030> I thank thee, kind soul!" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Is there anything that thou dost need- food, keys or perhaps information?
    • Default: I don't have that.
    • key: <Change - Item 67> <Change - Item 67> <Change - Item 67> <Change - Item 67> <Change - Item 67> Have five!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 2>
    • food: <Change - Item 65> Done!
    • info: All I can tell thee is that Chamfort knows a Mantra!
  • <Label 2> Surely thou wilt give me 50 gold for those keys?
    • Default: <Karma - 1> <Karma - 1> <Karma - 1> Scoundrel!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Gold - 050> Thou art most gracious!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>


Name: Jerone

Description: a quiet, solitary man.

Greeting: Back again eh?

Job: Well, I used to be an adventurer!

Goodbye: I'm sure we'll see more of each other.

Text information:

  • adve or used: Now I'm a prisoner!
  • pris: I was convicted of heresy!
  • conv or here: I stated my belief that Lord British was alive!
  • brit or stat or beli or aliv: It happened one night when I was camping out on the moors.
  • camp or moor: A strange apparition arose before my fire!
  • fire or aros or appa: It was HIM, I swear it!!!" <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • hurr or jere or brot: He is collecting the 500 gold crowns needed for my release.
  • gold or rele or coll: He used to give me keys, but I kept getting caught!
  • key or caug: I'm sure if thou wouldst ask he wouldst give thee a key! He comes by around ten each morning and evening.

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Surely thou dost believe me?
    • Default: Well, it's true!
    • y: Then surely thou must agree, there is hope!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "If only my brother would hurry!


Name: Felespar

Description: a grave old wizard.

Greeting: Greetings, <AVATAR NAME> , 'tis good to see thee." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 0>

Job: When I was a free man, I served on the Great Council.

Goodbye: May thy travels fare well!

Text information:

  • grea or coun: The Great Council once served His Majesty Lord British and sealed the 8 dungeons!
  • maje or brit: Alas, if only he were here now.
  • seal or dung: To entomb the foul creatures that dwell within!
  • powe or word: <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Any news of Lord British?
    • Default: Hmmm....
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Good news?
    • Default: Distressing.
    • y: There is hope!
  • <Label 2> Thou must be inquiring about the Words of Power, yes?
    • Default: Perhaps not, then.
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> The Words of Power are aptly named and not given out lightly." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "So, tell me, art thou with the Resistance?
    • Default: Too bad.
    • y: <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 4> And, their password is?
    • Default: Nay, 'tis not.
    • dawn: Very well, the Word of Power for the dungeon Wrong is <Rune> MALUM <Rune> ! Use it wisely!


Name: Mario

Description: a man torn and tattered from days in the stocks. <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I am bein' 'orribly punished for a trivial crime.

Goodbye: Well, if thou wilt not 'elp me, at least free me son Aleyn!

Text information:

  • son or aley: He too 'as been left to die!
  • pity: ME!
  • unlo or stoc or elp or sca: For Pete's sake, use a key and jimmy the bloody lock!
  • key or pete: Gimme a break!
  • jimm or lock: The one on the stocks, ye bloomin' idiot!
  • puni: I've been sentenced to slowly die in the stocks, for me minor crime.
  • mino or crim: I was convicted by Ye Court of Inquisition. " <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "I could afford only 40% of me earnings to give unto charity!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "A fact that I did not confess until I was caught and tortured!
  • caug or tort: Don't ask!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Won't ye 'elp me please?
    • Default: Oh, pity me!
    • y: Please, unlock the stocks an 'elp me 'scape!


Name: Aleyn

Description: a small battered child, barely breathing and limp in the stocks.

Greeting: Help.

Job: I fear I have broken a law!

Goodbye: Don't go.

Text information:

  • help: Help me.
  • brok or law: I failed to enforce the Seventh Law of Virtue.
  • seve or 7 or virt: I did not turn my father in for donating too little to charity!
  • fath: Mario.
  • dona or char: That's just what I'm told!


Name: Tactus

Description: a strong youth.

Greeting: Greetings!

Job: I make the chainmail armour and coifs here at Darkwatch Armoury!

Goodbye: Farewell.

Text information:

  • dark or watc or chai or armo or coif: Indeed, I believe it to be amongst the finest in the land!
  • fine or land: Since Blackthorn has come to power, our sales have increased threefold!
  • blac or sale or powe or incr: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Blackthorn's reign has been most beneficial, I think you'll agree, yes?
    • Default: That shows what thou dost know, shallow minded fool!
    • y: I can tell thou art very keen!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> I wouldst like thee to see a friend of mine, if thou couldst. Wilt thou?
    • Default: Too bad, we need thy type.
    • y: He is very close with Lord Blackthorn himself! I believe thou shalt find him an interesting fellow!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "His name is Judge Dryden and thou might find him in the court of Yew. Ask him of the Oppression and tell him Tactus sent thee!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Fiona

Description: a mystical woman dressed in meager clothes. <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>


Job: I run the poor house.

Goodbye: Good luck!

Text information:

  • hous or poor: The problem has worsened with the taxation and Inquisition!
  • tax or inqu: If only Lord British could return." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>
  • grea or coun: <Goto Label 5>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou believe he may still live?
    • Default: Alas.
    • y: I give such rumors little hope.
  • <Label 1> I am Fiona. I run the Poor House." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Art thou in dire need of food?
    • Default: Good.
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> <Change - Item 65> Eat it slowly, we have but little." <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 5> What makes thee think that I know?
    • Default: I know not of what thou dost speak!
    • anno or rew or dawn or daug: Yes, I did once serve on the Great Council." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 6> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 6> Thou must be the Avatar of legends past!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 7>
  • <Label 7> What knowledge dost thou seek from me?
    • Default: Sorry, I know that not.
    • word or powe or cove: The Word of Power to open the dungeon of Covetous is <Rune> AVIDUS <Rune> !


Name: Rew

Description: a small, thin and tattered child.

Greeting: Hello, <AVATAR NAME> , nice to see thee.

Job: I sew sails.

Goodbye: Come talk to me again!

Text information:

  • sew or sail: It's very hard work.
  • hard: And, we work very long hours!
  • long or hour: Seven days a week!
  • seve or days or week: <Goto Label 0>
  • cah: I'm told it's a mantra, whatever that is." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 2>
  • moth: Her name is Fiona. She works at the poor house.
  • fion: My mom works at the poor house.
  • wish or well: I heard one person claim they got a horse!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Unfair, dost thou agree?
    • Default: Well, I do!
    • y: Me too..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> 'Tis with great sacrifice we sew, but we have a little chant we sing to pass the time. Like to hear it?
    • Default: Thou knowest not what thou art missing!
    • y: The raven sees <New Line> The raven saw <New Line> And in the corn <New Line> He sayeth 'Cah'!
  • <Label 2> Dost thou believe that wishes can come true?
    • Default: I do.
    • y: I've heard that some wells are wishing wells!


Name: Fenelon

Description: a sad and weakened soul.

Greeting: G'day <AVATAR NAME> , I hope ye've been well.

Job: I sew sails for Captain Blythe.

Goodbye: Tomorrow then.

Text information:

  • capt or blyt: He's the owner of The Crow's Nest! Between thee and I, he's a real nasty soul!
  • crow or nest: They do have fine sails, if nothing else!
  • sew or fine or sail: Made only from the finest muslin and a dash of spider silk!
  • musl or spid or silk: That's right!
  • nast or soul: He has myself, and Rew here, held in indentured servitude indefinitely!
  • ind or serv: Yes, tis a pity, especially for such a young child as Rew.
  • rew: She is a wonderful child.
  • wond or chil: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> Thou dost show kindness." <New Line> <New Line> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 1> <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 1> <Karma + 1> <Karma + 1> <Karma + 1> <Karma + 1> <Karma + 1> Dost thou usually pay the sacrifice tax?
    • Default: The guard is off at lunch and at night. Enter and leave then to avoid him!
  • <Label 2> Indeed." <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>

Lady Sahra[edit]

Name: Lady Sahra

Description: a strong woman of firm resolve.


Job: I help with the sick and injured.

Goodbye: May thy journeys be free of strife!

Text information:

  • sick: The plagues, once thought gone, have returned!
  • retu or plag: It is carried by rats and other rodents.
  • rat or rode: They are nasty, unclean creatures.
  • inju: Many come to convalesce from injuries sustained in factional skirmishes!
  • fact or skir: They have lessened dramatically since martial law was imposed!
  • mart or law or impo: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Blackthorn has done a good job given the circumstances. Dost thou not agree?
    • Default: Well, I do. Poor man, he's badly misunderstood.
    • y: If people would just let him, he'd straighten out a lot of this mess!


Name: Delwyn

Description: a poor and destitute beggar. <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <Goto Label 3>


Job: <Goto Label 3>

Goodbye: See thee again soon, gov'na!

Text information:

  • beg: <Goto Label 3>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Greetings, <AVATAR NAME> , surely thou canst spare a few gold crowns for a friend in need?
    • Default: But, <AVATAR NAME> , how shall I eat...
    • y: <Gold - 003> Thank ye gov'na!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Oh, and by the way..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "I seen sump'n ye might wish to know since last we met..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Care to know it?
    • Default: O.K.
    • y: Well, I ben noticin' Shenstone the armourer's ben sneakin' 'bout town 'round noontime!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Surely, <AVATAR NAME> , that bit o'news is worth some gold to ye ain't it?
    • Default: Cheapskate!
    • y: <Gold - 003> Bless ye, thy kindness is only exceeded by thy virtue!
  • <Label 3> Pity, pity me, I'm but a poor and destitute beggar!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Surely thou canst spare a few gold crowns?
    • Default: Cheapskate!
    • y: <Gold - 003> Bless ye!" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 4> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 4> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 4> Thou shalt find me a worthy investment! Later, I shall prove it unto thee!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Woolfe" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Ask Name>

Description: a stout man in a shining suit of armour!

Greeting: Well met <AVATAR NAME> , and a g'day to thee!

Job: I'm the blacksmith here at The Paladin's Protectorate.

Goodbye: Farewell, my friend!

Text information:

  • pala or prot or blac: I forge fine weapons and stout armour!
  • forg: It's o'er there in the back!
  • weap: My favorites are the spiked helms, shields and morning stars!
  • favo or spik or helm or shie or morn or star: Indeed, they are!
  • armo: Plate mail, my friend." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Ey, doth shine so brightly too!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "'been make'n a suit for my young son.
  • son: He's been sick!
  • sick: My son Jimmy is a fine lad. He is staying at the healer's.
  • jim: They occasionally let him visit the lake. If thou dost see him, ask him about ships. He enjoys talking about them.
  • lake or heal: He's got this funny roommate that sleepwalks!
  • fun or room or slee: Yea, in the middle of the night, he walks the city walls!


Name: Sindar..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "...I think.

Description: an old wizard who appears to be sleepwalking!


Job: <PAUSE> Job?" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Nothing>

Goodbye: <PAUSE> Uh..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Bye." <New Line> <PAUSE> <END CONVERSATION>

Text information:

  • wake: <PAUSE> Wake?" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Nothing>
  • grea or coun or wiza: <PAUSE> Yes." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Nothing>
  • word or powe: <PAUSE> <Rune> INFAMA <Rune> !" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Nothing>
  • whic or dung: <PAUSE> Dungeon?" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> " <Rune> SHAME <Rune> !" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Nothing>


Name: Jimmy

Description: a pale young boy.

Greeting: Hello, <AVATAR NAME> , nice to see thee.

Job: I just like to sit by the lake and think.

Goodbye: <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 2> <Goto Label 3>

Text information:

  • lake or thin: It is very relaxing.
  • ship: <Goto Label 0>
  • hms or h.m. or cape: <Goto Label 1>
  • extr or powe: Twice the hull strength and twice the speed of any other vessel!
  • stre or hull: She bore a magical ship's wheel that did enchant her bow!
  • magi or whee or ench or bow: 'Twas lost during the Age of the Avatar!
  • spee: Rigging her sails a special way gave her this enchanted ability!
  • spec or rigg or ench: It was designed by Master Hawkins of the Oaken Oar.
  • mast or hawk or oak or oar: 'Tis rumoured that plans for her rigging still are kept by Hawkins himself at his shoppe!
  • shop or plan: 'Tis but only a rumour!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> I love ships! Ever 'eard of the H.M.S. Cape?
    • Default: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Many extraordinary powers had she!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 2> Come visit with me again soon!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 3> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 2>


Name: Gruman" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Ask Name>

Description: a stately knight.

Greeting: Well met <AVATAR NAME> ." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>

Job: I walk the walls of fair Trinsic!

Goodbye: Farewell, and may thy blade drink the blood of Honor's enemies!

Text information:

  • mant or hono: <Goto Label 2>
  • walk or trin: I am waiting here for a sign!
  • wait or sign: I know not what form it shall take, but when it comes I shall go in search of my lord!
  • lord: Lord British, of course!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Hath thy sword tasted blood since last we met?
    • Default: A pity!
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> For a just and honorable cause I trust?
    • Default: <Karma - 1> Villainous scum!
    • y: 'Tis always good to commit thy life to deeds of Honor!
  • <Label 2> Dost thou seek the Mantra for the Virtue of Honor?
    • Default: O.K.
    • y: <Test Karma: 50> <Goto Label 3> If only thou seemed honorable, I would tell it unto thee!
  • <Label 3> Then 'tis thine!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> " <Rune> SUMM <Rune> is the chant that thou dost seek!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>


Name: Jaana

Description: A fine young lass. <New Line> <New Line> "Hail, <AVATAR NAME> , my old friend, 'tis good to see thee again!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I have worked here for the Resistance since Blackthorn came to power.

Goodbye: Come for me soon, old friend!

Text information:

  • join: <Goto Label 3>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> So, tell me, hast thou returned to set things right?
    • Default: <Goto Label 0>
    • n: What! No! Leave my sight!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Good!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Hath thy journeys fared well so far?
    • Default: <Goto Label 2>
    • n: Too bad." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 2>
    • y: Glad to hear it." <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> I have been working here for the Resistance since Blackthorn came to power." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Is it time I joined thee on thy quest?
    • Default: Just let me know when.
    • y: I yearn for battle!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>


Name: Greymarch

Description: a sorely beaten fighter.


Job: I once sought adventure on the open range!

Goodbye: Good luck!

Text information:

  • froed: <Goto Label 0>
  • rang or adve: I've been sitting in this cell now for quite some time, with no word from my son.
  • son: I fear Froed was killed by the wicked guards that threw me in here!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> My son! Hast thou seen him?
    • Default: Then why taunt me?
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> And, he is well?
    • Default: No, no it can't be!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Where didst thou see him?
    • Default: Hmmm...
    • skar: Aha, he must have hidden in the woods!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Surely, thou wilt let me repay thee in some way?
    • Default: Hmmm....
    • y: I have nothing material, but I will tell ye what I know!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "When Lord British left for the Underworld he left behind his Sceptre." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I was told that the Sceptre had great powers against the forces of evil!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Seek out Sir Simon in a keep, perched on the high mountains of an isle west of Spiritwood.


Name: Froed

Description: a small, dirty, and tattered child. <New Line> <New Line> "Please, don't hurt me!" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> <Nothing>


Job: I am hiding!

Goodbye: Bye.

Text information:

  • hurt: Please, don't!
  • hid: From those nasty people!
  • nast or peop: They dragged off my father!
  • fath: His name is Greymarch. He spoke out against Blackthorn and they took him away." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 1>
  • spok or blac: Since he came to power, no one can speak their mind!
  • mo: She died when I was born.
  • grey: <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Oh, it is thee, <AVATAR NAME> . Thou didst give me a scare!" <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>
  • <Label 1> Hast thou ever heard of him?
    • Default: I hope he still lives.
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Hast thou seen any sign of him?
    • Default: I wonder where they have taken him.
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> Where?
    • Default: I've not seen him there!
    • jail or pris or yew: Then there is hope!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 4> Wouldst thou take him a message?
    • Default: O.K.
    • y: Tell him Froed is well and I'm sure he shall reward thee!


Name: Flain

Description: a dark and ominous wizard. <New Line> <New Line> <Goto Label 0>




Label information:

  • <Label 0> Why hast thou disturbed me, wretch?
    • Default: How dare thee enter my tower uninvited." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 8>
    • oppr: This had best be important, for if 'tis not..." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> " <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Who sent thee?
    • Default: I know not of what thou dost speak. " <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 8>
    • judg or dryd: <Goto Label 2>
  • <Label 2> Dost thou wish to join the Oppression?
    • Default: <Goto Label 8>
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
  • <Label 3> First, thou must prove thy allegiance! Tell me the name of a member of the Great Council, so we might dispatch the traitor!
    • Default: I do not believe thee!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 8>
    • hass: We know that one already!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 8>
    • mali or anno or goet or fele or fion or sind: <PAUSE> Ah, very good, just as we suspected. That one will soon perish!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Now, to further thy acceptance in our order, go see Elistaria on the northeastern most isle of Britannia. Say to her the password, 'Impera'." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>
  • <Label 8> Begone, fool, before I blast thee!" <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Kindor

Description: a weak and sickly bard.

Greeting: Hello..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> " <AVATAR NAME> .

Job: I..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "am here to convalesce.

Goodbye: Fare thee well!

Text information:

  • conv: To..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "let my wounds heal!
  • woun or heal: I was..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "struck by a Shadowlord's magical arrow!
  • shad or arro: I fear..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "that I shall die!
  • die: <PAUSE> Not knowing is the worst part, though.
  • shri: <PAUSE> Yes, I know the Mantra of Spirituality." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> If I give it unto thee, wilt thou use it to help rid us of the evil Shadowlords?
    • Default: Then I shall not give it unto thee!
    • y: Use it soon, for remember, Blackthorn too searches for the Mantra...." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "He will use the Mantra to destroy the shrines and remove their power from the world!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "The Mantra of Spirituality is <Rune> OM <Rune> ! Guard it well!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "I had not yet learned the location of the shrine, but I was on my way to see Lady Janell in the Lycaeum. She may know." <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Saul

Description: a ragged man.


Job: I am a visitor.

Goodbye: Good day.

Text information:

  • visi: Came to see an old friend!
  • frie: His name is Kindor. He was struck by a Shadowlord's bolt!
  • kind or shad or bolt: He resisted the Shadowlord's takeover of his towne!
  • take or resi: He fled after he was shot. I found him near death and brought him here." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 0>
  • mand or nigh: <Goto Label 2>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Wilt thou help us vanquish these daemons?
    • Default: Pity.
    • y: Kindor has some information regarding a shrine that might aid thee." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Visit him at the healer's near 6 P.M.
  • <Label 2> Wisheth thee to find them?
    • Default: O.K.
    • y: Legend tells of a spot in the Bloody Plains, forever damp from the blood of many battles." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Mandrake root can be found there or in the Fens of the Dead." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Deadly nightshade can only be found in the most thickly forested spot of Spiritwood." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "Both may only be collected in the darkness of midnight!


Name: Tomoka

Description: a weary but contented villager.


Job: I work in the communal fields.

Goodbye: Goodbye, and good journey!

Text information:

  • comm or fiel: Each of us profits from the labours of the group!
  • prof or grou or labo: We are all dependent upon each other, more than ever now that Blackthorn takes so much of our harvest!
  • blac or harv: He says he means to improve our lives, but he does little to keep his promise.
  • impr or live or litt or prom: Lord British would not have approved.
  • brit or appr: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Dost thou believe he may one day return?
    • Default: Neither do I.
    • y: Kind words, stranger.


Name: Shirita

Description: a kindly old woman.


Job: I tend the graves of the former inhabitants of Magincia, poor souls!

Goodbye: 'Til then.

Text information:

  • magi or soul or form or inha: Long ago, Magincia was destroyed for its sins of pride and arrogance.
  • sins or prid or arro: Magincia was once a thriving merchant community, the envy of all Britannia!
  • envy or brit: Sadly, they were not at all humble. Daemons sprang from the earth, engulfing Magincia in flames!
  • daem or demo or flam: The souls of the inhabitants lived on as undead creatures to warn others from the twisted path of Pride!" <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> After years of torment, they have finally been laid to rest." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Pride is difficult to avoid. Dost thou strive to walk a humble path?
    • Default: Then daemons shall surely engulf thee too!
    • y: Good. There is a wise old man in this towne, who lives the life of a recluse. He has much wisdom on the virtue of Humility.


Name: Yasuda" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <Ask Name>

Description: a noble farmer.

Greeting: Welcome, <AVATAR NAME> , how can I help thee?

Job: I am a farmer.

Goodbye: Farewell, and may the sun shine brightly upon thy future!

Text information:

  • farm: We have worked very hard here to rebuild Magincia.
  • rebu or magi: It has been a very long and laborious task, but we are near completion.
  • comp: We would be through now if 'twer not for the black devils who come and take fully half our yield!
  • shad or blac or devi: The Shadowlords are Blackthorn's enforcers of his self-righteous regime!
  • yiel: 'Tis not much, I assure thee!


Name: Tetsuo" <New Line> <New Line> <If/Else Knows Name> <Nothing> <PAUSE> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <New Line> <Nothing>

Description: a bright and cheerful young man.

Greeting: A fine day to thee, <AVATAR NAME> .

Job: I work hard and reflect upon the greater meaning.

Goodbye: May thou spend thy days walking the path of virtue!

Text information:

  • refl or grea or mean: <Goto Label 0>
  • misg: The foundations of virtue are of good intent, but one must choose the path of virtue freely!
  • virt or path: When deeds of a normally virtuous nature are forced upon thee, they lose that virtue." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "One must truly want to do good for others, rather than be forced to do so!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Art thou a servant of Blackthorn?
    • Default: The Eight Laws are a good guide...
    • n: I feel the Eight Laws are misguiding!


Name: Fumiko

Description: a stout hearted young woman.

Greeting: Hello, <AVATAR NAME> , I trust thou hast been well.

Job: I share the workload in the community fields.

Goodbye: Fare well. <If/Else Knows Name> <Goto Label 0> " <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Oh, by the way..." <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Ask Name> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>

Text information:

  • comm or fiel: We work long days, but 'tis a choice we make freely!
  • choi or free: Devoid of freedom, what would virtue be...
  • virt: None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free!
  • hope or ensl or fals or beli: Those who mindlessly follow the will and tyranny of Blackthorn! Yet still, many believe themselves free!

Label information:

  • <Label 0> " <New Line> <END CONVERSATION>


Name: Kaiko

Description: a timid, reserved woman.


Job: I work to grow the crops for our towne.

Goodbye: May thou find what thou dost seek!

Text information:

  • town: New Magincia!
  • crop: Without our work, many would starve, yet we seek no more than our humble earnings, unlike the new King!
  • king: Blackthorn, the usurper!
  • usur or blac: He takes half our harvest, and imprisons those with the knowledge of the ancients!
  • anci or impr or know: One of our people was of the Council, and was jailed by the King even though he never lifted a finger against the throne!
  • coun or lead or thro or jail: Hassad came to us from Skara Brae, fleeing Blackthorn's search." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "A long time he lived among us, for Magincia was near forgotten." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "But, the Shadowlords found him. Now he lies chained in Blackthorn's dark dungeon." <New Line> <New Line> <Key wait> "He is to be an example to those who refuse to yield their knowledge for his evil use!


Name: Katrina

Description: Katrina, an old friend. <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 0>


Job: I am waiting here until I can resume the battle!

Goodbye: Farewell my old friend, return for me when thou canst!

Text information:

  • wait or batt: The battle of Virtue!
  • virt: 'Tis thee, <AVATAR NAME> , that knows the virtues better than all others!
  • join: <Goto Label 1>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> <AVATAR NAME> , thou hast returned!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "I'd heard rumors of thy arrival!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "I see they were true!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> "Is it time we resumed the battle?
    • Default: Alas, I yearn for battle!
    • y: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Am I to join thee now?
    • Default: I see, soon I hope!
    • y: Let us be off!" <New Line> <New Line> <Join Party>


Name: Wartow

Description: a wise old man.


Job: I stay here to live out my life!

Goodbye: Farewell, and stay on the Path!

Text information:

  • life: I have lived many years.
  • year: Too many to count!
  • humi or wis: <Goto Label 0>

Label information:

  • <Label 0> Who dost thou serve?
    • Default: I see.
    • brit: <Goto Label 1>
  • <Label 1> Dost thou hate the evil tyrant Blackthorn?
    • Default: <Goto Label 1>
    • y: <Goto Label 2>
    • n: Thou art wiser than I thought!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> <Goto Label 5>
  • <Label 2> Doth the evil and hatred within him make thee better than he?
    • Default: <Goto Label 2>
    • y: <Goto Label 3>
    • n: <Goto Label 4>
  • <Label 3> Art thou proud of this fact?
    • Default: Then there may be hope for thee yet.
    • y: <Karma - 1> Thou art not truly an Avatar!
  • <Label 4> Then how dost thou judge him? Dost thou know all there is to know about him?
    • Default: Then perhaps thou shouldst reserve judgement!
    • y: <Karma - 1> Doubtful, at best!
  • <Label 5> Dost thou need the Mantra of Humility?
    • Default: Thou must be doing well!
    • y: Then it is thine!" <New Line> <New Line> <PAUSE> " <Rune> LUM <Rune> is the chant which thou dost seek!

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