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The following is a complete transcript of Ultima VII for the SNES.




Greeting: Greetings Avatar!
I am Batlin, humble leader of the Fellowship.

Fellowship: I was inspired to start the Fellowship 20 years ago in Paws. Several years later, I moved the main branch here.
since then, our membership has swelled.

'Voices: You have heard the 'voices!' This proves you will be an excellent Fellowship member.

Membership: Yes. Would you like to join our humble group? We would be most honored.

  • Yes: Wonderful. We are pleased you have accepted our invitation. You are now a provisional member. However, you will need to do something to prove your worthiness for full membership.
  • No: I hope you change your mind, Avatar. Thank you for asking.

Something: Please take this package to Elynor, the Fellowship leader in Minoc.
When you accomplish this, return to me.

Package Delivered: I understand the package made it to Minoc okay. That is wonderful. I have another task for you.
You will need to go to Dungeon Destard.

Dungeon Destard: There is a chest left there by a Fellowship brother a few days ago for safekeeping. Destard is west of Paws. Bring the contents of the chest back to me. When you return, I will reward you with membership.

(if package was opened) I understand that when you brought the package to Elynot it was open. This concerns me greatly. I have a test for you, a test of trust. You will need to go to Dungeon Destard.

Attacked: You were attacked? That is unfortunate. I am sorry that happened. at least you are all right. as for the contents of the chest, don't worry. Here, take this medallion.

Medallion: This will let others identify you as a member.

Eliza and Abraham: They have gone to Minoc.


Greeting: Greetin's matey, me name's Clint.
I be the shipwright.

Shipwright: At's right, I been selling boats and workin' at these docks for near 40 years. It's me life.

Boats: I have one boat left, a magic boat. I could sell it to ye for 3000 gold.
Would you like to buy it?

  • Yes:
  • No: Well, thanks for coming in, Avatar

Fellowship: Ahh... I don't trust the likes o' those people much. They be mighty strange.


Greeting: Welcome to the Royal Orchards. I am Figg

Orchards: These are the Royal Orchards. We grow the best fruit in all of Britannia.

Fellowship: I am a member of the Fellowship.

(if not possessing medallion) If you should care to join. You should talk to Batlin at the Shelter.

(if possessing medallion) I see by your medallion that you are a member, too.

Batlin: He's the leader of the Fellowship.

Weston: He was caught red-handed stealing fruit. He deserves what he gets!


Greeting: I am the warden, Flick. I welcome thee to the royal Prison.

Prison: This is the Royal Prison of Britannia. Heinous criminals from all Britannia are sent here.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is none of my concern. I deal with criminals here.

Weston's Tale: Okay, since you ARE the Avatar, I'll talk to Lord British about it.

(later) I'm waiting on word for Lord British, he'll take care of it.


Greeting: Hello. I'm Lucy. Welcome to my tavern, the Blue Boar.

You should speak to Shamino. He had mentioned you before. I'm sure he'd like that.

Shamino: He's a nice guy. It's good to know that he's around, you know. To help in case of trouble.

Fellowship: They seem like good people. Don't talk much through. They seem almost anti-social, except with other Fellowship members. That's okay. It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round.


Greeting: Welcome to Britain. I am the mayor, Patterson.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is wonderful! The things it has done for us are innumerable!

Innumerable: Yes, they help with education in the schools, and they work in our shelters. Britannia is blessed because of the Fellowship.
Batlin has ushered in a New Prosperity.

Batlin: Batlin has suggested new trade agreements that have helped our trade throughout the world. I can't say enough about what they have done for us.


Greeting: Greetins, Avatar! I, Shamino, have not seen thee for an age!

Iolo says 'Hello': Oh, yes. He's been in Trinsic for quite a while. I wonder how Dupre is?

Dupre: He is down in Jhelom. If thou dost head that way, please check on him.

Fellowship: There is something about them I don't like, but I can't put my finger on it. Especially that Batlin fellow. He deserves a closer look. Dost thou know about their connection to Buccaneer's den?

Batlin: He is the founder and leader of the Fellowship. About 20 years ago, he started it in Paws. He later moved the headquarters to Britain.

Buccaneer's Den: The fellowship owns the Hall of games there. it must be quite lucrative, but I don't understand what they want with it.


Greeting: I am Sean, the master jeweler.

Jewelry: I make lots of jewelry. I don't remember anything specific.
Maybe if you brought an example, I could identify my work

Fellowship: Yes, I know the Fellowship. They are an odd group. Very secretive.


Greeting: I, Weston, have been unjustly imprisoned!

Imprisoned? They say that I stole apples from the orchard. But they don't care that my family is starving.

Starving: Yes, they have no food. It has been hard finding work, and we have little money. I did offer to pay Figg the caretaker, but he wanted too much money. I grabbed the fruit and ran. I believe I was justified.

Justified: Did you know that the Royal Orchard supplies fruit to the Fellowship shelter for free? It is not right! Will you help me?!

  • Yes: Oh, thank you, Avatar! I know you can sort this out.
  • No: I guess I'll have to wait until my case comes up. No thanks to you.

Told Flick: Thank you Avatar! I know this will get sorted out soon.

Buccaneer's Den[edit]


Greeting: Welcome to Buccaneer's Den Fellowship Branch. I am Danag

I am the Avatar: Oh, sure. You are the Avatar. I believe you. Don't worry.

Fellowship Branch: We just opened the branch last year. It is quite popular. I close at night, as I spend my evenings at the House of Games.

House of Games: it is a gaming hall here in Buccaneer's Den. Lots of people go.

Go: Would you like to purchase a key to let you into the gaming rooms? It is 100 gold.

  • Yes: Here's your key. Use it to enter the steel door inside the House of Games.
  • No: That's okay. Come back if you change your mind.

Eliza and Abraham: To my knowledge, they are still here. If you are looking for them, try the House of Games.

Hook: (if possessing Cube) He is here. He has a hideout under the House of Games.


Greeting: I am Hofa. Thou art not allowed here. Go away or I'll deal with thee.

Hook: I don't know what you're talking about.

(if possessing cube) Oh, you must mean Hook, the pirate! Okay, okay! Ease up! I'll give you his key!

Key: Here is the key. Thou mayest pass.

Britannia Manor[edit]


Greeting: I am the Court... Fool! I could give thee a clue if I wish, But for now, my job is to play The Game.

The Game: Dost thou know how to play The Game?

  • The rules?: Just play The Game!!
  • Sure: Prove it. Talk to me
    • Talk about what?: Thou did just break the rule of The Game! Thou had best learn it!
    • Speak of what?: One last chance... who am I
      • Chuckles: Thou did just break the rule of The Game! Thou had best learn it!
      • Court Jester: Thou did just break the rule of The Game! Thou had best learn it!
      • Chuck: Since you seem to know The Game, my clue is in this scroll! Do not forg... I mean, do not lose how to play The Game.
  • Surely: Thou did just break the rule of The Game! Thou had best learn it!

Scroll: The scroll says "how to keep the Avatar busy looking for a clue -- See other side." Do you turn it over?

  • Yes: On the other side of the scroll, it says "How to keep the Avatar busy looking for a clue -- See other side." Do you put it down?
    • Yes: Do you think you should give up with such haste?
    • No: The scroll says "You will need to join the Fellowship to discover its true purpose."
  • No: Do you think you should give up with such haste?


Greeting: To welcome thee to Britain, Avatar! To be known as Inwisloklem. To be now on the Grand Council.

Fellowship: To be dedicated to promoting good will. We have met Batlin, and thinking of joining the group.

Batlin: To have started the Fellowship twenty years ago. To have also helped pass the anti-dumping law.

Law: To be a law banning the pollution of lock Lake.
To take this law scroll to Lord Heather in Cove?

  • Yes: To hope this will stop the dumping in Lock Lake.
  • No: To hope another traveler will take it.

(After passing law) To be glad to know you took the law to Lord Heather.

Lord British[edit]

Greeting: Welcome, Avatar! My scouts were correct in announcing your arrival.
I, Lord British, and all of Britannia have long awaited your return.

Heal: Your wounds are healed, Avatar!

Kidnappings: I had not heard of this until this very morning. I want you to investigate these kidnappings, Avatar! I know you will solve this mystery.
I have something to aid you on your quest.

Something: Use this spellbook well, Avatar.
If you run into trouble, return to me and I will heal your wounds.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is a wonderful thing. 'Twas created by Batlin 20 years ago. It has done great things for Britannia. I am very proud of Batlin for all he has done.

Batlin: I'm not sure from whence he came, but his arrival has been a blessing. You should go speak with him. He is probably at the local Fellowship Hall. It is southwest of the castle gates.

Britannia: It has been a long time since you were in Britannia, Avatar. The gargoyles are part of our society, and now there's a problem with magic.

Problem: Yes, magic doesn't always work like it used to. All of Britannia would rejoice if you could discover why. Oh yes, the Moongates.

Moongates: Yes, they no longer appear to function. Rudyom, the mage in Cove, was trying to make blackrock into an artificial gate before he went senile. No word has come since. Lord Heather may know where he is.

Lord Heather: Lord Heather is in cove, due East from Britain.


Greeting: Welcome to the Council Chambers. I am Miranda.

Council: We help the people of Britain work out their problems. Lately, the Fellowship has been very active in this area.

Fellowship: Batlin, their leader, has helped pass a law to ban dumping in Lock Lake.

Law: Inwisloklem, the Grand Councilor, has a law that would ban the dumping of dangerous garbage in Lock Lake. If thou art heading toward Cove, we would appreciate it if thou could take it.

(If possessing scroll) Please take the scroll to Lord Heather in Cove.

(After passing law) Thank you for taking the school to Cove.

Batlin: He's the leader of the Fellowship, and a very nice man. We are happy to have him on our side.

Sherry the Mouse[edit]

Greeting: Hello. I'm Sherry the mouse. Welcome to Britannia Manor.

Squeek: Squeek!

Fellowship: Fellowship? What's that? Ask Shamino, he'll know. He knows everything. I think he's here in Britain.

Manor: Isn't this a nice house? it was built years ago, and we've lived here every since.


Greeting: To great thee, Avatar. To be known as Wislem. To have heard of the crime in Trinsic.

Crime: To known that Inamo's parent lives on Terfin.

Terfin: To tell you that the gargoyles have settled on the island of Terfin.
To go and check on them, you should. To them news of Inamo you could break?

  • Yes: To check with Draxinusom first. To hope that he knows Inamo's parent gargoyle is. To count on you I will.
  • No: To bear bad news, dislike I do.



Greeting: What a fine day it is! My name is Barclay. I work with Mukow.
Hast thou heard about the water?

Water: The water doesn't taste good. Maybe they should stop dumping waste in the lake!

(after passing law) I am so glad you brought that law, avatar! Now we can clean it up for good.

Clean it up: Isn't it great? We've already got volunteers to help!!

Lord Heather[edit]

Greeting: Welcome to Cove, Avatar! I am Lord Heather.
Have you seen the lake?

(if carrying scroll) I see you brought the law from Britain to stop the pollution of the lake!

Cove: The town of Cove is a wonderful place. Please look around and see the sights. You should go see Rudyom.

Lake: a law was written to ban dumping in Lock lake. I don't suppose you brought it from Britain? No? Well, maybe the next traveler to come will bring it.

(after passing law) With this new law, we may yet stop the pollution.

Law?: Yes, without the scroll, I cannot stop the dumping of waste into Lock Lake. If you have time, maybe you could return to Britain and get the scroll. Miranda and Inwisloklem can give it to you.

Rudyom: Rudyom, the mage, can be found in his house, just north of here. He may be of help to you.

Give Law: Wonderful! Now we can stop the pollution of Lock Lake.


Greeting: I am Mukow, a laborer. I make boots.

Boots: I've heard about some scale boots that will allow you to walk over lava, but I've never seen any.


Greeting: I welcome thee to the Compassion Inn! I am Pamela, the owner. Hast thou seen the pollution in Lock Lake?

Pollution: It is polluted. The town has been dumping garbage in the lake for years now. I hope something gets done soon. Maybe the Fellowship should get involved.

(after passing law) Thanks to your help, Avatar the lake will get cleaned up!

Fellowship: The Fellowship is a wonderful group. They help people. I am not a member, but I like what they do for the town.


Greeting: Greetings! I am Rudyom. Or are thee...?
I have been testing blackrock for so long... Or did I just start?

Blackrock: Oh yeas, I can tell thee all about that, I think.... I have been testing blackrock, and I have found that it has unusual properties. I'm sure I wrote them down, somewhere.

Somewhere: Yes. I have a book about it somewhere, I think, and I remember making a wand that could affect it.

Wand: Yes, I made a wand to do something with it. It didn't work for me. When I tried to use it, it blew the blackrock up! So, I hid it in a cave.

(after retrieving wand) The one you are holding, Avatar!

Cave: Yes. I know it was a cave around here, but its name was.... Stamp Cave! No, it was Smart Cave! No... Well it was something like that. I just remember that I was really muddy, when I returned. I'm sure you'll find it, Avatar.

Fellowship: Sure, I know all about them. They are the... uh... the... uhh....
What was the question?


Greeting: Hey, you're the Avatar!
Hi, I'm William. Did you see the lake?

Lake?: I cannot drink the water from the lake. It isn't fit for man or beast!

(after passing law) Since you brought the law, maybe I can drink the water again.

Man or beast?: Yes, perhaps Lord British or Lord heather will pass a law about pollution.


Greeting: I am Zinaida. Welcome to my tavern, the Emerald.
Hast thou tasted the water recently?

Water: The garbage in the lake is really taking its toll. I hope something can be done about it.

(after passing law) We'll be able to drink from the lake soon.
Thank you for getting involved, Avatar.

Fellowship Island[edit]


Greeting: Greetings, and welcome to the Fellowship Meditation Camp. I am Crispin.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is wonderful! It is made up of people who dedicate themselves to the betterment of others. Where would Britannia be without us? Why, two of our members just left for Buccaneer's Den.

Members?: Yes, Eliza and Abraham. If you need to talk to them. Your best bet is finding them there.


De Snel[edit]

Greeting: Hello, I am Master De Snel. Welcome to Jhelom. You must be the Avatar!

Jhelom: Jhelom is a nice place where everyone gets along well with everyone else, except for Sprellic.

Sprellic: Sprellic is believed to be an ancient fighting master, posing as an innkeeper. I had even heard that he was the Avatar, but I didn't believe that, especially now that thou art here.

(after delivering new banner) Since you brought the banner back, things will return to normal

Master: Since Sprellic took the Banner from the Library of Scars, many local fighters have challenged him to a duel to win it back. If Sprellic wins, he will win as a Master Fighter, open another school, and take all my students with him.

Library: The Library of Scars is a fighting school here in Jhelom.

Banner: We are waiting for Sprellic to return the Banner of Courage.

(if giving him the new banner) I see you brought me a NEW banner to replace the old one. Good. This should solve the problem,. For now...

Fellowship: I belong to the Fellowship, and believe in its power as well as its ways. There are people in Jhelom that look down on the Fellowship, but that is due to their ignorance.


Greeting: Greetings, Avatar! It's me, Dupre! It is good to see you again!

Activities: Well, I now live in semi-retirement, but still undertake very important adventures. For instance, right now I am conducting a study of all the inns in Britannia. When I'm through, I'll tell who wins best choice award!

Fellowship: I have only heard a little about it from the governor, Gilmore.

Gilmore: Gilmore is the governor of Jhelom. He'll be able to tell you what's been going on here lately. These days, there's a big fuss about that fellow Sprellic.

Sprellic: He's the owner of the inn. Ask the governor about him.


Greeting: Welcome to Jhelom, avatar. I am Gilmore, the governor of Jhelom.

Jhelom: I'm sure you've met some of the folks, and know what type of people live here.
Despite their rough ways, they are good folk.

Rough: Most of the people here are apt to pick a fight over the most trivial things.

Fellowship: There aren't too many members here, Avatar


Greeting: I am Jenn, the greatest fighter in Jhelom!

Fighter: Since Sprellic stole the banner, I felt it was only right to honor my school and master by challenging Sprellic. That way, I can win back the honor that was damaged, as well as the banner.

(after delivering new banner) Thanks to you, I wont have to prove it against Sprellic.

Sprellic: Sprellic is but a simple innkeeper, trying to het to the top. Unfortunately for him, he won't get past me! And to think he's been accused of being the Avatar! Hah!

Banner: Avatar... It is possible that Sprellic could be saved if we only had a replacement banner. Maybe Kliftin could make one. You did not hear it from me.

Kliftin: He sometimes helps me with my sewing. he is a great craftsman,


Greeting: Welcome to Jhelom. I am Kliftoin. I used to be a fighter. A long time ago.

Jhelom: Jhelom is a beautiful place.
Although we have had problems with Sprellic lately.

Sprellic: There is a lot of unrest these day because of him. I know he took the banner, but he's in no shape to fight. I'd help him if I could, but I couldn't fight my own shadow.

(after delivering new banner) Hopefully the new banner will fix things!

Help: You know, if you could find some cloth, I could probably turn it into a new banner for Sprellic.

Long Time: Long ago, I stitched wounds in my fighting unit. Since then, sewing has become a hobby of mine.
There is nothing wrong with that!

Give Cloth: Making this into a new banner may take a while. come back later.

(if not possessing cloth) Hurry, Avatar, if you want to help Sprellic.

Banner: Okay, I have finished the banner.

Take Banner: This will prevent me from having to stitch up more woulds around here! Take it to Sprellic. Hopefully it will get him out of this mess.


Greeting: I am Ophelia, waitress at the Bunk and Stool.

Bunk and Stool: I have worked here since i was six years old. Sprellic, the owner, is a good man. He didn't do anything wrong.

(after delivering new banner) That's why I knew you would help him! Thank you Avatar!

Wrong? He'd never do anything to upset these fighters. Bad for business, you know.

Sprellic: Ever since Sprellic was challenged to a duel by the three students from the Library of Scars, he has been busy preparing himself.

Duel: They say he stole their stupid flag, or something like that.

Preparing: Sprellic is getting ready for the duel, but I think he needs help.

Help: Yes, Avatar. He is going to get himself hurt! You have got to stop him!


Greeting: I am Sprellic, owner of the Bunk and Stool.

Avatar! You have to help me! I cannot fight in the duel.

Duel: Yes Avatar, I am afraid that I will have to fight in a duel that isn't even my fault.

Fault?: It was that stranger. If only I had not met him.

Stranger: It's a long story.
A stranger had come into the inn, and booked all the rooms so he could try each and decide which he liked best.

All?: Yes! And in addition to that, he ordered every item on my menu, just so he wouldn't have to ask for anything else.
By then it was bedtime.

Bedtime: After he went to bed, he complained that he was too cold. so one by one, I brought him every blanket in the inn.
Yet he was still cold.

Still cold: There weren't any more blankets, so I went outside. The only thing I could sort of find was some sort tapestry hanging on the wall. When I gave it to him, he finally went to sleep. The next morning, he was gone!

Tapestry: I am afraid that this was the banner from the Library of Scars! And now I am in all this trouble!!

Gone: When he left, he took all the blankets AND the tapestry! It turns out that someone had seen me take it, and now I'm doomed. Will you help me, Avatar?

  • Yes: I knew you would!
  • No: Oh, woe is me!

New banner: How ingenious! Please deliver it to De Snel as soon as possible.

Resolved: Avatar, you have saved my life!
I have something that you may have use for.

Something: I hope this will help you, Avatar.


Greeting: I am Timmons, the greatest fighter of Jhelom! Welcome, Avatar!

Fighter: I am to fight Sprellic. He took the banner, and I shall win it back! Unless, of course, you'd rather fight me...

(after delivering new banner) I suppose the duel is off. For now...

Sprellic: Sprellic had everyone convinced he was the Avatar, but I know that is untrue. He won't be difficult to beat, either.

Fellowship: I try not to have an opinion about those lunatics. If you want to know something about them, go ask De Snel.


Greeting: I am Vokes, master fighter of Jhelom

Fighter: I am to defeat Sprellic in a duel. Once I have done so, I will hand the Banner where it belongs, in the Library of Scars.

(after delivering new banner) Yes, I am the best fighter in Jhelom.

Duel: That reminds me. If you see Kliftin, tell him he'll be needed there. He's had plenty of practice stitching up all sorts of things.

Banner: That Sprellic stole our banner of Courage from the library of Scars, and I intend to get it back.

Fellowship: I don't care to know much about them.



Greeting: Welcome! I am Burnside, the illustrious mayor of Minoc.

Minoc: I tell you what, Avatar, this is a fine little town, and we have got some fine people here. As a matter of fact, one of our fine people is having a monument made, and we plan to put it in the center of town. These fine folk here couldn't be more pleased.

(After Owen's statue is canceled) Minoc is a fine little town, except for that rotten Owen.

Monument: Actually, it's a fine statue for Owen, our fine local shipwright. I am not sure when it will be completed, but our fine town will turn out a fine parade and ceremony to unveil it.

Fellowship: Well, I just happen to be a member of the Fellowship myself. I've always thought that the Fellowship, well, you know, was really a bunch of fools. But you didn't here that from me, did you?

Owen: That lousy shipwright has ruined all my chances for getting any attention for Minoc.
Well at least there won't be any more fighting over that statue.

Owen's Plans: Oh, I see you have Owen's plans. What is so bad about these?

(After Julia marks the plans) Oh, my! I see that Julia has found the flaws in these plans! This is atrocious! I had heard about Owen's ships, but I figured it to be jealous lies. I shall put a stop to Owen's ship building!

Stop: I simply cannot afford to be the mayor of Minoc and allow this to happen! We can say goodbye to Owen's ceremony, his statue and any chance I would have at getting to know Lord British. Oh, well. I'll give you some information to help you.

Information: Inside the Dungeon of Unknown Fears, just south of the entrance, there is a hidden door which accesses a secret dungeon. it is said that it leads to many other dungeons.

Cameron (SNES)[edit]

Greeting: Greetings, Avatar. I am Cameron.

Statue: I'm mad about that. I can't believe he would be so pious as to not let us work on it, as if we're not good enough or something.

Fellowship: I don't know much about them, but something is wrong. I mean, the gypsies are usually nice folk, but they don't like the Fellowship being active here in Minoc. They are rabid when it comes to the Fellowship.

Gypsies: Here's a story for you. A gypsy kid, Enrico, stayed with us one night because he was afraid of his father.

Father: His father's name is Frederico.
He was pretty mean to Enrico because he didn't want his son to join the Fellowship. He was so angry with his son that he took Enrico's pony away. That broke Enrico's heart.


Greeting: I finally get to meet the Avatar. I am Elynor, the leader of the Fellowship in Minoc.
You just missed Eliza and Abraham. They were heading for Paws

Minoc: Well, let's just say that things here haven't been too, uh, well, normal lately. There have been oh, just a few kidnappings, to say the least

Kidnappings: Well, there were a few silly gypsies taken from their hovels, but they deserved it. acting all high and might! They hate the Fellowship.

Gypsies: Oh, that Frederico and Tania acted like everyone within the Fellowship had the plague or something, but what business is that of yours?!

Fellowship: The Fellowship Branch here in Minoc has brought only good things to the people of this wonderful place.

(After delivering package) You should be glad that we let you join.

Wonderful Place: Yes, we have a lot of Fellowship members here.

Package: Batlin said you were bringing a package for me. Do you have it?

  • Yes: Okay, give it to me.
  • No: What happened to it? I suggest you find it and bring it here.

Give package: Thank you. You've done well, and I assure you that there will be many 'rewards' in your future. You should return to Batlin now.

(if opened) You have opened my package! Very well, I suppose I thank you for bringing it, but I will not pay you for it. You realize what a big mistake you've made, don't you? Batlin will hear of this.

Batlin: When you return to Britain, Batlin will indoctrinate you into the Fellowship.

Rewards: Let's just say you've proven yourself, and you can be trusted by us. You've got some good friends in Minoc now.

Mistake: You've made a big mistake coming here you have, maybe you'd be better off living with those gypsies.


Greeting: Hello, I am Enrico.

Fellowship: I was gone for a week, to join the fellowship. They asked me to do things for them, and I did them. I came back. Now I need help from the Fellowship because of what happened to my parents.

Parents: I am very upset. My mother and father, Frederico and Tania, were kidnapped! I don't know what I should do. When I left camp, they got mad at me and the Fellowship.

Kidnapped: My parents were at the sawmill. People say they have been kidnapped. I do not know why.


Greeting: Welcome to Minoc. I'm Etoile. Why don'tcha ask me about the Fellowship?

Fellowship: I don't even really know much about them and I don't care to. Why don'tcha ask me about those kidnappings?

Kidnappings: I knew you would ask me! It's a terrible thing to happen! To take those gypsies from the sawmill like that! I don't know who did it, or why. Why don'tcha ask me about that statue?

Statue: Yuck, that statue is going to be awful! That Owen doesn't know what he looks like anymore, and to make a statue of him is a bad idea. Why don'tcha ask somebody else a bunch of questions?


Greeting: Velcome, avatar. I am Felipa, the fortune teller.

Future: I can tell your fortune and forsee your future! Come back ven you haff more time.

(later) It vill cost you 100 gold to have me read your future. Is this acceptable?

  • Yes: I know vy you are here, and it is not to haff your fortune told, but rather to learn the Truth. Very vell, if you seek Truth, ask it ov me.
  • No: I am sure you vill come back. Goodbye.

Truth: I know that you question the identity ov your true adversary, and I sense that he is no the one you presently seek. I see a hook, perhaps a man vith a hook.

Hook: You believe that your true adversary is a man vith a hook. Know that he is not the one, but vould be ever valuable to you should you find him. Seek him out, perhaps he can help vith your questions... Ah the Fellowship!

Fellowship: You have been thinking often ov the Fellowship, no?
I haff to tell you that in order to uncover the darkness that dvells vithin them, you must join them.

Join Them?: Only by becoming one ov them can you earn their trust and thereby create their downfall. There is truly something evil that exists vithin. Root it out, you must.

Evil: As is the evil that exists vithin the Fellowship, so is the evil you feel vithin all ov Britannia. You must find the Time Lord and tell him ov vat you know. The Visps vill know vere to find him.

Visps: You VILL not mock my accent!

Wisps: To find the Visps, you must go to the Emps in the forest.

Emps: To find the Emps, you must go to the monks ov Empath Abbey, in Yew.
Ah, my magic vanes...

Magic: Yes, my magic vanes as does the ether. I know it is because ov the evil in Britannia. That is all I can tell you for now, for I must rest. I bid thee farewell, Avatar.


Greeting: Hello there, Avatar. I am Gregor, head of the Britannian Mining Company in Minoc.

BMC: We feel that it is important to properly remove usable ore without drawing too much attention to our actions. Creating a huge ecological mess, for instance. Right now, we're mining a small vein of blackrock.

Blackrock: Oh, just enough to make a statue. Sadly, we haven't found any mass quantities of blackrock, yet.

Statue: Owen and I have an understanding that we will use what little blackrock we manage to mine for his statue. When Owen decides what he wants his statue to look like, we can get that blackrock out of the way.

Fellowship: Let me tell you something. The Fellowship is the best thing that ever happened to Minoc. It has turned around my life and ensured the success of the BMC.


Greeting: Hello, Avatar! I'm Julia, the tinker.

Tinker: I fix all kinds of things, here in Minoc
And, Avatar, I know all about Owen and his ships.

Owen: That Owen can't build a ship that floats! See, Owen believes that he's the best shipwright around, but his ships don't even float because his own plans are useless!

(After Owen's statue is canceled) I heard that the mayor is stopping him! Thank you Avatar!

Useless?: A friend of mine was on one of his fancy boats. They never came back. His brother Karl used to live here, but he left.

Karl: He left Minoc after Owen started building his boats. Now he lives south of Minoc, in the mountains. I haven't spoken to him in a while. Perhaps you could go check on him.

Fellowship: I don't know much about the Fellowship, but I heard some pretty funny things about them. I wouldn't trust them if I were you!

Owen's Plans: May I look at those plans? I bet I can find the flaw in them.

  • Yes: Oh, my! You must take these plans to the mayor! I have marked their flaws. The mayor will put a stop to Owen's ship building.
  • No: Oh, well. Owen will just continue to build ships that sink.


Greeting: Hello, Avatar. I am Karl, a mere mountain man. What brings ye t' me mountain?

Mountain Man: I live here in the mountains because I can't stand t' live with 'em. Them down there, in that town of theirs. Especially that Owen!

Owen: He destroyed my brother, he did! He built his precious ships that couldn't float, and me poor brother was on one of 'em. I tell ye, he'll not build another one like it, either. I made sure o' it. Would ye like t' come see?

  • Yes: Just stay here, I'll give ye the plans that I took from that Owen.
  • No: Oh, well, I should of known ye'd be like one of 'em. Now willing t' help out a poor fellow in need.

Ship Plans: These are plans I took from owen, t' prove that his ships are no good. But, the mayor won't listen t' me. He would listen t' the Avatar! If ye took these plans t' him, he'd stop Owen and his ships and that statue of his.

Statue: Yeah, Julia, the tinker, told me Owen plans t' have himself made into some statue. She said he'd be on a horse with a boat beneath his arm. And all outta blackrock. Hmm... I thought they be needin' mages for something like that!

Owen was stopped: You took the plans t' the mayor? And he stopped Owen's shipbuilding? Great!


Greeting: I am Lucas, and you are at the Artisan's Guildhall.

Artisan's Guildhall: All of the local artists come here to find work.
Most people would be proud to have us do their work locally! Unlike that Owen.

Owen: Most people in Minoc love the work we do here. Blast that stupid statue.

Statue: Owen is commissioning a blackrock statue of himself that will be the talk of the town. Yeah, sure!
Ask Cameron about it.

(After Owen's statue is canceled) We're glad he's not going to have that statue built now.

Fellowship: I try to keep from voicing my opinions of the Fellowship. Those gypsies didn't though. They've always been outspoken against the Fellowship, and I've heard about a couple of fist-fights with 'em.

Gypsies: Those gypsies that were kidnapped were looking for their son, Enrico. He left to join the Fellowship, and they didn't like it. He stayed with us for one night, but that's all I know.


Greeting: Hello, welcome to Nathan's Sawmill. I'm Nathan.

Sawmill: Yes, this is my sawmill. I like it.

Kidnappings: Hmm... What kidnappings? Here in my sawmill? No way! You should look into this, Avatar!
Hey! I did find a knife though.

Knife: Here. I don't know what it means, though.

Fellowship: Oh, man... I'd say it's a sort of boat, but I wouldn't bet on it.


Greeting: Aye there, what brings ye to me lit'le town o' Minoc? I be Owen, the greatest shipwright that ever lived.

Minoc: Aye, Avatar, welcome to me lovely lit'le town. Everyone 'ere jes' loves me. They all be so excited about a statue being built celebratin' me ship buildin'.

Statue: You see, these 'ere townfolk thought it would be best to make a statue o' me because I build great ships. It'll be made outta the blackrock I got from Gregor, the 'ead man over at the Britannian Minin' Company.

Greatest: Why, yes. I'm glad you agree! Thank you.

Ship Buildin': Everyone knows me ships are the best.
Better even than the Crown Jewel!

Crown Jewel: Why do you want to talk to me about that thing? It is not as interesting as me. On the other 'and, something' jes' may be up! I saw it leavin' town early this morning. it was leavin' with a man with a 'ook, 'eadin' fer Paws!

Fellowship: I was made an 'onorary member o' the Fellowship jes' last year. I think it was a ploy, because the townfolk wanted me to be in the Fellowship -- maybe to better it, or maybe one o' those 'igh-class kinda things, you know!

Plans: What do you mean? These plans are flawless!
Oh you little people will never understand greatness. Hmph!


Greeting: I am a gypsy. They call me Roberto. My friends were kidnapped!

Gypsy: I live with the gypsies and the fortune teller camped outside of Minoc.

Fortune Teller: Yes. Felipa is her name. she can forsee the future! You should speak to her.

Kidnapped: My friends, Frederico and Tania, were kidnapped! We were over at the sawmill and I tried to help them, but I got hurt.

Hurt: Whoever kidnapped them hit me, and I don't remember anything else.

Friends: We lived in our gypsy camp outside of Minoc. We did no wrong, and I don't know why my friends were taken.

Fellowship: A curse on them! I do not like those people and they do not like us!


Greeting: Ahoy, there! Welcome to the Checkered Cork Tavern. I am Rutherford.

Ahoy: 'Tis a great day here in Minoc. 'Cept for those rotten kidnappings over at the sawmill.

Kidnappings: Ye should know the kidnappings were the work of Hook. He be a vicious one.

Hook: That Hook, he be a pirate, and he'd sell his own mother for a price. I know, fer he took me eye and me arm about ten years ago in a scuffle at Buccaneer's Den. I miss the both, i do.

Buccaneer's Den: That be his base of operations, ye might say. If ye be looking fer him, I'd try there.

Fellowship: Yeah, we've got one of those here, run by a lady. cain't 'member 'er name, though.

Zorn (NPC)[edit]

Greeting: Welcome to me shop, Avatar! I am Zorn, the blacksmith!

Fellowship: The fellowship is great! I'm a member. Why aren't you?

Blacksmith: I am the best blacksmith in all these parts. I specialize in helmets.

Helmets: Now, most people agree that my helmets are the best.

Caddelite: You see, Caddelite is rare, and the first and last one I made was for some Fellowship members a while back. They took off to a dungeon with it. They disappeared and never returned. If you go in that dungeon, you should find it.

Dungeon: The dungeon is, er.... I remember it well! It was, is, er, they call it Clarabell. Wait! The Dungeon Caravn! No, um... hang on... Carnivorous. The dungeon... Hmm... 'C', it stats with one o' those 'C's. Car... Cornav... Coven...



Greeting: Hello, Avatar! I'm Addom, Adventurer and World Traveler!

Traveler: I have traveled all about the world, collecting valuable items museums would be interested in. I just returned from an expedition, bringing with me an extraordinary crystal, quite unlike any I have ever seen.

Crystal: It is absolutely incredible. It's for sale, if you're interested. I've talked with a few other people, but I don't think they really want it. I'll sell it to you for 100 gold pieces, if you're willing.

  • Yes: thanks, Avatar, here's your crystal.
  • No: Well, thanks for coming in, Avatar.

Fellowship: I don't pay any attention to them.


Greeting: Hello, Avatar. I am Balayna, the Fellowship branch clerk.

Clerk: Oh, well, my job here in Moonglow is to keep track of everything, including all I see and hear within our meetings. It's very important, and Rankin would be lost without me.

Fellowship: Oh, I absolutely adore the Fellowship! I'm only a first level member, but I have hopes of advancing in the very near future.

Moonglow: Moonglow is a terrific place. You should take some time and visit some of our merchants.

Rankin: Rankin is not only the Fellowship Head, but he's also a second level member! I'm so proud of him, but there are some problems about. But I can't talk to you about that, since you're not a member. Or are you?

  • Yes: Oh, I see you do have a Medallion! I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were a member. but since you are, I'm glad to finally have someone I can talk to.
    I'm worried about Rafkin.

(if not possessing medallion)' Then why don't you have a medallion?

  • No: Since I had no idea, I thought I'd ask.
    We really don't have any problems, well, no major ones.
    The Fellowship is great!

Worried: I have reason to believe that Rankin had lost all faith in the Inner Triad, and we just can't have him in the position he's in if he can no longer be trusted.


Greeting: Hello, Avatar! I am Brion, head of the Observatory.

Observatory: We used to be able to see all kinds of stars, but with all the torchlight now, it's much too bright here in Moonglow to see them all.

Moonglow: Moonglow is a nice enough place, I like it quite a bit. Feel free to look about my shop.
Here's one of my favorite items, a telescope.

Telescope: It's almost finished, but since I can't afford the last crystal I need, it'll just have to wait. Unless, of course, YOU can find a crystal for it.

Crystal: I heard that Addom, a merchant in town, has one, but I can't pay the price he asks.

Addom: Addom is an adventurer. Of anyone I know, he has more odd things at his place. Maybe you could get it from me.

Brought Crystal: I can't believe it, you brought me the crystal! Thank you, Avatar! Now my telescope will work!

Fixed Telescope: Avatar, I'm so glad you brought the crystal back for me, I'm going to give you the telescope. You deserve it. Thank you.


Greeting: Zzzzzzz...

(once awakened) I, Penumbra, am glad you have returned, Avatar.

Give Potion: Oh thank you for waking me, Avatar! Surely you remember me. I am Penumbra, the seer...my head! Oh, the pain!! What have you done? What has caused me to awaken with this terrible headache?! Ah, it must be the Magical Ether! I can feel changes within it, and even now my powers ebb.

Ether: The Magical Ether guides all spells, and it is being disrupted by the Tetrahedron Generator. It prevents me from casting spells. However, there is a blackrock talisman in the Vesper Mine that can absorb the rays it produces. Find it and return to me. You must hurry, Avatar!

Tetrahedron: The Tetrahedron Generator has brought about the decline of the mages by slowly diminishing their powers until they've lost all of their magical abilities.

Give Talisman: Thank you Avatar! not these headaches will go away!
All we need now is the Etheral Ring. My powers tell me that King Draxinusom in Terfin is the owner of the ring. When you bring the ring to me, I will enchant it so we can rid Britannia of the tetrahedron Generator. It cannot be defeated without the enchanted ring.

Etheral Ring: I shall enchant it for you.

Enchant Ring: It will now allow you to approach the Tetrahedron generator.
I have been able to locate the Generator, as well.

Generator: The Tetrahedron Generator is located in the dungeon Deceit on Janus Island. You must wear the Enchanted Ring to approach it.

Enchanted Ring: The ring only has power when you are near the generator. Your body and your hand weapon will become ethereal. The Guardian is sure to have a defender at this generator. Once you've made it inside, the rest is up to you.

Destroyed: Avatar, you have destroyed the Tetrahedron generator! Thank you!
I understand the Time Lord wishes to speak to you.

Time Lord: The Time Lord has just contacted me about a new threat. you will have to talk to him to discover what he means.


Greeting: Welcome to my lovely home of Moonglow. I am Phearcy.

Moonglow: They say Moonglow is the most beautiful place in all of Britannia. I know it's true! I read it somewhere once. You should visit our merchants. Or perhaps you can help our seer, Penumbra.

Merchants: A local merchant, Addom, travels all over the world, and just came back a few days ago. He always has something interesting at his shop.

Penumbra: She is in her house, on the north part of the island.
She has been asleep for around two hundred years. Perhaps someone will discover how to awaken her.

Fellowship: I can tell you what I heard one day about that bunch. I heard that Rankin is a second level member. That means he's a pretty big man! If I know anything about anyone, I know he can't be trusted! Besides, that's what I heard once.

Rankin: Okay, but you didn't hear this from me, okay? I don't trust him because I know he is just pretending to be friends with everyone. Someone who knows him pretty well told me that the other day.


Greeting: Greetings, Avatar! I am Rankin, the Fellowship branch leader in Moonglow.

Fellowship: We have done so very much for Moonglow and all the people here. Everyone is very pleased with what the Fellowship does here.

(if possessing medallion) I'm pleased to see that you are a member.

Moonglow: Ah, Moonglow is such a beautiful place. do look around! There is much to see and do here in Moonglow. Eliza and Abraham seemed to like it.

Eliza and Abraham: They were here, but they have already left for Terfin.

Balayna: Balayna has, sadly, turned out to be a troublemaker. I had such great hopes for her, but for some reason, she's taken it upon her to try to break up the Fellowship with lies.

Lies: Balayna is always making up stories about how the Fellowship is not what it appears to be.
Do not believe her.

New Magincia[edit]


Greeting: Greetings, Avatar! 'Tis I, Alagner! It is good to see thee here in New Magincia!

New Magincia: I came here because I am saddened by the lack of unity that has befallen Britannia. At least I feel there is a ray of hope here.

Wisps: They are very aloof creatures of another dimension. Thou might think that they art friends, but they could very well be spying on THOU for someone else! They have no loyalties to good or evil. All they care about is information - not how they get it.

Guardian: I'm just beginning to learn about him. At first I didn't believe he existed, but it is now apparent that he most certainly exists. I fear, Avatar, I fear!

Notebook: It is hidden in a safe place, like all my treasured sources of knowledge. I will tell thee where to find it if thou prove thine eagerness to learn the true knowledge of the world. Wilt thou seek the true knowledge?

  • Yes: I knewest thou would.
    You must go to Skara Brae and ask the alchemist, Cain, for the answers to the questions of life and death. Then return to me.
  • No: Come back when you are in control of your senses, Avatar!

Fellowship: The Fellowship is evil, Avatar, truly evil. Go not near them, lest thou be consumed by their evil. I have evidence of this recorded in my notebook. Stay away from Batlin, too!

Batlin: Batlin is up to no good. After we had a bad argument, I fled Britannia to put as much space between us as possible.
Do not trust him.

Cain's Answer: So, Avatar, you know now that there are no answers.
You've proven your eagerness.
My notebook rests in the Dungeon Sagatious, where only thou may go. Thou must be careful, for there are many danger's ahead.


Greeting: Ho, there! I am Caladin, finest man in all of New Magincia!

Finest Man?: Yes! Well... In my day I was a great sailor. I sometimes watch ships in the harbor and long for those days.

Ships: Speaking of ships, one of my favorites is the Crown Jewel.

Crown Jewel: Aye, a fine ship she is. Haven't seen her recently, though.

Fellowship: I heard of them. They don't come out here, though. Try back in Britain.

Kerowyn: Oh no, she's looking for me again! I don't know what to do about her.


Greeting: Welcome to New Magincia.
I am Iseult.

New Magincia: I have lived here my entire life, and never have we had such a wonderful, productive year. Everyone here is celebrating the coming of Spring.

Celebrating?: You should join us in our celebration of Spring. We have just come to the end of a very difficult winter.

Fellowship: I am not a member, but I have heard that they are good for Britannia.


Greeting: Hello there, I be Kerowyn. Ye must be the Avatar! I be looking for my husband, Caladin.

Caladin: ye haven't seen me husband, Caladin, have ye?

  • Yes: Next time you see him, you tell him he's terribly in need of coming home. If he doesn't, he'd be wishin' he did?
  • No: Well if you see him, let him know I'm looking for him.

Wishin': Caladin will be in grave trouble if I find him where he doesn't need to be'in.
I heard he'd be at the inn.

Fellowship: Hmm... Ask Alagner. He'll know what that is.

Alagner: Oh, I've never met him, but I've heard he's really smart.


Greeting: Goody day, milord. I am Rachael. Would ye be interested in some flowers?

Flowers: Yes, for the Festival of Spring! I sell them here by the docks. Ye should buy some for ye girl.

Docks: They are the docks where everything in or out of New Magincia travels. I see everthing that comes by, for I am always here.

Everything: Yes. Just a while ago, I saw a ship leave. It was called the Crown Jewel.

Crown Jewel: Yes. A short time ago, a man with a hook, and an ugly gargoyle came out of the Town Hall and got in it. They sailed off, over the water, but I don't know where they went.

Town Hall: It's right where it has always been, next to the docks.

Fellowship: A Fellowship? I've never heard of them. Sorry.


Greeting: I am Rothgar. Welcome to New Magincia!

New Magincia: I've been buildin' and selling ships for years.

Ships: Ships? I just build 'em. You'd be better off asking Rachael. She has a flower shop near the docks, by the Town hall. I'll bet she could tell you something.

Fellowship: Nothing I know of.


Greeting: Ho, Avatar! I am Zared, and this is my home, New Magincia!

New Magincia: New Magincia is home to some of the wisest people in Britannia. Right now, we are having a celebration.

Celebration: We're celebrating Spring, something we do every year. It's more important now because last winter was so bad. Fellowship: Fellowship? What is a 'Fellowship?' Perhaps you should ask Alagner.

Alagnar: He lives here. He is the wisest man in Britannia! He's got answers for every question that was even asked, and even ones that haven't even been thought up! I'm sure Alagnar can tell you what you need to know.


Bear (NPC)[edit]

Greeting: Ho, I am Bear, from the docks. Please join us.

Plaque: When I was working at the docks earlier, I heard about the theft. That's all I know.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is crooked. Fuqua and his son have shown us the truth.

Fuqua: He is a very intelligent man. I am proud to know him. Benjamin, his son, is very outspoken against those Fellowship dogs.

Truth: The Fellowship bullies people into joining. After they join, they no longer want to talk to others. They treat us like dirt.

Benjamin: He believes them to be up to something sinister. You should talk to him.

Benjamin (SNES)[edit]

Greeting: I'm Benjamin. What a lousy day.

Lousy Day: Yeah, isn't it?

Plaque: I heard the plaque for the stupid statue was stolen. Big deal. I don't care.

Stolen: Look, I don't have any idea who would do that. I just want them out of town.

Fellowship: What a bunch of crooks! I don't trust them at all. they are an elitist group that antagonizes others. They have no honor. I don't want them in my town.

Return Plaque: My father told thee I took the plaque? Here it is. I am not sorry that I did it. Because thou art enlightened in the virtue of Justice, Avatar, I ask this favor. Study the intent and actions of the fellowship. Based on this knowledge, return and judge me for my actions.


Greeting: Hello, I am Frances, the first female mayor in all of Britannia!

Mayor: The people of Paws elected me their mayor! This is a historic time in Paws! I credit the Fellowship for showing me how to win.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is a wonderful group. we are erecting a monument to them. Batlin will make a speech. It is truly a wondrous time.

Monument: Unfortunately, someone has stolen the plaque we were going to put on the monument. It was stolen while Fuqua was on guard.

Fuqua: He is head of security for the Town Hall. Since the theft occurred during his shift, he has been suspended until we find out who did it.

Suspended: I did that because I think he stole it. He hates the Fellowship, and would do anything to make it look bad. I would appreciate if you could talk to him. Maybe you could find out if he did steal it. Will you help us?

  • Yes: Great. Ask everyone in town about the plaque. Thank you Avatar.
  • No: I'm sure you have more important things to do, Avatar.

Plaque I'm sure you will be able to find the plaque, Avatar.

(after it is returned) Thank you, Avatar, for finding and returning the plaque.
I have something for you. A healing bracelet

Found Plaque: You should take the plaque to the Fellowship Hall.

Bracelet: Use this wisely, Avatar.


Greeting: I am Fuqua, chief guard for the Town Hall.

Plaque: I don't know anything about the theft. I was on duty, though.

On duty: I was working that night, but I didn't see anything.

Anything?: Look, I don't have ANY suspects. I don't know who would steal it.

Window: I don't know what Loomis is talking about. He's not very reliable.

Knife That is the knife I gave my son. I am sorry to have deceived you. I let my son into the Town Hall that night.
Please talk to my son. Tell him to return the plaque.

(later) I hope Benjamin learns something from this.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is a group of charlatans. I don't like them. Neither does my son, Benjamin.


Greeting: I am Gaydos, the town treasurer

Treasurer I hope you are here to pay a tax bill.

Plaque: The theft was mentioned to me, but I don't know anything. Ask the mayor.

Light: The light in my office, the night the plaque was stolen...? Ummm... Uhh... what was I doing? well, I guess I must confess.

Confess: I was in my office that night, working... working to cover up my embezzlement. I have been stealing from the city for a long time. I am very sorry, but at least now I can tell you what I found.

Found: When I left that evening I looked at the monument. That was when I noticed the plaque was missing. On the floor was the broken blade of a knife.

Knife: Here, it looks like a knife that Fuqua has. Maybe he did it. I will tell the mayor what I have done. I am very sorry.

Fellowship: I have no interest in their group. I am much to busy with my work.

Jason (SNES)[edit]

Greeting: Have a seat, friend. I'm Jason.

Plaque: Somebody said that a plaque or somethin' got stolen.

Fellowship: If ye ask me, I think they lie. I don't like the Fellowship. Neither does Fuqua.

Fuqua: Fuqua is our inspiration. he told us the truth about the Fellowship. His son, Benjamin, is our model.

Benjamin: He speaks out and actively opposes the Fellowship.


Greeting: I am Loomis, the innkeeper here at the Paws Inn.

Fellowship: It is wonderful! But those hooligans over at the tavern don't agree with me.

Hooligans: Jason, Bear, and Benjamin are always speaking out against the Fellowship.

Plaque: I heard that someone broke into the Town Hall and took it from the statue.
I also saw something that night

Something: The night it was stolen, I saw a light coming from the treasurer's office. A short time later, the light went out, and somebody exited the side door. It was too dark to see who it was. Wait, there's more!

More: A few minutes later, someone else left from the same door.
Before I could call for help, Fuqua showed up.

Fuqua: While I watched he went over and closed the Town Hall's open window.
I don't like him. He opposes the Fellowship.


Greeting: Welcome to the Paws Fellowship Center. My name is Samuel.

Plaque: You are searching for the plaque? I know you will get it back for us!

Fellowship: The Fellowship is a wonderful group. They saved me from myself. If you would like, I can give you information on our group.

Information: The Fellowship is just that, a group of people that support each other. Worthiness precedes reward if we strive for unity, and trust our brothers. There is nothing I would not do if asked by a loyal Brother.

Eliza and Abraham: I'm afraid thou hast just missed them. I think they were heading toward Britain. They are taking offerings to the main shelter there. I'm sure if you hurry, you will catch up with them.

Return Plaque: Thank you so much for returning the plaque to us, Avatar!

Skara Brae[edit]


Greeting: I am Beynard. You have landed at Skara Brae.

Skara Brae: I fear you have come to Skara Brae too late. Something awful has happened. Things have gone from bad to worse since the coming of Rudolfo.

(after defeating Rudolfo) You have freed us from the evil Rudolfo. Thank you, Avatar!

Rudolfo: He is an evil lord, and he has taken control of the entire island. We need help to combat this threat.

Threat: If nothing is done to stop him, we shall all be doomed to an eternity of sorrow on this island. If only someone could help us.

Help: If you want to help us, Avatar, please go to Mistress Mordra. She was the mage on this island before Rudolfo arrived. she will be able to tell you what can be done to help.


Greeting: I am Cain, the Apothecary.
Rudolfo has destroyed Skara Brae.

Rudolfo: He is responsible for the evil that has changed Skara Brae.

Skara Brae: Since Rudolfo came, Skara Brae has been like this. We must stop him.
I prepared a Magic Formula to help.

(after defeating Rudolfo) Thanks to you, we will be able to rebuild Skara Brae.

Magic Formula: This Magic Formula will stop Rudolfo permanently. But you must follow my directions exactly.

Directions: First you must get the Magic Cage from Trent. Take the Magic Cage to Rudolfo. He will know the power of the cage, and attack!

Attack: You must defeat him and put his bones in the cage. There is only one way to end this evil forever. With Rudolfo's bones inside the cage, place the cage inside Rudolfo's well. Then use the Magic formula on the well

Questions: So Alagner sent you here to find the answers? I will tell you if you rid us of the evil Rudolfo.

(after defeating Rudolfo) Since you've saved Skara Brae, I must tell you the truth...
Avatar, there are really no answers to life and death. Only questions. Perhaps Alagner will understand.

Rudolfo: His demise has lofted a veil of evil here. Thank you Avatar!


Greeting: Thank you, Avatar! I, Horance, have been freed from my imprisonment.

Imprisonment?: Rudolfo came a long time agao, and I was under his control. You have rid Skara brae of his presence. And saved me. Please go and continue your woek, Avatar. Stop the Guardian, or all of Britannia will be as bad off as we once were.


Greeting: I am mistress Mordra.
I was the mage her before Rudolfo came.

Skara Brae: Skara Brae was a beautiful place before HE came. Rudolfo's evil has changed the land.
Avatar, you are the only one who can stop him.

(after defeating Rudolfo) We may be able to repair Skara Brae, now that he is gone.

Rudolfo: There is only one way to stop him. Our blacksmith, Trent, was working on it before Rudolfo came and took away his love, Rowena. Because of this, Trent has lost all determination.

Trent: He was building a Magic Cage to stop Rudolfo. If you could get Rowena to remember Trent, I'm sure he would finish the cage.

Rowena: If she can't remember him, maybe Trent could send something to remind her of him. You should talk to them first. Then you can go to Rudolfo.

Talk: I have cast a 'Shade Speak' spell that lets you communicate with our inhabitants. That is how I am able to speak to you.
You can now speak to everyone on Skara Brae.

Magic Cage: When you have the Magic Cage, he will attack. He knows its power. Once you have defeated him, pick up his bones.

Cage: His bones may be in the cage, but Skara Brae is not yet safe. The evil must be ended forever. To do this, you must go to Cain.

Cain: He gave you the Magic Formula? Make sure you do exactly what Cain said to get rid of Rudolfo.


Greeting: I am known as Rowena, Avatar. Welcome to Skara Brae.

Skara Brae: what a beautiful island Skara Brae is. Don't you think so? I shall always be happy here. Here with my love Rudolfo.

(after being given music box) I know what has happened. You must save us from Rudolfo.

Rudolfo: Rudolfo has always been special to me. But I remember that I had a friend once, Trent was his name.

(After being given music box) Now that you have shown me that Trent still cares, I realize that I've been under Rudolfo's spell.
Avatar, you must save me! Mistress Mordra knows what to do.

Trent: Oh, my music box! I had forgotten. Trent must have given this to you! I didn't think he remembered me! If you see him, please give him this ring. He gave it to me a long time ago. I'm sure he will be happy with it.

You Are Free: You have defeated Rudolfo! Oh, now I can be with my true love, Trent! Thank you, Avatar!


Greeting: BEGONE! Rudolfo does not allow visitors.

Speak: Speak? I do not know you, so surely the purpose of your journey was not to speak with me. Leave me to my peace with my lady Rowena.

Rowena: She has forgotten her past, and now only wishes to be with me. You may speak to her, but keep in mind that she may never leave here.

Trent (NPC)[edit]

Greeting: I am Trent. I was the blacksmith here in Skara Brae, before Rudolfo came.

Skara Brae: Skara Brae is more like a ghost town now. But Mordra could tell you more.

Mordra: She used to be our seer. Speak to her about what has happened in Skara Brae.

Rudolfo: Rudolfo is an evil creature. He came to skara Brae and took over! And he took my only love from me. Rowena, she was so lovely...

Rowena: I wish I was with her again. I have something to give her. If she would only remember me. Could you take her this? It is her old music box. Maybe it will remind her of the times we used to have.

(when possessing ring) My darling Rowena. She MUST remember me! We have to save her. I have built this cage to trap Rudolfo.
Take this Magic Cage.

Cage: To use the Magic Cage, carry it with you.
Rudolfo will attack you, because he knows the power of the cage. To put it to use, you must first defeat him. Then, pick up his bones.

Rowena is Free: Oh, Avatar! you have no idea how long I have waited! Thank you so much!!!

Serpent's Hold[edit]

Lady Jehanne[edit]

Greeting: Avatar, welcome. I am Jehanne, Lady to Sir Pendaran.

Crime: I'm not sure what you're talking about. what crime are you referring to?

Statue: The statue, of course. Um, I can't lie to you. it was Pendaran. He hath not been the same man since he entered the Fellowship. It's as if they control him now, and he is no longer the noble knight he was.

The Fellowship: I fear the Fellowship has taken over my Lord Pandaran! He is the sort of man who would deface the King's state because of the influence the Fellowship has over his feelings concerning the government. He would never have done something like this if it weren't for the Fellowship.

Pendaran Did It?: Yes. My Lord Pendaran came to me the night of the crime, all bruised up.
He confessed it happened when Sir Horffe caught him vandalizing the statue. They fought and Sir Pendaran broke a necklace that Sir Horffe was wearing. please handle this situation with care.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is a group of community-minded citizens that have recently come to Serpent's Hold.

Lord John-Paul[edit]

Greeting: I am Lord John-Paul, and you are in Serpent's Hold.

(First time) Perhaps you can help me, Avatar.

(During investigation) I am glad to know you are investigating the defacement of the statue.

Help: Avatar, there has been a crime, and I believe one of the knights of Serpent's Hold is responsible for it.

  • Yes: Good, I knew you would help me. You must go first to Sir Denton. His powers of reasoning go far beyond any other in the land, and I feel he will be best suited for this mystery.
  • No: Don't worry., I understand. You are the Avatar, and as such, much too important for such a minor crime. I will try to get a judge to come from the High Court at Empath Abbey.

Crime: There is a statue of Lord British in the center court that has been defaced. I need you to help me track down the culprit. Will you help me?

Pendaran: So it was Lord Pendaran? He'll have quite a bit of work ahead of him, but I appreciate that he admitted his wrong doing.
I have a gift for you, since you have solved this.

Gift: This will help you in your journeys, Avatar. Thank you.

Fellowship: There are few members of the Fellowship here. Most people here are greatly opposed to the Fellowship, as I am sure you will find in your travels.

Sir Denton[edit]

Greeting: Welcome to my tavern, the Griffin's Den. I am Sir Denton.

(After solving crime) I am glad you were able to help, Avatar.

Crime: I am aware of what happened to the statue, but before we can find out who the culprit is, we must first check for any evidence left at the scene.

Culprit: If you are to find the culprit, you should first find out what happened to the statue. ask Sir Richter.

Sir Richter: Sir Richter will be able to tell you if there was anything found at the scene. Go to him, and bring back your findings to me.

Jewelry: Hmm... This is interesting jewelry. Not at all like human jewelry. More like something a gargoyle would wear.

Gargoyle: Strange. check with Sir Horffe, for he's the only gargoyle in Serpent's Hold. He might have an idea.

Fellowship: I have nothing good to say about that group of individuals. I have reason to believe they are not what they seem.

Sir Horffe[edit]

Greeting: To be captain of the guard. To be known as Sir Horffe.

Crime: To know nothing about that!

Jewelry: To have found jewelry near the statue?

  • Yes: To tell you that the jewelry is mine. To admit that I lost it in a fight while trying to stop the criminal. To be ashamed to say I did not get a good look at the criminal.
  • No: To suggest you ask someone else.

Return Jewelry: To be of thanks, Avatar.

Fellowship: To like little about it.

Sir Jordan[edit]

Greeting: Hello, Avatar, I am Sir Jordan.

(First time) Lord John Paul said he wanted to see you. He should be in the Hallowed Dock.

Crime: I've heard what has happened to the likeness of Lord British, but I have no idea who would have done something like that. All I know is what i overheard that night, near the statue.

Near the Statue: I heard a woman scream the night the statue was defaced. I can't be sure, but I heard someone, Lady Jehanne I think, scream quite some time after I heard what I thought was a scuffle or fight of some sort.

Fellowship: The Fellowship has been good to me, and I don't think it's right for them to get blamed for everything that goes wrong in Britannia.

Sir Pendaran[edit]

Greeting: I am Sir Pendaran, knight of the Hold.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is a good organization to belong to.

(if possessing medallion) I see you are a member. Don't you agree?

Crime: Oh, you mean the statue?

Statue: I had nothing to do with what happened to the statue. Why don't you find someone else to bother?

Truth: What do you mean? The truth? Who told you this?

Lady Jehanne: I honestly don't know what made me do it, but it was I who defaced the statue. I apologize, and promise never to do something like that again. I shall repair the statue.

Repair: I will do my best to restore the statue and prevent further damage in the future, and I promise to protect the statue as my very own.

Sir Richter[edit]

Greeting: Hello, Avatar, I am Sir Richter.

(First time) Lord John Paul is expecting you.

Lord John Paul: He rules Serpent's Hold. I heard that he has a favor to ask of you.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is my life, as it should be everyone's.
But someone within the Fellowship is asking for trouble.

Trouble: They don't see the Unity that makes the Fellowship whole, and they have no Trust in their brother. I'm not worried. They'll soon get the "reward" they deserve for their Unworthiness.

Crime: Are you investigating the defaced statue? I found something near it.

Statue: I've been tot he statue of Lord British since it was mutilated. Someone either doesn't care much for Lord British, or they have underlying reasons.

Something: I have some evidence to give you. When I went to look at what had been done to the statue, I found pieces of jewelry left behind. It looks like it was broken in the scuffle.



Greeting: To welcome thee to Terfin. To be your old acquaintance, Draxinusom.

Terfin: To be the island of gargoyles. To have few treasures of my wealth remaining.

Treasures: To have been forced to leave when the monsters took over Spektran. To have left my treasure and my Ethereal Ring in a dungeon when we fled. To know not if my belongings remain there.

Ethereal Ring: To be sad that I did not bring it with me. To have left it in the dungeon of Unknown Fears in Spektran.

Pedestals: To have not heard of rumors. To not be surprised, though.
To be located along the mountains on the northeast side of Terfin. To be a follower of the Pedestals myself.

Inamo: To have been kidnapped inamo was? To suggest you tell his parent, Teregus.

Teregus: To go and tell Teregus what happened to Inamo?

  • Yes: To be in charge of the Pedestals, he is.
  • No: To dislike bearing bad news as well.


Greeting: To be known as Forbrak. To welcome thee to the Hall of Refreshment in Terfin.

Terfin: To tell you that Terfin is a mess. To be first 'gargoyles and humans.' To decide thich is better? To be 'winged vs. nonwinged after. Not to be 'Pedestals vs. fellowship' now! To be impossible to get along peacefully.

Pedestals: To have not heard of plan to destroy the Pedestals. To suggest that you ask Silamo, he might know. To have been acting strangely, so he may know of the plans.

Silamo: To be the gardener who lives east of the mountains.


Greeting: To be known as Quaeven, human.

Fellowship: To be excited about Fellowship. To have had a dull life before I joined them.

Dull Life: To now be very busy because of the Fellowship.

Pedestals: To have heard of strange plans. To doubt truth because the Fellowship would not do.


Greeting: To be the leader of the Fellowship in Terfin, Quan.

Fellowship: To have been a member of the Fellowship for many years. To have heard negative reports about it. To have heard rumors. To believe not the Fellowship would plan to destroy the Pedastals.

Many Years: To believe deeply in the Fellowship. To be important to affiliate with nonviolent organizations. To tell you that the organization keeps members happy. To believe that everyone on Terfin is content.

Rumors: To not believe them. To be unimportant.

Pedestals: To represent the old ways. To have no problems with the Pedestals' followers. To hope the followers of the Pedestals continues to thrive.

Terfin: To have lived here all my life. To have just shown Eliza and Abraham around.

Eliza and Abraham: To know that they are going to the Meditation Retreat on Fellowship Isle.


Greeting: To be assistant to Quan, Runeb.

Quan: To be good leader. To also be good gargoyle.

Fellowship: To have many members in Terfin.

Pedestals: To have no opinion of the Pedestals. To be outmoded icons. To recommend that you dismiss rumors.

Rumors: To tell you that the Fellowship does not plan to destroy the Pedestals. To tell you the Fellowship is courteous and non-violent. To suggest you ask Sarpling.

Note: To make you sorry you found that note, Avatar.


Greeting: To not bother Sarpling. That is... To give greetings to The Winged Gargoyle.

Winged Gargoyle: To be the name of my store. To tell you that I am low on supplies now. To perhaps try another store.

Fellowship: To be a wonderful group!

Pedestals: To not know anything about them or any rumors.

Note: To be ashamed that you have found the note from Runeb. To also be ashamed to admit he forced me into it.
To promise not to deliver the powder to him.


Greeting: To be known as Silamo. To ask you to leave!

Fellowship: To be devoted to the Pedestals. But, perhaps to change if the Fellowship cares not about wings.

Change: To be upset at the treatment I get because I am not winged! To be upset because Quaeven has more rights than I do!

Quaeven: To also be without wings, but to be respected as if he were winged just because he is in Fellowship!

Pedestals: To have not heard of plan to destroy Pedestals. But, to know that Sarpling has supplies enough to destroy the Pedestals at his store.
To suggest you try there.


Greeting: To welcome the Avatar. To be Teregus, keeper of the Pedestals.

Pedestals: To care of them is my duty. To have lately heard rumors about them.

Rumors?: To have heard someone in town plans to destroy the physical representations of the Pedestals.
To know that if that happens, the Fellowship will grow, and the old ways will be gone. To ask for your assistance in stopping this.

  • Yes: To return to me with evidence when you determine course of action. To be very grateful for your assistance.
  • No: To understand that you do not have time for us, Avatar. To be sad.

Fellowship: To be wary of Fellowship ideals. To already be growing in power in numbers, the Fellowship is.

Inamo: To miss him greatly. To have raised him from an egg. To have been rather vocal in his disagreements with the Fellowship. To have felt it safer for him to leave. To have news of him?

  • Yes: To have been kidnapped?
  • No: To let you know that he is a fine young gargoyle.

Kidnapped: To be saddened. To wish to know who was responsible for his kidnapping.
To excuse me. To need some time alone, Avatar.

Evidence: To be wonderful! To have found a note in Sarpling's shop?
To have suspected Runeb.

Runeb: To be glad to know you are all right. To know where to look for a great item.

Item: To tell you that Magic Armor was lost in the Vesper desert.



Greeting: Greetings, Avatar! Long it has been since last you were here!
I, Iolo, have missed you! There has been a terrible crime!

Crime The blacksmith, Christopher, and his helper, Inamo, have been kidnapped! This is horrible, Avatar. Lord British should be told immediately!
Perhaps you should ask Petre more about it.

Petre: He works in the stables, in the southeast corner of Trinsic. He was the first to discover the kidnapping. He can tell you what he knows.

Lord British: Our old friend. Surely you remember him!
He is probably at home in his castle. His castle is in Britain, just north of Paws.

Long: It has been over 200 years since you visited last, Avatar. Things are not quite as you remember. There is a new group known as the 'Fellowship' here. And I have not seen our companions Shamino and Dupre in a while.

Fellowship: I know not their origins, but it merits looking into. Ask everyone about it. Lord British will probably agree.

Dupre: I heard that he was in Jhelom. If you head that way, give him my regards.

Shamino: I have not spoken to Shamino recently, but I was told he was up in Britain.

Paws: Paws is the town just north of Trinsic.

Guardian: I have never heard of this 'Guardian.' You should ask Lord British.


Greeting: Oh, Avatar! Isn't it horrible? Christopher and Inamo were kidnapped!
I am Petre, the stablekeeper.

Crime: I cannot imagine who could have wanted to kidnap them! What horrible people could have done this?

Christopher: Christopher is the blacksmith. He and Inamo work very hard. Everyone likes them. They even joined the Fellowship recently.

Inamo: He is Christopher's helper.

Kidnapped: It must have happened last night. I also found a note. It looked like there had been a struggle.
What a terrible crime!

Note: The note said: 'Christopher and Inamo are troublemakers. Let this serve as a warning."
Avatar, you should inform the mayor.

Fellowship: It is a group of community minded citizens. A lot of people join. Ask Lord British, as he has endorsed it.


I am Finnigan, mayor of Trinsic. Welcome to our town.

Crime: Avatar, I want you to investigate this. ask everyone in town about this awful crime.
Oh yes, Christopher has a son, Spark.

Spark: Talk to him for me. Also, a guard at the docks, Alfred, was knocked out around the same time the kidnapping occurred. These may be related.
Then report back to me.

Report: You've questioned everyone in town, Avatar?
Who do you think could have done this?

  • Lord British: Avatar! I think you must be joking! Our ruler would never do that to his subjects. I think you had better ask more thorough questions.
  • Don't Know: Perhaps, Avatar, you should ask our residents more thorough questions.
  • Hook: Thank you for letting me know, Avatar. When you get to the gate, give the guard the password of "Blackbird."
    He will then let you pass.


Greeting: Go away and leave me alone!

Mayor: Oh, the mayor told you to come talk to me. Okay. What about?

Crime: My father was kidnapped? Thank you for telling me, Avatar, but I had already guessed that had happened.
I had a dream last night.

Dream: In the dream, my father was hurt. I woke up suddenly, and noticed he was gone. I went out to find him, but I couldn't. Then I saw the gargoyle.

Gargoyle: I saw a gargoyle and a man leave the barn, but neither looked remotely like my father. Now I know they must have been the ones that did it. Please do something to stop them, Avatar!

Enemies?: He had no enemies I know of, Avatar, but I don't trust those Fellowship people

Fellowship: They seem shifty to me. My father had an argument with Klog, the head of the local Fellowship, a week ago. A man and a lady from the Fellowship were with Klog.
There's one more.

What?: Inside a chest at home, I found a note and all this gold!
Take the gold, Avatar! Help me find out who kidnapped my father!

Note: It says 'You have received payment. Make the delivery tonight.' I don't know what it refers to. I do know my father was working on a special project, but I don't know what it was. It should be over at the shop.


Greeting: I am Klog. Thou art welcome to the Trinsic fellowship Branch.

Crime: I heard about what happened to Christopher.
I was home all last night. My wife, Ellen, was with me.

Christopher: How unfortunate he was kidnapped. He is a very good blacksmith.
I last saw him a week ago, with Eliza and Abraham. He was talking about leaving the Fellowship.

Eliza and Abraham: They came from the main branch, and brought some operating funds. I believe they have returned to Britain by now.

Ellen: If thou dost not believe me, ask her.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is wonderful. It was started 20 years ago in Paws. Batlin created it after he received a great vision. We accomplish many wonderful things.


Greeting: Greetings! I am Ellen.
My husband Klog is the head of the Fellowship here in Trinsic.

Crime: I heard that Christopher was kidnapped. How sad!

Last night: Last night Klog was here with me all night.

Fellowship: I have been a member for many years. I love the Fellowship! I would never leave,


Greeting: I am Alfred, the guard.
Oooh, my head!

Crime: I was on duty at the docks last night. Just before dawn, I was knocked over the head. I was unconscious for a short time, and Conner woke me up. When I looked around, one of the ships was missing.

Missing: Yeah, the Crown Jewel. her Captain is a man by the name of Hook.
He got his name from the hook on his right hand.

Hook: I haven't seen him since a few days ago when the Crown Jewel came in.


Greeting: I am Conner, the day shift guard at the docks.

Crime: I only recently heard that those two were kidnapped. Pity.

Alfred: Oh yes. When I got to the docks, I found Alfred had been knocked out. I woke him up, and theat's when he noticed the missing ship, the Crown Jewel.
I didn't see anything wrong, myself.

Crown Jewel: Yeah. Its captain is named Hook.

Hook: Never met the man. Sorry.

Fellowship: What a great group! I am very happy to be a member! I would do anything they ask.

Gate Guard[edit]

Greeting: Who goes there? I am the gate guard of Trinsic. Thou must get the password from the mayor to leave. The mayor will not let anyone leave because of what happened to Christopher.

Know Password: Okay. What is it?

  • Blackbird: Okay that is the passsword. Thou mayest pass.



Greeting: To be Anmanivas. To lack desire to speak with you.

Fellowship: To trust them not. To know that humans brought the Fellowship here.

Beliefs: To be the reason for our poverty. To be scum.


Greeting: To present greetings, Avatar. To be called Ansikart.

Fellowship: To be a strange group, not in agreeance with my beliefs. To suggest you stay away from them.

Beliefs: To believe in diligence, Control and Passion. To be an example for others.


Greeting: To welcome thee to Zaksam's. To be the provisioner, Aurvidelem. To be concerned for my friend, Lap-Lem.

Buy: To need to speak to my assistant Slaskow.

Lap-Lem: To need your help. To have been accused of attack. To be not true. To need you to find the truth. To know Lap Lem is at the Britannia Mining Company.

(after returning Lap-Lem's amulet) To be glad you sorted that out, Avatar.

Fellowship: To know nothing about them.


Greeting: I am Auston, the mayor. Welcome to the town of Vesper.

Mayor: I have been mayor for years. Everytime I try to resign, they re-elect me.

Vesper: It is a nice town, except for the recent attack.

(after returning Lap-Lem's amulet) I really like it here. But the gargoyles and humans have a lot to learn about each other.

Attack: What an unfortunate incident. You'll have to ask the tavernkeeper, Yongi. I just heard about it.

Fellowship: They seem to be reasonable people. Always concerned about their fellow citizens. Why, I was telling that to their traveling representatives, Eliza and Abraham, when they came by today.

Representatives: Yes, they were here to look over the town. They have plans for a branch here, and wanted to look us over. They were heading to the mine for some reasons.


Greeting: My name is Blorn. Leave me alone.

Attack: I was attacked when I walked by the oasis. I even know who it was.

Who it was: It was Lap-Lem.
Watch out, all gargoyles are cruel, especially him. If you would avenge me, Avatar, I would appreciate it.

Fellowship: I don't know nothin' about them.

Amulet: I uh... I uh... Yeah, I took it from him.
Here. He didn't deserve it. He's just a gargoyle, anyway.


Greeting: Welcome to the Vesper branch of the Britannian Mining Corporation.
I am the administrator, Cador.

Mining: Yes, we mine gold, iron, lead and blackrock.

Blackrock: It has various uses, mostly decorative. The main office in Britain sends us the orders. As a matter of fact, two members from Britain just left.

Orders: Yes, they have kept us quite busy. It will be a good year.

Two Members?: Yes. Eliza and Abraham were just here. They said they were heading to Moonglow. They just wanted to see how a mine worked, and how the local economy was. I understand they hope to open a branch of the Fellowship here.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is a wonderful group. I am a member myself.

(if wearing medallion) Thou art a member too, I see.


Greeting: To be Foranamo. To ask you to leave.

Fellowship: To agree with Anmanivas. To not trust them.

Anmanivas: To not trust the Fellowship because it was brought by humans.

Humans: To be the reason for our poverty.


Greeting: To be known as Lap-Lem.

Blorn: To be sorry about the incident. To have only been defending my possessions. To have stolen my amulet.

Amulet: To be a prized family heirloom. To be greatly prized among my family.
To ask if you would get if from Blorn for me.

  • Yes: To offer thanks.
  • No: To know that you must be too busy to help. To say goodbye.

Fellowship: To not associate with them. To find them odd.

Return Amulet: To give thanks for the return of my amulet. To give you information to help.

Help: To befriend the Emps near Yew, give them honey. To know they have many treasures.


Greeting: I am the city clerk, Liana. I work for the mayor, Auston.

Auston: He is so spineless. Did you know he didn't want to be mayor? Everyone 'elected' him, because no one else wanted the job. He should give it up. At least he is not like Blorn.

Blorn: What a liar! I don't abide by all the troublemakers in this town.

Fellowship: Odd people. I don't like them. They like Yongi's tavern, though.

Yongi: What a jerk! if he would just pay attention to his work, he could be quite successful. Oh well, it takes all kinds.


Greeting: Welcome to the Gilded Lizard. I am Yongi. I hope you are enjoying your stay in Vesper.

Vesper: Isn't this a nice town? I have always thought so. A nice place to raise a family. It is too bad about that attack.

(after returning Lap-Lem's amulet) I suppose after solving that problem with Blorn, maybe we should see that gargoyles aren't all bad.

Attack: It is really unfortunate.
A gargoyle attacked one of our residents. I hope they catch him. I thought things like this couldn't happen here. The gargoyles are the cause of our problems.

Gargoyles: One of them attacked Blorn. He may be a little reluctant to talk about it, but he'll explain. He's usually here at the bar.
Those gargoyles are all over the place, and they are not welcome.

Fellowship: What an odd group of people. They come in, but never order. They sit in the corner, and talk quietly amongst themselves. What an odd group.

Yew/Empath Abbey[edit]


Greeting: I'm D'rel. What do you want?

Criminal: Criminal? I like to refer to myself as an opportunist. I find an opportunity, and take advantage of it. Like I was saying to my buddy, Hook, opportunity knocks but once... Once.

Hoook: He's a friend of mine. Hangs out with a gargoyle named Forskis. He operates out of Buccaneer's Den. Yeah, Hook is a good man to have at your back. Just a bit mean, though.

Fellowship: They're a bunch of weirdos. I don't hang out with weirdos.


Greeting: Gharl no like Avatar! Go away from jail!

Jail: Troll in jail 'cause evil humans put troll here! Humans no want give food.

Troll: Troll strong! Trolls have new friend! With friend trolls stronger!

New Friend: Troll friend warn trolls about danger, with voice in head. Friend help great trolls be greater!

Fellowship: Huh?


Greeting: It's a conspiracy! I, Kreg, did nothing wrong!

Jail: The charges against me are silly! Why would I steal food? Those Fellowship stooges, Eliza and Abraham, are lying!

Eliza and Abraham: Yeah, they put me in jail! It's a conspiracy!

Conspiracy?: Yeah, between the Fellowship, Lord British, and the Great Earth Serpent. They have faked all the appearances of the Avatar...

I am the Avatar: Wait, you're the Avatar? You must be some sort of dupe... Yeah, THAT'S it... they hypnotized you into THINKING you're the Avatar... Yeah...

Fellowship: They're part of the conspiracy! They're trying to get me! They want to bring some evil creature into this world.

Evil Creature?: The Fellowship is trying to bring an ev... HEY!!! How do I know you're not one of them! Leave me alone!!!


Greeting: Greetings, Avatar! I hope you are here to help. I am Salamon.

Help: If you truly wish to help, convince the humans to stop dumping their waste in the forest. It may not be too late to save our race.

Humans: Humans are the cause of the pollution in the forest. If this does not stop the Emps face extinction.

Pollution: The pollution is bad for our health. It hurts the younger Emps.

Extinction: Fewer young are born each year. Soon, there will be none of us left.

Sir Jeff[edit]

Greeting: I am sir Jeff, the constable. What crime did you commit?

Crime?: Oh, I didn't realize you were the Avatar! Sorry.

Emps: They're just legend! They don't really exist! Avatar, you should not waste your time on such nonsense with so much crime at hand.

Fellowship: The Fellowship is a strange lot. They act suspiciously. But they have also helped catch criminals.

Catch: Just last week they helped me catch Kreg. He was stealing food from a vendor and they provided a witness to back up the story.

Witness: Two Fellowship higher-ups, Eliza and Abraham saw it happen.

Eliza and Abraham: Unfortunately, they seem to have left before the trial. I have to bring them back or let that thief go!


Greeting: Humans should not be here. I, Tavenor, say so.

Humans: Humans are responsible for pollution in this forest. This is causing problems for all the forest. You should stop them.

Pollution: The pollution caused by humans is a danger to the Emp race! If it continues, it will mean our extinction.

Extinction: The pollution affects my people. Fewer and fewer children are born each year. Soon none of us will be left.

Give Honey: Oh, thank you! I really appreciate the honey!


Greeting: Welcome to Empath Abbey. I am Taylor

Empath Abbey: We have a quiet monastery, concerned with the ecology. I have been studying the local plants. We need to stop the pollution in other parts of Britannia. If we don't, no place will be beautiful anymore.

Fellowship: I don't concern myself with such things. I am too concerned with the environment.

Wisps: My friend, the wisps are mythical creatures. No one has ever seen one.
But according to local legend, the Emps have a way to talk to them.

Emps: They live in the Deep Forest.
I'm sure you could attract them with some honey.

Honey: Honey can be found in the Bee caves. But watch out, these aren't just any bees! They're huge! You should be able to put them to sleep with a smoke bomb.

Smoke Bomb: I could sell you one for 100 gold, if you want.

  • Yes: Great. Just hold it in your hand and use it when the bees are around. That should keep them from bothering you.
  • No: That's okay. If you're not concerned there shouldn't be much to worry about.


Greeting: Hello. I'm Tiery, the caretaker. 'Ow can I 'elp you in your time of need?

Caretaker: Somebody 'as to take care o' dees folk, being six feet under, and all.

Fellowship: Dey're a strange lot. We 'ave a special section, just for dem.


Greeting: Greetings, Tall one, I am called Trellek

(if carrying honey) I see you have some honey. I sure like honey. May I have it?

Tall One: Yes, that is what we call humans. Usually.

Humans: Humans have been polluting the forest. that is why we are afraid of your kind.

Fellowship: They do not trust use. We do not know why. Maybe it is because we will not join their group.

Give Honey: Thank you for the honey. it is appreciated. Since you are so generous, I'll tell you something that you need to know.

What?: You must contact the Wisps.

Wisps: Take this Magic Lantern. Carrying into the forest during the night. The wisps shall find you.


Greeting: We see that you have the Lantern. Although you are not Emp, we will speak to you.
We are the Wisps. Welcome to the deep Forest. We wish to trade information with you.

Information: What we desire is the notebook kept by Alagner, a sage on New Magincia. We believe him to be the wisest man in Britannia.
Bring it to us, and we will give you the information that you need to know.

Notebook: You have brought the book. This is good. We will now absorb the information within it.
We will now follow through with our part of the bargain and tell you what we know of the Guardian.

Guardian: The Guardian is a malevolent being from another dimension. he is vain, egocentric, and greedy, and thrives on power and domination. He conquers worlds for the thrill. He has decided that Britannia is next.

Britannia: In order to conquer Britannia, he is having a special moongate constructed. This gate will be operational when the next Astronomical Alignment occurs. One thing is certain -- he is powerful already, and he is not even here. If he were present on this world, his powers would be immense. Again, thank you for bringing the notebook.
We have a message for you.

Message: The Time Lord wishes to speak with you, but due to a disturbance in the space/time continuum, he is trapped in the Shrine of Spirituality. He can only be reached by your Orb of the Moons.

Orb of the Moons: We have now activated it so that it will work.
Only it will take you there.


Time Lord[edit]

Greeting: You must hurry if we are to save Britannia.
I, the Time Lord, have waited too long for you!

Waited: All of Britannia needs your help! The guardian is a horrible threat!
He trapped me here to keep me from stopping him.

Trapped: The Guardian has somehow disrupted the magical ether! This is what crippled the Moongates and made your Orb of the Moons malfunction.
It took almost all of my remaining power to contact you through the Wisps and repair your Orb.
I cannot patch the time/space continuum while trapped herer. You must free me.

Free: You must go at once to Penumbra, the seer in Moonglow. She will know how to fix the ether.
Also, just before you arrived, Alagner was kidnapped.

Kidnapped?: Yes, it was Hook, Forskis, Eliza and Abraham. Apparently, no one has discovered the crime yet. I fear for the safety of Alagner.

Tetrahedron: So you have destroyed the Tertahedron Generator. Good. Now I can locate the generator that the Guardian has used to rap me here, the Sphere Generator.

Sphere Generator: The sphere generator was created by the Guardian to disrupt time and space. it is located in the Dungeon despise, northeast of Britain. You will need the Enchanted Hourglass to defeat it.

Hourglass: The Hourglass is located in the Dungeon of Sutek, on Terfin. Recover it, and it will aid you in combating the Sphere generator.

(if possessing hourglass) Good. You have the Hourglass. It will aid you in combating the Sphere generator.

Sphere destroyed: You have successfully defeated the Sphere Generator!
Congratulations! There is a problem, however. Because of the Guardian's presence, none of the Moongates will work.
The only way for you to return to Earth, you must use the gate built by the followers of the Guardian, the Black Gate.

Black Gate: You must find the Black Gate before the next Planetary Alignment, to the guardian will be able to come into this world! You must also defeat the third generator created by the Guardian.

Cube Generator: The generator has a defensive mechanism. To combat it you need a helmet made of Caddelite. Cadellite is a special mineral found only in meteors.
Zorn, the Armourer in Minoc specializes in this kind of work. Contact me again when you have defeated it.

Cube Destroyed: The Alignment is almost at hand! You must hurry! Go to Buccaneer's Den, and search for Hook!
The Cube will aid you in your search. It will force people to tell the truth. Good luck!

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