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Kreg, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Empath Abbey

Kreg is an alias of the criminal known as Kellin who appears in the vicinity of Empath Abbey in Ultima VII.


Wanted by the Yewish High Court for numerous cases of theft, Kellin had recently gone into hiding during the Avatar's adventures in the realm, having disguised himself as a member of the Brotherhood of the Rose in order to escape detection.[1] If the hero should speak to the false monk, he would describe an experiment he wished to attempt in the hopes of producing an elixir of silence that his brethren might better keep to their contemplative vows. In order to complete it, "Kreg" claimed to have need of a potion of invisibility, and would ask the Avatar to help him obtain one, promising to provide the hero with information should they succeed.[2]

Should the hero produce such a potion, Kellin would gleefully accept it and flee, using it to escape detection as he presumably left the area. With a few well-placed inquiries and some research, however, the Avatar could sound out the holes in the criminal's story. While "Kreg" would admit that he had spent little time meeting his fellow monks after coming to the keep, neither Taylor[3] nor Aimi[4] had any recollection of ever meeting him, and an examination of Munk's treatise The Silence of Chastity would quickly reveal that vows of silence had long fallen out of use among the Brethren of the Rose.[5] Should the hero discover information regarding Kellin in the ledgers of the High Court,[1] the champion could confront Kellin, drawing him into desperate combat as the thief attempted to escape capture.[6]


Kellin is wanted in several townships for thievery. He uses many aliases, including Tervis, Kreg, and Hodge. He was last seen near the forest of Yew and is believed to have gone into hiding...


  • Kellin also used the aliases Tervis and Hodge, according to the records of Yew's High Court.[1]
  • In an earlier draft of the Ultima VII's plot, this character was named "Jonlee." [7]
  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, Kreg is already in prison by the time the Avatar reaches Yew, having been accused of stealing food from a local vendor by Eliza and Abraham. Should the hero speak to Kellin, he would rave wildly about the "conspiracy" against him, madly claiming that the Fellowship, Lord British and the Great Earth Serpent were involved in an ongoing plot against the populace. In his insanity, however, the madman would hit upon something akin to the truth, as he would accuse the Fellowship of conspiring to summon an entity of unimaginable evil.[8]


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