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Taylor, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Empath Abbey

Taylor is a monk living at Empath Abbey during Ultima VII.


A studious man, Taylor had made the study of the flora, fauna and geography of the surrounding forest his passion, and would prove a useful font of information to the questing Avatar, giving the hero vital clues about the connections between the Emps and the enigmatic wisps. While the scholarly monk was hesitant to say that the latter creatures even existed, he claimed that the Emps were rumored to be able to contact him, and would advise the Avatar to approach the diminutive creatures with a gift of honey, even going so far as to supply a smoke bomb to aid in harvesting such a commodity from the local Bee Cave.[1]

Should the hero speak to Taylor at greater length about his studies, the monk would mention the care he took in studying the geographical landmarks of the area, lest he become lost in the field, as his fellow, Brother Wayne, had recently. He could also comment briefly on the history of Julius, Nastassia's father, recalling vaguely that he had been brought to the abbey at some point for burial.[2]


Smoke bomb
  • Taylor is the author of The Forest of Yew, in which he describes the wildlife of the region, including the Emps. It appears that Taylor was the individual who coined the name "Emp" for the small simian creatures, having noted their empathic abilities. In the SNES Port of the game, he is credited for a similar book entitled, The Yew Forest of Emps which details his theory that the Emps were responsible for the slow overtaking of Yew by the Deep Forest.[3][4][5]
  • Taylor, like Aimi, will deny knowing Kreg if asked about him, offering hints as to the man's true identity.[6]
  • In the Key to the Black Gate, Taylor provides Anton with information about the city of Yew and Empath Abbey, and his description of the area is a part of the work which the scholar compiles on behalf of the Avatar.[5]
  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, Taylor is portrayed as an ardent environmentalist, and is deeply perturbed by human pollution of the Deep Forest. While he will assist the Avatar with information about the Emps and wisps, he will only offer the hero a smoke bomb for a fee of one-hundred gold pieces.[7]


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