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Elynor, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Elynor is leader of the Fellowship branch in Minoc during Ultima VII.


An arrogant and imperious woman, Elynor used her connections and status to weigh heavily on the affairs of the Minoxian populace - using the prominence of the Fellowship to bolster Owen's sudden ascent to fame[1]. Her grudge against the local gypsy clan, who opposed the participation of one of their younger members in Fellowship activities, ultimately culminated in the ritual murder of two of their leaders at the hands of the assassin Hook - bleakly marking Elynor's ruthlessness in silencing her opposition.

The Avatar's visit to Minoc during Ultima VII came in the wake of these very killings, with the hero's arrival coinciding with the gruesome discovery of the "gypsy king," Frederico, and his wife, Tania, at the town's saw mill. While Elynor's hand in the slayings was not immediately apparent, a candelabra found among the remains bore the distinctive trigraph used by the Fellowship, and could later be confirmed by its creator, Xanthia, as having been commissioned by the branch leader.[2] Despite such circumstantial evidence, the hero had no immediate means proving Elynor's involvement, as the shrewd woman claimed that the piece was planted - possibly by the gypsies themselves - and such antiziganist accusations were not easily cast aside in light of the rocky relation between the victims and their son, Sasha, who had feared his father's physical abuse in retaliation for joining the society.[3][4]

Should the Avatar have previously consulted Batlin about joining the Fellowship, it is quite possible that the hero first came to the city on an errand involving Elynor, as the Fellowship founder would test the potential initiate's mettle by having them deliver a sealed package to her. Although Elynor would prove flustered and upset about receiving the box with its seal broken, the Fellowship readily welcomed the Avatar into their midst.[5]

Eventually, after the Avatar had obtained the blackrock cube, Elynor could be forced by magical means to confess her complicity in the gypsies' deaths, chiding Hook and Forskis for their sloppiness regarding the candelabra in the process. While Elynor's ultimate fate following the Fellowship's disbandment remains unknown, it is possible that during the Reconstruction she eventually faced responsibility for her part in its crimes.[6]


  • Elynor's real world counterpart is Ultima VII writer, Beth Loubet, née Miller.[7] She is the wife of veteran Ultima artist Denis Loubet; the two were married during the development of Ultima VII Part Two.[8]
  • Elynor is romantically involved with Gregor, the head of the nearby mining operation. The only way to discover this tryst is to catch the two lovers in the act of meeting for a sexual encounter, which draws hostile reactions from both parties.[9]
  • The coffer to be delivered to Elynor contains detailed plans regarding the pedestals for the Black Gate.[10]
  • It's quite possible, that she tries to cover for the abuses perpetrated by the local Britannian Mining Company against their workers.


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