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The Enchanted Hourglass is a magical artifact that appears in Ultima VII and allows its bearer to surpass various magical barriers, as well as create a conduit through which they may speak with the Time Lord.


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The Enchanted Hourglass originally belonged to the magician Nicodemus, who sold it to a small Pawsian shop, run by the aging Beverlea, when the distorted ethereal waves caused by the Tetrahedron Generator drove him to madness. During the Guardian's first attempt to conquer Britannia, the Avatar would have need of this magical device, that the defenses of the Sphere Generator might be bypassed and the Time Lord freed from his imprisonment.

After purchasing or stealing it from the shop owner, the hero would have to take it to Nicodemus following the cleansing of the ether, that the wizard might be able to properly re-enchant it. Once this was done, the blackrock sphere could be penetrated and thereby destroyed—after which the hourglass would serve to allow the Avatar to speak with the liberated Time Lord.


  • If asked about his hourglass before the ether is cleansed, Nicodemus will not know precisely what he did with it, and will guess incorrectly that he may have sold it to Margareta of Minoc.[1]
  • In the SNES port of Ultima VII, the already enchanted hourglass is hidden within Sutek's Dungeon, and does not bear any relation to Nicodemus (who is absent from the game).[2]

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