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Sarpling, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Terfin
Sarpling is a wingless gargoyle who runs a jewelry and reagent shop on Terfin during Ultima VII.


Sarpling had little to speak of outside of the operations of his store, although he claimed to be a loyal member of the Fellowship and supported it fully. Should the Avatar learn from Teregus of a plot to destroy the Shrines of the Principles, however, the hero could soon ferret out that it was Sarpling who would have access to the necessary materials needed to undertake such a task.[1] [2]

If the hero investigated Sarpling's shop, they would be able to uncover a scroll written by Runeb, which implicated both gargoyles in the conspiracy. When confronted with this, Sarpling would confessed his participation and would further reveal that Runeb wished to frame Quan for the incident that he might become leader of the Terfin Fellowship. He stated that Runeb would go so far as to murder Quan if this contrivance failed, and made it evident that he was deeply fearful of Runeb, himself. Should the Avatar bring word of Sarpling's accusations to his partner, the gargoyle would, in fact, make the decision to kill his co-conspirator, although it is likely that he met his end on the hero's blade before this could transpire.[3][4]


In Terfin, the Gargoyle Sarpling is no wizard, himself, but he does sell reagents to the other members of his community, in addition to travelling mages who call on him.


  • Sarpling translates to "Snake Tongue" in Gargish.
  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, Sarpling claims to be low on supplies, and therefore does not have anything to sell to the hero. In this version of the game, his shop is known as the "Winged Gargoyle."[5]


Prices in Ultima VII were as follows: [6]

Goods Cost
Gold Chain 20gp
Gold Clawring 10gp
Gold Earrings 5gp
Gold Horncaps 30gp
Blood Moss 2gp
Garlic 1gp
Ginseng 1gp
Sulfurous Ash 3gp


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