Sir Richter

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Sir Richter
Sir Richter, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Serpent's Hold

This article is about a character from Ultima VII. For a character from Ultima IX, see Richter.

Sir Richter is the armourer of Serpent's Hold during Ultima VII.


Richter is a loyal and disciplined knight, and had been chosen recently to serve as second-in-command to Lord John-Paul. A staunch believer in the Fellowship, he proved quick to express his doubts about those whom he deemed oppositional to "unity," and would voice concerns about the keep's captain of the guard, Horffe, whom he distrusted on account of his opposition to the society. Although he would speak little of it in person, he appeared to have a budding romance with the empathic Lady Tory. Tory's infant son, although his father was never explicitly mentioned, bore a name suspiciously similar to Richter's own - Riky.[1][2]

Should the Avatar agree to undertake a request from John-Paul to investigate the matter of a recent vandalism, the hero would do well to speak to Richter early in their inquiry, as the weaponsmith had previously looked over the crime scene and could give them a number of stone chips which had been recovered from the defaced statue.[3]


  • Like many characters in Serpent's Hold, Richter is based on a character from the popular television show, Star Trek: The Next Generation. He resembles Commander William T. Riker, Captain Picard's second-in-command during the series. His relationship with Lady Tory also mirrors the ongoing romance between Riker and Counselor Troi.
  • Should the Avatar introduce themselves to Richter using their title, the knight will grow suspicious, having recently had his armoury robbed by an impersonator of the legendary hero. Paranoid about future attempts at theft, the diligent armourer had gone so far as to lock the room's spare key in a chest which he hid in one of the island's grottoes, and had then taken the key to that chest and hidden it in yet another grotto. Unbenownst to Richter, however, a fish had happened on the second key and eaten it, and that fish had made its way into Denton's kitchens. Should the Avatar wish to unscrupulously rob Richter a second time, the hero could, in fact, go through the immensely unintuitive process of inspecting all of the fish in the Hallowed Dock and retrieving the secondary key, thereby allowing themselves to eventually access the locked chest and the armoury.[4][2]
  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, Richter will give the hero a piece of distinctive Gargish jewelry, rather than blood-stained stone chips when asked for the evidence he collected from the defaced statue.[5]


Prices in Ultima VII were as follows: [6]

Goods Cost
Dagger 12gp
Halberd 200gp
Mace 20gp
Morning Star 25gp
Spear 25gp
Sword 65gp
Two-Handed Sword 175gp
Gauntlets 18gp
Greaves 40gp
Plate Leggings 160gp
Gorget 175gp
Great Helm 150gp
Buckler 18gp
Curved Heater 35gp
Spiked Shield 22gp


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