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Abraham, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII

Abraham is one of the founding members of the Fellowship. He appears in Ultima VII.


For details regarding Abraham's movements in Britannia, see: Fellowship Movements in Ultima VII

According to the Book of Fellowship, Abraham and his twin sister Elizabeth met and befriended Batlin, during the future Fellowship head's years as a soul-searching young bard in Britain. Soon after, the three of them became fast friends, and after meeting again briefly in Moonglow the trio committed to joining one another after ten years time in Britain again. When the day of their reunion came, the sage told the twins of what he had observed of the Britannia and its people in his travels, and the three of them together determined to form a philosophical society for the "betterment" of the populace. Thus was born the Fellowship.[1]

In the years that followed as the organization grew to prominence, Abraham took charge of the often unsavory operations of the group's branch in Buccaneer's Den, although at the time of Ultima VII, he appeared to have largely left such duties to his underling, Danag. Meanwhile he and his sister traveled the countryside, distributing money to various Fellowship groups while seeking to expand the society to places where it had not yet taken hold. Abraham was also the primary coordinator of executions in the group and worked closely with the Fellowship's chief assassin, Hook.[2]

During the Avatar's adventures in the realm at this time, the hero and companions had great trouble locating Abraham, as he and his sister remained forever one step ahead their investigations as they traced the pairs path throughout Britannia. For reasons unknown, the two siblings would repeatedly opt to save the Avatar's life when the hero would fall victim to serious injury, instructing the Fellowship-operated shelter in Paws to provide a bed for convalescence.

Despite all these potential close brushes with the twins, the Avatar never laid eyes on Abraham or his sister until entering the chamber of the Black Gate, where the assembled Fellowship inner circle stood ready to summon the Guardian into Britannia. Here, along with Elizabeth, Hook, and Forskis, Abraham endeavored to slay the hero, only to be overwhelmed by the champion of virtue's strength in arms.


  • The characters of Elizabeth and Abraham are quite likely intended to poke fun at the company Electronic Arts, whose name is often abbreviated to EA.
  • Danag of Buccaneer's Den will reveal his opinions of Abraham if approached with the blackrock cube, mentioning that his superior cheats regularly at cards.[2]
  • Should the Avatar be a male, Abraham will have been responsible for the death of Tseramed's beloved, Lady M - a woman under his command whom he forbade from seeking medical attention in the midst of severe illness.[3]
  • Humorously, Feridwyn of Paws will claim that Abraham and Elizabeth have saved and brought the Avatar to his shelter, even when the twins are the party responsible for "killing" the hero.
  • Early design documents for Ultima VII Part Two make mention of a posthumous encounter with the hostile, albeit communicative spirit of Abraham, among several other deceased adversaries of the Avatar (including Elizabeth, Batlin, Mondain, and notably, Lord Blackthorn) in Mortegro's abandoned manor during Shamino the Anarch's perverse rule over Moonshade.[4] With the eventual truncation of the game's plot, however, no such event occurs in the final release.


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