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Elizabeth, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII

This article is about an NPC in Ultima VII. For an NPC in Ultima IX, see Elizabeth (U9).

Elizabeth is one of the founding members of the Fellowship. She appears in Ultima VII.


For details regarding Elizabeth's movements in Britannia, see: Fellowship Movements in Ultima VII

According to his Book of Fellowship Elizabeth and her twin brother Abraham first met the druid Batlin during his years as a bard in Britain's tavern scene. Forming a fast friendship, the trio would meet later in Moonglow and would vow thereafter to meet every ten years at the Blue Boar, where they had first encountered one another. A decade after this promise they did, indeed, meet, and having learned much through their varying travels in the realm of the uncertainties the people of Britannia faced, the three companions determined that they would create a philosophical society in reaction to such apprehensions - The Fellowship.[1]

Elizabeth, along with Abraham, was responsible for laying the groundwork for future branches of this organization. The two traveled frequently from towne to towne, collecting funds from active groups and petitioning local politicians to establish new Fellowship centers whilst Batlin coordinated efforts from the society's primary branch in Britain. Both siblings also appeared to participate in some of the assassinations enacted by the group's executioner, Hook.

Throughout most of their adventures in the realm during Ultima VII, the Avatar and company were never able to locate the enigmatic Elizabeth, as she and her brother remained forever one step ahead of the hero's arrival in a city. For reasons unknown, however, the two siblings would repeatedly opt to save the Avatar's life when the hero would fall victim to serious injury, instructing the Fellowship-operated shelter in Paws to provide a bed for convalescence.

Despite all these potential close brushes with the pair, the Avatar never laid eyes on them until entering the chamber of the Black Gate, where the assembled Fellowship inner circle stood ready to summon the Guardian into Britannia. Here, along with Abraham, Hook and Forskis, she endeavored to slay the hero, only to be overwhelmed by the champion of virtue's strength in arms.


  • The characters of Elizabeth and Abraham are quite likely intended to poke fun at the company Electronic Arts, whose name is often abbreviated to EA.
  • Danag of Buccaneer's Den will reveal his opinions of Elizabeth if approached with the blackrock cube, claiming his superior to be "a royal she-bitch who will murder thee at a moment's notice." [2]
  • Should the Avatar be a female, Elizabeth will have been responsible for the death of Tseramed's beloved, Lady M - a woman under her command whom she forbade from seeking medical attention in the midst of severe illness.[3]
  • Humorously, Feridwyn of Paws will claim that Elizabeth and Abraham have saved and brought the Avatar to his shelter, even when the twins are the party responsible for "killing" the hero.
  • Early design documents for Ultima VII Part Two make mention of a posthumous encounter with the communicative, albeit hostile spirit of Elizabeth, as well as several other deceased adversaries of the Avatar (including Abraham, Batlin, Hook, Lord Blackthorn, and Mondain) in Mortegro's abandoned manor during the Bane of Anarchy's perverse rule over Moonshade.[4] With the eventual truncation of the game's plot, however, no such event occurs in the final release.


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