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Tseramed, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Yew

Tseramed is a woodsman living in the vicinity of Yew during Ultima VII. He may join the Avatar's party in the course of the hero's adventures.


Tseramed was once in love with a woman known as Lady M., who was convinced by either Elizabeth or Abraham to join the ranks of the Fellowship. An intelligent and skilled individual, this woman soon rose through the organization's ranks and became on official under the direction of one of the twins. However, upon being afflicted with severe illness, Lady M. was forbidden by her superior to seek the assistance of a healer, given the Fellowship's ideological opposition to the profession. She died due to lack of treatment and Tseramed thereafter sought revenge upon the individual who had thus counseled his beloved, although he soon found his search for the Fellowship leader to be difficult, as the siblings traveled frequently.[1]

Should the Avatar approach the forester, the man would gladly share his knowledge of the Deep Forest with the adventurer, discussing a variety of fauna in the region, as well as remarking on the oddity of the Bee Cave and the hermits living therein. An adept huntsman, Tseramed had killed some number of the giant bees from this colony, and used their envenomed stingers to craft sleep inducing arrows, which he would manufacture for the hero on request. This practice, however, had earned him the ire of "Papa" and "Mama" - the two cave-dwellers who considered the bees their companions - and would make discussions with the couple problematic if present.[2]

If invited to join the Avatar's party, the ranger would reveal to the hero the story of his lost love, and may have been able to eventually fulfill his desire for vengeance should he have been present at the final confrontation with the Fellowship's inner circle.


  • Tseramed's counterpart in reality is Ken Demarest III, the head programmer of Ultima VII.[3] He has frequently used Tseramed (his last name spelled in reverse) as his on-line pseudonym.
  • According to technical documents for the game, the character was first known as Kendem.[4]
  • The twin responsible for Lady M's death will change depending on the gender of the Avatar. Should the character be female, Elizabeth will have been the offending party, whereas if the character is male, it will have been Abraham.[1]
  • Should the Avatar approach Tseramed while wearing a Fellowship medallion, the hero may falsely claim to be either Elizabeth or Abraham (depending on their gender), potentially provoking the ranger into combat.[5]
  • Lady M is listed as the author of A Guide to Childcare for the Rich and Famous, although Tseramed never mentions whether or not she was a mother.[6]

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