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Special thanks to Prescient Dragon, from The Complete Guide to Ultima VIII (http://www.pdragon.net/u8.php) for allowing us to host this walkthrough here.


You arrive on the shores of a strange island. There is a man there who begins talking to you. His name is Devon. He has some very useful information about where you've been "dropped" off. You will learn about something that will be happening on the docks. Perhaps you should check it out.


  • If you ask the right questions, or speak to him a second time, Devon will tell you to seek out Bentic the scholar in the library.
  • Double click on the Bedroll to roll it up and stick in your Backpack.
  • If you follow the shore all the way to the east and turn north at the bend, you will come to the city wall. Hidden behind a tree stump there is a box. The key in the box opens a Trapped chest that is located on the upper part of the shore. Take the Potions, too. Climb up onto the upper part and go to about the middle and follow it to the west until you come to a building. The chest contains a helmet and some death disks on the Skeleton's body. To use a death disk, double click on it, then click on your target. It will fly to the target unless something gets in its way. Beware using these in close quarters!

You decide to go in the direction Devon indicates. You come to the Docks. North lies the city of Tenebrae. You notice the city's gates are closed, so you decide to go the the southern end of the Docks to see what's happening. An execution!


  • When you approach the execution area, the computer takes over. You watch as Mordea accuses Toran of blasphemy. She decides to go against the pact with Lithos and put his body out to the sea. Tarna, the guard, warns her against it, but Mordea orders Shaana to carry through. Shaana then decapitates Toran, and Rhian sobs over the body of her husband. After the execution, you are questioned by Guards. Answer them as you wish.
  • At the foot of the docks are some barrels. One of them contains a box with a Dagger and a Keyring in it. Equip yourself with the dagger and take the keyring. The other barrel contains a scroll with a reference to the Skull of Quakes (see section Zealan Shrine).
You travel north again, and the gates are open this time. The guard on the other side gives you information on the layout of Tenebrae. East is the richer part of town, where you can find the Library and a trainer. West is the poor part, where you can find the Tavern and a Smithy. To the north is Mordea's palace, which he warns you against entering. Orlok the barkeep and his barmaid, Jenna, have information on the Necromancer's past and info on another quest (see Ghost Subplot) you can follow.

You decide to seek out Bentic in East Tenebrae. You search and find the library in the northwestern section. From him, you learn much about the world of Pagan. He also gives you information on another man who might be able to help you: Mythran. He is located on the Plateau.


  • Bentic is either on the first floor of the library or the second. He is wearing a green shirt. Ask him about Tenebrae, then about leaving Pagan. Tell him you wish to leave Pagan. Ask about Mythran and where he lives. He lives on the Plateau. To get there, exit East Tenebrea through the gate to the west and out through the Northern gate. Follow the road to the northwest and into a cave. Beware! A troll my be wandering around the cave.
  • There are Library books that contain references to: Bonecrusher, the Deceiver Axe, and the Cheat Room.
  • On your way through the palace, go up to the second floor and to the middle. You will see a platform. Walk towards it and it will rise and pulsate with magic. This is a Recall Pad. You'll find out what they are for in the section on Mythran.
  • The grey guard towers in Central Tenebrae are loaded with scrolls, simple armor and weapons, potions and some money. If they are locked, jump up and climb onto the bridge connecting the towers. The easiest way to do this is to stand directly under the bridge so it disappears. Next, take small steps to the south until the bridge reappears again. Turn around, press both mouse buttons simultaneously, and hold them down until you're on top.
  • Shaana's house in West Tenebrae contains an Axe that you can take and a Gem you can sell to Rhian in East Tenebrae. Shaana's house is to the south of the South Entrance Gate.
  • DO NOT steal from the armory in the palace or attack any peasants unless you want a swift death!
  • If you feel like fighting a Troll, there is a way into the little arena. If you walk around to the NW corner of the arena, you will notice a cluster of large mushrooms. A little to the east of them is a patch of ground a little darker than the rest. Walk towards it, and the ground will fall out from underneath you. If you don't fall through with it, just take small steps towards it until you do. There is a bag with 2 fire gems and some junk in it. To get out, pull the lever in the corner with the pile of junk in it to lower the metal wall and walk out. Occasionally, there are two trolls in there, and you can watch them duke it out! :)
  • Talk to Beren to learn about Sorcery. His house is a little W of the East Tenebrae's large central fountain. DO NOT steal from him!! Or if you want to, save your game first!

Plateau and Cemetery[edit]

You follow the path Bentic told you to, and it leads to a cave. You enter the cave and it is full of undead and a puzzle involving levers and a gate. First, though, is having to jump from stone to stone to get to the gate. After the lever puzzle is solved and the gate rises, you make your way out of the cave, and are on the Plateau. You see a path to the south and decide to follow it. Eventually it leads to a strange house. You decide to enter and are confronted by many traps. You quickly run through and find yourself in a completely different environment. You eventually find Mythran and learn your next goal on this strange world. You also get a strange item that will make your quest much easier: The Recall Item.


  • While jumping across the stones, if you go all the way to the west of the water area, you will find a chest. Try to stand as far away from it as possible, as it is trapped; or if you have a Destroy Trap scroll, use it. In the chest, you will find a hoard of scrolls: Healing, restoration, etc.
  • Search the Skeletons' bodies for potions!

If you can't seem to get by the electric gate, stand under the northwest corner of the small plateau in the cave, and climb up. Watch out for a ghoul.

  • To solve the lever puzzle, go across the rope bridge north of the little island with the winch on it. Pull all the levers that don't have bones or skulls in front of them, then pull the lever that was broken on the little island south of the bridge. The gate will then open.
  • Kill all the ghouls you can. They're the best way to increase your strength throughout the game.
  • To avoid the traps at the beginning of Mythran's house, run as fast as you can as soon as you are able to when you enter.
  • Tell Mythran you have many questions and that you wish to leave Pagan. Tell him that you are not kidding. He will then tell you to seek out the Necromancers first, if you haven't already. He then gives you the Recall Item. Walk to the east end of the second floor and activate the Recall Pad. To use the Recall Item, double-click on it and pick your destination. Anywhere you have activated a Recall Pad, you will be able to travel there.
  • After Mythran tells you it's ok to take what you want, go downstairs (if you're not already there) and into his closet (the rooms with the casks in it). In the backpack you will find Korghin's Fang. Also take the couple obsidian coins on his shelf in the front. You can also take the Zealan Ceremonial Shield at the top of the staircase and save yourself having to look for the one in the shrine.
  • Read the books around his house to learn more about Pagan and gain some hints for what's to come.
  • Before you enter Mythran's house, in the NW section of the Plateau is a cave. In the cave, at the far East is Bonecrusher. Note: There is no way to open the big doubledoors in the cave!

You return to Tenebrae using the new Recall Item given to you by Mythran, and you seek out the Cemetery beyond East Tenebrae. The guard at the gate tells you that the East Road leads North to the Cemetery and to be wary of the undead. You follow the road North to the Cemetery entrance and enter. You see a small dirt road and decide to follow it. Along the way, ghouls attack you. You eventually come to a gate entrance to a monastery. There you meet Vividos, the apprentice Necromancer. From him you learn a dagger was stolen by Mordea. You promise him you'll return it. You go back to the palace and confront Mordea. She says nothing, so you decide to talk to the servants. The girl Aramina seems to know something, and asks you to meet her at her house during Bloodwatch. Once the dagger is returned, you are made witness to the Necromancer's most sacred ritual: The Ceremony of Eternity.


  • Vividos tells you about the Necromancer's past and about the dagger that Mordea stole. Ask about joining them. Continue to ask about the necromancer's until you can ask about Mordea. Ask about the dagger and offer to get it.
  • Aramina holds the "key" to the dagger. If you catch her in the palace (she's the woman in white dress), she will tell you to meet her at her house in East Tenebrae. To get to her house, go to east. Walk south from the entrance to the first left. Walk left until the road comes to a T. Turn south until you get to a crossroads. Turn east until you see a wooden house will a water trough out front. That's her house. Like she said, she is only there at Bloodwatch. Ask her about the dagger, promise her she won't get into trouble, and she will give you the key to Mordea's bedroom.
  • To get to her bedroom, go directly north through the palace and through the throne room. To get into her bedroom, get the key from underneath the skull pillow in the throne room. If Mordea is sleeping, DO NOT STEP ON THE CARPET in her room. Carefully walk around the carpet to the closet. Unlock both the closet door and chest with Aramina's key, and take the dagger back to Vividos.
  • Watch the ceremony. Ask if he is the Necromancer and what a Scion is. Accept his offer to become his apprentice. Agree to get the Reagents for him. Ask him what the reagents are and where they are located. If you need help locating the reagents, please see the section called Earth.
  • If you follow the first turn off to the east on East Road, you will come to an old, run down building with a fire gem in the middle. If you walk into the building, you will fall through the floor and can begin the Slayer Subplot.
  • Occasionally, in the northwest corner of the East Road map, there are a bunch of ghouls. If they are there, kill 'em! It's easy and increases your strength.

Change in Rule[edit]

On your walk back to Tenebrae, you are stopped by an East Road guard and given some terrible news. Devon was arrested and Bentic has been executed! The guard suspects you because you have been seen with both of them. The guard lets you go, and you decide to visit Devon in the palace dungeon to see what has happened. Next you speak to Salkind to learn of Mordea's actions more. Mythran may know a way to help you find the "forbidden".


  • The Palace Dungeon is located below the palace. Use the switch outside the door and enter. Talk to Devon in jail. Tell Devon you will find out Mordea's reason for her actions. Talk to Salkind (either at home or in the throne room) and he'll tell you about a prisoner logbook he keeps in his house in East Tenebrae. The logbook mentions forbidden research sealed behind magically locked doors. Mythran has a special scroll that he will sell you, for 50 obsidian coins, that opens secret doors. Use the Recall Item to get to him and back. Travel back down to the dungeons and look for a book that is sealed off completely. Use Mythran's scroll, and a door will open. Read the book and learn the truth. You will then be caught. Put up a fight to make things interesting.
  • EASY MONEY: In Salkind's house (it's the large one on the east side with a wall around it and a courtyard in front), go to his living room and get the key underneath the spittoon in the northwest corner. Go to his bedroom and find the key under a towel on the table. Put both on the keychain. Next, pull the lever along the northern wall of his bedroom to lower the metal wall. Use the keys to unlock both the door and the chest. Beware! The chest is trapped! Inside you'll find 300 obsidian coins. Don't worry if he is home. Stealing isn't as bad as it was in the other Ultimas (although in some places, it is seriously deadly!!)

You have been caught reading forbidden information. You are brought out to the docks to witness the execution of your good friend Devon. You are now given the choice between the truth or silence.


  • Unless you want to end the game very quickly, tell the people that Devon is the rightful heir, and you have proof of it.
  • You can now buy Confusion Blast from Mythran.


Symbol of Earth

You've been sent on your first quest as an apprentice Necromancer. Vividos told you to search for Dead Man's Elbow and Executioner's Hood. Since you are new to magic on Pagan, he described them for you and told you where they can be found. You return to him with the reagent's and are on your way to learning your first Necromantic Spells.


  • Dead Man's Elbow is located in West Tenebrae under a tree in the northern section by an abandoned house. You will find some three-pointed sticks. Take them all. As long as you remain out of combat mode, the ghost will NOT attack you. Just ignore the ghouls in the area and stay away from them to avoid a fight.
  • Executioner's Hood is located to the East of the entrance to the cemetery along East Road. It's in the lower ground level area on a small plateau in the center. Kill any changelings in the area. You will have to climb up onto the plateau to get all of the mushrooms.
  • Vividos only accepts the reagents if they come from these places. If you get them from anywhere else, he won't acknowledge that you got them.
  • When you return to Vividos, drop all of the mushrooms but one anywhere around the area that you will be able to pick them up later. He only requires you to have one, so you might as well keep the rest for yourself. The Dead Man's Elbow is not useful to you, so just let him have them all. The wood reagent you'll need is different.
  • Vividos will give you the Key of the Caretaker. Make sure your inventory IS NOT full or you will lose this very important item forever!
  • Get the all reagents from upstairs and take the bag that is there to keep them in. This makes your backpack less cluttered. Find another bag somewhere else in Tenebrea to prepare the spells in. The grey guard towers had some.
  • Read the books to learn the spells. Although you may already know this information from the manual, your character doesn't. He needs to learn them himself in the game before he can cast them.
  • Go in the bedroom in the NE corner of the second floor and read the scroll in the chest. This was Lothian's last gift to the Necromancers: The Call Quake spell.

Vividos has sent you on a quest of knowledge to become his apprentice. Using the new magics you have learned, you will gain this knowledge from the Necromancers of the past. You go to seek them out in the Catacombs of Pagan. You find out that learning the ways of a Necromancer are not easy, and that to gain more knowledge, you must use what you have already been taught.


  • Go to the building north of Vividos's home and cast Open Ground on the rear wall. Beware of ghosts outside the building. Enter and you are now in the Upper Catacombs.
  • Pull the northern lever to open the gate. Walk to the northeast until you come to a fenced off area. DO NOT ENTER (as the sign there says). Walk around it to the north and climb up and over the red pedestal. Pull the lever on the other side to make things easier for the other times you'll be coming through here. Walk to the east and follow the northern wall until you come to a little building with a ghoul in it. Where the wall becomes natural rock along the way, there are some bone reagents around.
  • There are magic leggings in the box in that building. To get them: when the floor first drops out, click and hold both mouse buttons. You'll catch yourself if you time it right. Quickly release then click and hold the left mouse button to pull yourself up. Kill the ghoul and take the leggings. Then drop through.
  • There are some useful reagents in the barrels to the west. Walk north, west, south, and west again and you'll come to the first Ancient Necromancer. Along the way, there is a ruined building with reagents in a chest. Watch out for the fire bomber to the north. Use Death Speak to talk to the Necromancers. You'll learn Mask of Death.
  • Go northeast and you'll come to a ridge. Climb over it. Avoid (or if you want to try and kill it) the kith, then cast Mask of Death on yourself to get by the daemons. Northwest of the daemons is some blood. The chest there is trapped and empty. Walk north to the next Necromancer and learn Rock Flesh.
  • Cast Rock Flesh on yourself and run through the lightening. Follow the path west, south, then east to get to the third Necromancer. On the way there is a backpack with reagents in it being guarded by a kith. You'll learn Summon Undead and be teleported when you're done.
  • You'll be teleported to a plateau with a bunch of undead across the water. There are reagents on the bodies around here. I found the easiest way to get to the Necromancer is to cast Invisible (scroll or potion) on yourself and make your way quickly around the undead to him. You can also try killing all the ghouls and skeletons and then throwing their bodies over the edge so they don't resurrect. That's easier said than done, though. (From the fourth Necromancer on, you don't have to use Death Speak to talk to them. There is a bug in the game that lets you do this. Take advantage of it to save reagents) After you learn Grant Peace, you'll be teleported again.
  • Kill the Changelings and make your way to a small structure in the middle of the grass. Before you enter, there are many reagents to collect in this area. Especially in the chests. Enter the area, and you'll be teleported again.
  • Walk east then north, killing the ghoul that rises, and grab the reagents off the clothed skeleton. The chest is trapped. Walk south around the water to a plateau. Climb onto it and grab the Magic Armor and reagents. Run east until you come to lava. Jump to the north, then across the lava, and climb up. Follow the plateau until it ends, jump to the southern plateau, and be teleported. I usually use an invisibility potion because of the kith that's right where you're teleported to. Run west (stopping is not recommended) until you're at the 5th Necromancer's platform. Learn Withstand Death and be teleported.
  • Walk west, north, west, north, and you will come to a building and a lever. Flip the switch on the building to lower the gate to the north. Pull the lever to lower the metal wall. Kill the skeleton permanently with Grant Peace, and get the blood out of the building.
  • Continue along and you'll come to a branch in the passage way. Take the left branch first until you come to a raised platform. Use the same technique described in the beginning for getting up onto the guard towers to get up on the platform. Get the reagents, return to the branch in the passage, and take the right branch. Use Rock Skin (much more useful than Withstand Death, and uses less reagents) to get by the fire shooter. On your way, you'll see a dead ghoul with a blood spill around him. There is a bag with reagents in it.
  • Talk to the 6th Necromancer and learn Create Golem and the location of the Hall of the Mountain King. Exit the room, banish the ghost that appears (via Grant Peace), and leave the area. You're now on the eastern end of the Upper Catacombs. Fall off the ledge and walk south avoiding puddles (you'll fall through the floor if you get too near them) and out the door at the bottom. You're now in the Upper Catacombs 2. This is a jump point for all other important places in the game.

You've learned all you can from your Necromantic brethren, and now it's time to face the Lord of Pagan Earth: Lithos. You have the magical, living key to his domain, and make your way through the next level of the catacombs to Stone Cove.


  • Start walking south. There are occasionally reagents lying about. You're first obstacle will be a pit with skeletons in it. The easiest way to get by here is to Grant Peace on the skeletons, lower yourself down, and climb back up the other side. You will then pass through a narrow area that you can't see your character when he passes through it. There may be a ghost on the other side. Grant it Peace, too.
  • Continue south until you come to a metal wall that lowers to reveal a fire shooter. You can either time walking by it safely, then jump over the spike on the other side, or you can walk back north a ways until you see a narrow passage off to the west. Follow it around, and you will be brought out on the other side of the spikes.
  • Go to the switch in on the post. The roof will once again fall. You can do one of two things here: You can let the piece of roof hit you, thereby leaving the path back out clear. Or you can let it hit the ground and climb over it. Either way, flip the switch to lower the gate. Walk through the gate, through the door, and you're now in Stone Cove.
  • Stone Cove is an infinite source of 4 reagents. Wood, Executioner's Hood, Dirt, Blood, and Blackmoor. Executioner's Hood is along the Northern wall. Wood is in the grassy area south of the large doors. Blood is along the eastern wall by a dead body. Dirt is around the lake to the southeast. Blackmoor is around the stalagmites around the southern shore. To get as much of any of these reagents you want, pick up the reagent and walk away for a while. Come back and it will be there again. For example, you can walk around the lake with the dirt around it and the dirt will reappear every time you circle it. The other reagents aren't this simple to get, but it is possible.
  • At a certain point along the southern shore, you will notice stepping stones. Jump south from one to the other until you get to a small island with a plateau. The Guardian will once again comment on your progress. Walk around to the west and jump to the large island. Beware the skeletons here. Climb up and claim one of the game's greatest prizes: The Deceiver Axe.

Before you now lies the large doors to his Kingdom. You will once again be tested to see if you are worthy to gain an audience with your new "lord". From him you will learn your final steps to becoming a Necromancer's apprentice. When you've finally become one, you're given a quest that all Necromancer's dream of.


  • Summon a Golem from the dirt in front of the large doors and command it to open them. You now enter the Hall of the Mountain King.
  • Go north past the Golem until you reach a canyon running east & west. Jump over it while watching out for the fire bombs. Continue north and you'll come to a ruined building. Since the gate lever is broken, you'll have to climb over the low wall to the right of the gate. Pull the lever next to the chair and 3 ghouls will rise. Kill them and get out the same way you came in.
  • Go back to where the Golem was, but this time go west. You'll come to a disappearing bridge (the lever activated it). Time it right to get to the other side and then jump from platform to platform.
  • Being wary of yet another Golem, go north and wait for the platform to appear again before jumping to it. Follow the fading platforms around to the west. Walk north past the door and make your way through the Force Field maze to a chest at the north end. Take the key and the Blue Field Passage Gem (keeps force fields from harming you). There may be some creatures there at the door to greet you on your return.
  • Unlock the door and follow the passage west until it opens up again. Watch out for fire mushrooms and make you way north and down to the shore. Secret: Instead of jumping from stone to stone, walk west along the shore until you're off the screen. Once you are, take about 7 SMALL steps until you see land along the west wall. Jump to it, and walk along the shore to the other end.
  • Climb the steps and walk north until you see a tall stalagmite against the west wall. There is a narrow, hard-to-see passage to the north of it. Follow it and you'll come to some Adventurer's Mushrooms. Eat them if you're low on health. Go south (there may be some changelings around) through the force fields to a chest. In the chest, under the left red potion, is a key. Take it and go back out the narrow passage. Take about 20 NORMAL steps north and you will come to another narrow passage to the west.
  • At the northern end of the larger passageway, past a troll, is an Earth Symbol in the ground with barrels and a chest around it. They contain magic scrolls and metal armguards. The Symbol teleports you back near the entrance. Make sure you stay away from it. There are some scrolls metal armguards here. To get off the small island, stand near the closer of the two vanishing platforms and climb up when it appears and jump to the next one quickly.
  • Take the western passage and you'll eventually come to a spot where you have to jump across some water. Do that, unlock the door, and continue north then west (don't stop walking unless you want to get hit in the head) and you'll come to some more floating platforms. Jump them and go to the south first. Go all the way south, past another Earth Symbol, and walk near the Recall Pad to activate it. Go back north and talk to Lithos.
  • Recall back to Central Tenebrae and go to the Cemetery to talk to Vividos. Tell him that Lithos told you to inter Lothian. He will give you instructions and the Key of the Scion. Once again, make sure you have room in your inventory for one item or you'll lose this item forever. Inter Lothian using the Key of the Scion. She can be found outside Vividos' Monastery in the upper right corner. Return to Vividos to learn of your pilgrimage to the Birthplace of Moriens.

Zealan Shrine[edit]

You begin your pilgrimage, as Vividos instructed, wondering what the Birthplace would be like. Would you have an incredible vision as he described? You finally arrive there and discover the entrance to an ancient Shrine. You find a book near its entrance and read how the ancients made obstacles for their people in order to be granted the privilege of meeting their deities. Little do you know that your pilgrimage leads you to discover a destiny few mortals could ever dream of!


  • Return to the Upper Catacombs via the building north of Vividos's monastery. Follow the same path you did to get to the Necromancer's and you will come across a building with a plaque on it. The plaque reads, "Birthplace of Moriens". Use the Key of the Scion to unlock the door and enter.
  • To the north is the Birthplace. Straight to the west of the entrance is a skeleton with a Restore to Sight scroll on it. Kill the Ghouls that rise and cast it. A chest will appear. Take what you want from it and go back to the north. On a dead body there you will find a book about the Zealans that contains a bit of their history and a reference to Shrines they built. There is also a scroll that confirms the Shrine's existence. Go North through the doors and you are now in the Zealan Shrine.
  • Lever puzzle: Head north then west past the rolling spheres past a door. Continue east past a northern branch in the passage to a platform with a chest in the middle. I've read that throwing the skulls off the platform disables some of the traps. Sometimes it works; other times it doesn't. I asked for help with this, and this is what I got: pull the levers in this order: West, North, East, West. I'd appreciate anyone else out there trying this order, and letting me know if it works. If it does, then it will be a permanent part of the page.
  • Unlock the door to the north and follow the passage north, east, south, and west to a trapped chest. Open it and take the Skull of Quakes (You'll find out what to do with this later. Keep it!). There are some Reagents in the area, too. Go back to the levers platform and head west and take the northern branch to a fence maze.
  • Fence maze: A gate to the east will lower. Walk through and a gate to the north will raise. Step of the pressure plate and back on again to lower it. Walk through and a gate to the east will lower. Walk through and another eastern gate will lower. You will see a raised walkway. Walk to the NW to a single column at a corner. Face the northern side of it, and climb up. Turn and face northwest and jump out of the fence maze.
  • Turn west and climb up the ledge you come to. Jump over the water pit, and turn north at the first chance. You'll come to a grave. Use the reagents and Bag there to cast Open Ground. Fall through and head south then west through an arch and then east to a platform with marbles on it. Marble Gate puzzle: Stand on top of the skull there and take small steps north until you see a corner of the raised platform on the other side of the gate. Make sure you don't accidentally step off the skull, and throw a marble at that lower corner. The gate will lower.
  • Collect the 2 keys, reagents, and whatever else you want from this next area. The levers operate the elevators so you can get under the raised platform. If, for some reason, you want to get on top, you have to climb up. Jump over the light beam to avoid another trap. There are some coins to the west by a candle. An easy way to stop the fire shooter to the east from harming you is to place a candlestand from the hallway in front of it to block it. You may have to find just the right place to put it, but it works.
  • Stair puzzle: This puzzle is based on the Tower of Hanoi. Using the clock there (much easier than walking from plate to plate) you move the stair pieces up and down. However many steps one goes down, the next move will make one go up that many steps (example move: first middle step goes down one, the next move will make a step move up one). But, if you try and put a higher step in front of a lower one, it will not work. The goal is to make a complete staircase in the middle.
  • Once solved, leave the clock on the middle step, and walk up the steps. Cast either Rock Flesh or Withstand Death and walk through the light beams. Unlock the first large door and go through both sets of doors. Under (not in the inventory of) the skeleton lying on the front bench is a key. This key unlocks all the short doors in the Shrine. Go back out the doors and to the east wall until you see a door. Unlock it and go through to the south to another door. Unlock it and you're out on the other side of the Stair Puzzle. Use this path to get back to the temple again.
  • Go back just past the Marble Platform again, but this time turn south to a short door. Go through and get the Zealan Ceremonial Shield. Return to the temple and place it on the altar to speak to the Zealan deities. They will tell you to get a certain item from the other side of the doors behind them.
  • Use Mythran's "Secret Door Scroll" (despite what Mythran says, the scroll never runs out of charges) on the door. Go through and face Khumash-Gor. Easiest thing to do is prepare a Grant Peace spell before entering and use it. He will leave behind a random item and the Scimitar of Khumash-Gor. If you've already gotten the Deceiver Axe, keep it. It's more powerful. In one of the small boxes behind the throne is the Blackrock Obelisk Tip. Take it and return to the main Temple hall to talk to the deities again and learn your destiny.


Symbol of Air

You leave the Shrine with the knowledge that a difficult quest is ahead of you. You've heard from the people you've talked to that the Titans' powers are immense, and now, you must defeat them somehow. You think back to what Mythran told you about having to master all the magics of Pagan in order to leave. You decide that that sounds like a good beginning, and set of to the island of the healers first: Argentrock Isle.

Here you learn the magics of the Air through tests of your mettle and knowledge. If you pass them, you become an Initiate. To become a full Adept, you must strive to hear The Mystic Voice.


  • Leave the Zealan Shrine and return to the Upper Catacombs. Head east and a little south. Look for a red hole in the east side of a wall. Double-click the Skull of Quakes and target the red hole. The ground will shake, the screen will go black, and you will come to and see a hole in the ground just to your east. Go down the steps here, and through the door to activate a Recall Pad. This makes traveling to some places later much easier! After this, head to the Upper Catacombs 2 and follow the normal path to the bridges over the water. Just after the second bridge is a door to the East. Unlock it with the Key of the Scion and go through. After you come out, go across the bridge to your North and you're now on Argentrock Isle.
  • Activate the Recall Pad to the northwest of the bridge near some stalagmites. Find Xavier. He's wearing a dark blue vest and gray clothing. He may either be wandering outside, in front of the compound, or he'll be in his house which is along the northern side inside the compound. He will tell you of the island and Stratos. Tell him you wish to be enlightened and he will tell you of the first two tests. To pass the Test of Wisdom, you'll need to read the books on the first floor of the large Monastery. Answer his 5 questions, and you're ready for test #2. (I didn't put the answers to Xaviers questions here because getting them is ridiculously easy to do in the game. If the books with the answers aren't in the Monastery, then you don't have the patch installed on your game.)
  • Go out the rear exit (around the monastery to the south and the west) and up to the cliffs. Find the small plateau with an Air Symbol on it, climb up it, and walk to the center. This is Windy Point. Stratos will test your balance. My best tip to give you here is to try and stay in the center of the symbol, and only take NORMAL steps.
  • Return to Xavier and tell him you passed. He will direct you to Stellos. He's not always correct when he tells you where Stellos is. He's either in his home in the south corner of the compound or in the monastery. He has a white robe and carries a staff. Talk to him for a while and learn more of Argentrock and Stratos. Tell him you've past the tests and he will tell you the next step: constructing your Foci. He will give you a key to the catacombs beneath the Monastery and tell you to see Korick in Tenebrae after you've gotten the silver ore. The entrance to the catacombs is in the back of the Monastery.
  • Head south and open the door using Stellos's key. There are many healing potions and scrolls in these catacombs. Go through the electric gates. Go around to the south avoiding creatures. The north way has fire shooters. To the north and you'll see a building. If you want the Protector Sword (also called Nedra's Needle in a book), use Mythran's "Dispel Magic Portals" scroll and a door will open. Silver ore is found all over the caves. The heaviest concentration of it is in a large open area to the far south. You have to walk through a hard-to see passage to get to it. Recall to Tenebrae once you have at least 8 pieces. (Help: People have been telling me that there is some silver ore in Western Tenebrae down near the water. I have been unable to find these piece. If anyone can get some screenshots of where they are, I would be VERY grateful!) Go to Korick's Blacksmith Shop in West Tenebrae. He's there during Bloodwatch. Have him make a Focus for each spell. Be careful! He will make more than one focus for one spell if you ask him to. Keep track of which ones you've asked for as he makes them! Recall back to Argentrock. Place each focus on the altar in the Monastery to activate it.
  • Talk to Stellos. He will tell you the next test. Return to the Monastery catacombs and turn north this time. Do what you think you should for an injured Torax. Return to Stellos when you've accomplished your goal. You'll learn of Xavier's stolen Focus. Talk to Xavier. When talking to both Stellos and Xavier, make sure you tell them that you've met all the others, also. Speak to Cyrrus. After you speak to him once, cast Hear Truth and speak to him again of Torwin. You'll learn he's at Windy Point. Go confront him. After he's gone, take the Focus and the ring and talk to Xavier. Talk to Stellos again. He tells you to return to Windy Point and take a leap of faith. Stand between the pillars and jump. Make your way to the northwest to Stratos. Learn of the Breath of Air and get your final Focus. The easiest way to get back is to just use the Recall item to Argentrock. Talk to Stellos and he will congratulate you on becoming a full Adept. He will also tell you where the Breath of Air is. DO NOT take it yet.
  • The ring Torwin discards with the focus can be brought back to Rhian, but she will be devastated to know that her son is also dead.


Symbol of Water

Next, you decide to visit Hydros in her underground home of Carthax Lake. Knowing she is trapped here, you have no fear as you make your way to her shrine in the center of the cavern. You ask her for her gift of Tempestry. She agrees to give them to you if you do her one small favor. With this favor completed, you learn the true nature of a Titan.


  • Return to the Upper Catacombs via the Recall Item and head for the Upper Catacombs 2. Go across the bridges and through the narrow passage. Head southeast immediately after the passage. There may be a lava pit here. Jump over it and continue southeast, through a narrow passage, until you come to an electric gate. Go through and head south to a gate and a switch. Pull the switch to lower the gate, unlock the door with the Key of the Scion, and enter Carthax Lake.
  • Go east and activate the Recall Pad.
  • Go around to the southern end of the pit. You may find reagents along the way. Just as the pit starts following around to the north again, there will be a stone bridge. Follow it to the center plateau (you will have to jump at the broken places). Follow the inside shoreline around to the east to a white bridge. Go to the center, and talk to Hydros. She tells you to open the ground at the tomb of her capturer's lover.
  • Head back across the bridges and follow the southern wall west until you come to a cave. Enter, run past the troll, and through the second cave. Continue west until you come to a troll at an encampment. You can kill the troll by repeatedly luring it into the fire (talk about dumb ;). After you've done that, there are some coins in a bag in one of the barrels, and some magic armguards on a skeleton near the sword.
  • Go back east then north to a spiked wall. Climb over at the break in the spikes. Go north to a gated wall. Pull the southern lever to lower the gate and climb through. Run past the troll, and as you approach the next gate, it will lower. If you haven't gotten any yet, there are some magic leggings to the north.
  • Turn south after the gate rises, then west, then north then east to a stone archway. If you turn south instead of north, and go past the fire shooters, you'll come to a chest with death disks, food, and potions.
  • Go through the stone archway, north to Alexis' tomb, and cast Open Ground. Recall back to Carthax Lake, and you'll see the storms have started again. Talk to Hydros again, and learn of her double-crossing. Recall back to Tenebrae and talk to Devon and tell him what you've done. He will reluctantly suggest where you should go next.


Symbol of Fire

After freeing Hydros, you are told that maybe the Sorcerers' can help you. Sorcery is also the last magic that you have to master in order to be able to try and leave Pagan. On your way there, Beren warns you against angering the mages. You take his advice, and enter the Enclave. There you learn of the Cabal and, after an unfortunate death, an opening for a new sorcerer is given to you. You are once again put to the test to see if you are worthy of controlling the magical ethers of Pagan.


  • Recall to Carthax Lake and return to the Upper Catacombs 2. Head north through another electric gate (remember: north is the upper right corner of your screen). Walk around to the east to a gate with two metal walls in front of it. There are 3 strategies you can try to get by this. First, the easiest: If you look closely by the east wall, you will find a hidden switch. It's hard to see, but it is there. Pull this switch, and another door will open. The second strategy is to stand on the first metal door when it is down, then cast Aerial Servant on the large lever. This next strategy is mostly just a pain in the butt. You have to quickly pull the large lever back and forth to get both walls to lower at the same time. Sometimes the lever breaks, though, and then it's useless. After you've gotten by this little puzzle, walk straight to the edge of the lava and Beren will talk to you. Cast Air Walk and jump to where Beren was first standing. Make your way around to the southern side. Follow the water's shoreline west until you can see the other side. Jump across and head back east to a ledge. Climb up, go through the cave, and you're now in Sorcerer's Enclave or Daemon's Crag.
  • Walk south then turn east where the road does and activate the Recall Pad.
  • Walk west to Bane's house. Enter and ask about the Enclave, Morgaelin, current Sorcerers, Acolytes, the First Acolyte, and whatever else you want. Ask about Truenames. Agree to any tasks and learn her Truename. Go west to Vardion's house. Say you go where you will then apologize. Ask about the First Acolyte, dealings with Tenebrae, shrewd bargainings, and whatever else you want. Agree to any tasks and get his Truename. Reveal the Truename to whoever you want and the other will die. Malchir appears. Agree to any offers.
  • Get the key from the current First Acolyte and go to the Library on the northwest corner. Read the books, and when you feel you are ready to be tested, take 3 of each reagent (except Daemon Bone), three of each candle, any foci you see, and return to the First Acolyte. Before you take the test, you can ask him/her some useful information about the Sorcery ritual. One of the most useful is when they literally show you the names of each of the pentacle points. Bane and Vardion also have reagents and Foci in their homes you can use. Agree to take the test and prepare Flame Bolt, Flash, and Endure Heat. If you leave the house at anytime, the test is forfeit and you'll have to start over.

You have passed your first test and become a Disciple. Your next test lies in the Obsidian Fortress. You'll meet someone you thought was long gone, but turns out to be part of your test. In the Fortress, the plaques you find tell you what spells you must use to pass each test in order to gain the required symbol. Once you have all the symbols, you return to the gate that brought you there, and are sent to your final test.


  • The First Acolyte will send you to the Obsidian Fortress to meet Malchir. Follow the road as far west as it goes, and go over the bridges. The doors will open automatically. Go through and face Malchir for the first time. Run past the daemons he summons to the next area.
  • DO NOT attack or banish the Daemon in this next area. Talk to him instead. You'll find out he is the only daemon sorcerer and a part of the test of the Obsidian Fortress. (Those of you who have played Ultima VII may recognize Arcadion from the Forge of Virtue and Serpent Isle, although he won't recognize you. Tell him you're from Earth for an amusing response.) From Arcadion, learn what you are to do in the Obsidian Fortress in order to return and meet Malchir for your final test. Prepare the following spells using Arcadion's Pentacle: Extinguish, Ignite, Armor of Flames, Explosion, Summon Daemon, and Banish Daemon. Walk onto the platform in the back, and you will be flashed to the tests.
  • Ghouls rise around the area where you entered in certain places. You can do the tests in whatever order you want, but this is the order I usually do:
  • Extinguish: Walk south from the center platform through the pillar passage, and turn west, then south. You'll come to a plaque that reads, "An Flam, Extinguish". Make your way past the red mushrooms, a kith and sometimes a troll or seeker, and you'll come to a flaming pentagram with a magic helm in the middle. Cast Extinguish ON YOURSELF to douse all the flames. Take the helm and symbol and return to the hallway just after the plaque.
  • Turn west, then north. The first turn to your west leads to a mad Sorcerer. You can kill him and use his pentacle for any spells you forgot to prepare for the test. He also has the Conflagration spell set up. Take advantage of it, as it's a harder spell to setup yourself. You'll have to do several things before preparing it: Make sure there is no Daemon Bone on the Sorcerer's body. If you have Daemon Bone near a Pentacle, and it's not part of the spell, you may accidentally summon a daemon that attacks YOU! Also, there is an extra piece of Daemon Bone near Perivolcan Pa and an extra piece of Brimstone at the Aphelion. Move these away, or the spell will backfire.
  • Endure Heat: Continue north past a kith and turn west to a plaque that reads, "Sanct Flam, Endure Heat". Fight or use Grant Peace on the undead in the area. Make you're way through the maze of pillars and stalagmites to the west and you will come to an opening with a lava field to the south. Cast Endure Heat and drop down onto the lava. Step ONLY on the orange lava. Make your way south, jumping where you have to. You'll come to a ledge to the west with a daemon on it. Banish the daemon and climb up. Get the magic armor and symbol. Make your way back across the lava and back out to the plaque.
  • Flash: Continue north then east to the next plaque. It says, "Flam Por, Flash". Go North. Flash across the the rolling spheres. Use Intervention to get past the red mushroom fields to save Flash charges. Banish the daemon and get Flame Sting. Go through another red mushroom patch to the north. There may be a Seeker here. Get the symbol to the north. Make your way back out to the plaque the same way you got in.
  • Armor of Flames: Head east then south to a turn to the east. Cast Armor of Flames before even turning down it to read the plaque which reads, "Vas Sanct Flam, Armor of Flames". Make your way to the east. You'll know you're going the right way when you pass an activated Daemon Talisman between 2 pillars. It has Summon Daemon in it. Continue east and you'll come to an open area. The Daemon Shield is near the opening. It has the power of the Armor of Flames spell. When you approach in, flames will erupt. Grab it quick before an explosion throws it beyond reach. The symbol is to the south.
  • With all four symbols, return to the platform in the center, and you will be teleported back to Arcadion. Talk to him. He will direct you back to the platform again which will now take you to Malchir. Malchir will test you again. Cast Flame Bolt, Explosion, and Summon Daemon on Malchir in that order. Banish his Daemon and you will be taken to participate in the Ritual of Flame. Reminder: If you remember, your teacher (Bane or Vardion) told you to keep a red candle with you for this ceremony. If you don't have one, grab one BEFORE you cast Summon Daemon on Malchir from the back of his domain. Do as everyone else does during the ceremony. Watch the confrontation between Pyros and Malchir. If you've done everything right, Malchir will praise you. If not, he will reprimand you. He will also do this if you forgot a candle or ignite spell. And if you REALLY screw up (forget both things, and ask Malchir if you must kneel), you may even set Pyros free!

You are now an Acolyte of the Cabal. From your teacher, and watching the ceremony, you learned that the blackrock fragment called the Tongue of Flames is in Malchir's possession. You go to ask him if you can have it, but instead are made a more powerful Sorcerer than you ever thought!


  • After the Ceremony, the First Actolyte, whoever it may be, is in the First Acolytes house (Vardion's original home).
  • Go to Malchir again the same way you got to him before, and he will attack you. Kill him and take the Tongue of Flame from his body. Also read the book about it on his body. The end has a hint on what you should do with it.
  • The Blade of Striking is in a chest in the back. If you have Flame Sting, keep it. It's more powerful.
  • You are now the Master Sorcerer. Go talk to other 3 Acolytes, and watch the worship you.
  • Walk onto the Great Pentacle, and the Fire Storms will start. Make sure you pick up the Tongue of Flame again after you get up!!.


Now that you've mastered the 3 magics of Pagan (you found out that one could not be learned), it's time to find out how to leave this world. You return to Mythran, and tell him what you found with the Master Sorcerer. He directs you to a book that he makes appear which talks about the other pieces of the Blackrock substance. You talk to Mythran again, and he gives you the final spell: Ethereal Travel.


  • Recall to Mythran's and tell him you found something with the Sorcerers. He will make a book appear. It will appear on the second floor under where the Zealan Ceremonial Shield is. Read the book, then talk to Mythran again. Tell him you want to recreate Obelisk, and buy the Ethereal Travel spell from him (250 ob). Read it ONCE and learn of what you need to leave Pagan.
  • Heart of Earth: Recall to the Hall of the Mountain King. Go to the Earthen Teleporter to the north. Jump down and go out to Stone Cove. Go to the east and you'll come to a door with walls around it. Unlock it with the Key of the Scion and go through. You're now in the Pit of the Dead. Head south then west and you'll come to a locked building that says "Conventicle of the Dead". Get close to the door so you can see the dirt patch on the other side. Cast Summon Golem on it, and have the Golem open the door. Beware of the skeletons on either side of the door. Go into the dirt area. Kill the ghoul that rises, and cast Open Ground. The grave will open up revealing the Heart of Earth. You may have to go down into the grave to get it, or use Aerial Servant.
  • The key to the Coventicle is in the Pit of the Dead. Here's the directions for those of you who want to see the sights of the Pit: When you first enter, go North. You'll pass a bunch of rolling spheres. Turn west and walk around the lava pit. Continue west and you'll have to climb up a ledge. Continue west and you'll come to another lava pit to the south. (If you turn north after you climb up, then head west, you'll come to the other entrance to the Lower Catacombs. This is the other way to the Cheat Room. It lies to the far northeast.) Head around the lava pit to the west, then south. Jump across to the other side. Go past the rolling sphere to the south and pull the lever. The gate in the middle will lower. Jump to the middle. Make your way to the western side, drop down, and head north. Pull the SWITCH on the wall to lower the gate on the tomb. The key is in a box on the body. To the north is the passage to the Lower Catacombs, too. Go back the same way you entered Stone Cove.
  • Tear of Seas: Recall to Tenebrae and talk to Devon. Tell him you need the blackrock fragment. Describe it to him, and say that you want to see what he found while he was fishing. He will give you the key to the chest in his study and offer you accommodations (If you don't have any money, and still need to buy Ethereal Travel from Mythran, there's 300 coins in Salkind's house). Go get the Tear of Seas.
  • Breath of Air: Recall to Argentrock. Go to Windy Point and cast Air Walk between the pillars. Jump and wait for it to wear off. Make your way to Stratos. She will speak to you again. Cast Reveal and the Breath of Air will appear on a pedestal to the north. Use Aerial Servant to retrieve it. Stratos may speak to you again. Return to the Isle and speak to Stellos, Cyrrus, and Xavier, and tell them you have the Breath of Air (the patch allows you to still be able to cast spells after you take the Breath of Air. Without the patch, you can't).
  • With all five Blackrock pieces, read the Ether spellbook again, and you will be teleported to the Ethereal Realm.


After casting the Ethereal Travel spell, you appear on a platform floating in space. You are in some sort of Ethereal Plane that connects the realms of the Titans. In the center of the platform is a gigantic silver pentacle. The north point has the Water symbol; the west the Fire symbol; the south the Air symbol; and the east the Earth Symbol. The Aphelion has a picture of the obelisk tip on it. You make your way to each of the Titans once more in their home worlds, and come back more powerful than you ever imagined. But, more trouble awaits still...


  • After you confront each Titan, you will be teleported back to the Ethereal Plane. There may be Changelings about. Place the charged blackrock fragment on the appropriate point. If you place it right, a sparkle will appear above it (this only happens if you have the patch).
  • Plane of Water: Head north from the pentacle, and through the portal. Head west to some stepping stones that lead west. Continue over the bridge that leads west. The southern bridge leads to a magic helm. You'll come to two more bridges, both broken. The second one, you will have to climb up to reach the other side. Continue west to Hydros. Use the Tear of Seas on her. Place the fragment on the northern point.
  • Plane of Fire: Head west from the pentacle, and through the portal. To the east of where you land, across some stepping stones, is a Daemon Shield guarded by a daemon. If you haven't confronted Stratos yet, you can use an Aerial Servant to get it. From where you start, head north by northwest until you can see land across the lava. Jump across and head north to a strange apparatus. Read the journal on the body to get a hint on what to do next. Head back south then east past a bridge to another one farther east. Jump across, and head north to a small shrine. Beware of seekers, daemons, fire spouts, and weak ground areas that you can fall through. Grab ALL the spheres and head back to the apparatus (Flame Sting is hidden behind the shrine). There is a ruined building to the far west of the apparatus with potions and more spheres (but not enough to complete the puzzle). Place a sphere on each of the glowing squares to cause a row of stepping stones to appear. Jump from one to the other. As you leave each one, it will disappear back into the lava. DO NOT jump straight up or you'll fall into the lava. Head east then northwest to Pyros. Use the Tongue of Flames on him. Place the charged fragment on the western point.
  • Plane of Air: Head south from the pentacle and through the portal. Head north. You'll see magic armor and the Slayer to the east, and magic leggings to the west. You CANNOT physically get them. The stones will drop, along with you, when you step on them. Use Aerial Servant if you want any of them. Make your way north to Stratos, being wary of loose stones. Use the Breath of Air on her. Place the charged fragment on the southern point. Air spells no longer work.
  • Plane of Earth: Head east from the pentacle and through the portal. Head northwest to a lava pit. You can either try and follow the invisible walkway over the lava, or cast Endure Heat, drop down, and walk across the lava. Go west, north, and west to another lava pit. Drop down and walk along the outer ridge and climb up again. Watch out for ghosts. Head west a little, then south and follow the cavern to Lithos. As long as you keep moving, the falling roof pieces won't hit you. Use the Heart of Earth on him. Place the charged fragment on the eastern point.
  • You are the only being left to charge the obelisk tip. Use it on yourself and place it at the Aphelion. A Black Gate will rise from the center. Step through and into the Guardian's homeworld, and finally back to Britannia for a surprising sight.

Ghost Armor Subplot[edit]

At Orlok's Tavern you hear a tail of a ghost. You go around questioning the others of the town to find out the truth of this tale. You then discover a hidden, locked away secret of Tenebrae's history.


  • Ask Orlok at the tavern in West Tenebrae to tell you some of his tales. Listen to the ghost one. (Important note: If you make Jenna mad before you talk to Orlok, you won't be able to hear his tales and the quest, following normal means, is ended here.)
  • Talk to Jenna. She thinks it may be true.
  • Talk to Darion. He mentions the herdsman believe in the ghost.
  • Talk to Gwillim. He says he doesn't want to talk about it.
  • Talk to Corinth. She says Gwillim, her husband, has seen it.
  • Talk to Gwillim again. He admits he knows of the ghost, and that it supposedly lives (so to speak) in a nearby cave. (Note: I've heard from people that Gwillim doesn't always say this. If he doesn't, then just continue with the quest from here.)
  • Go to the north end of Herdsman's Valley to a pile of wood against the cliff. More it away to reveal a cave. Enter and you'll eventually come to a locked door.
  • Return to Gwillim and tell him of the locked door (or something to that degree). He will direct you to Kilandra.
  • Kilandra is in Fishermen's Reef (west of West Tenebrae). Talk to her three times, and she'll direct you to her daughter's grave.
  • Go to the west side of the cemetery and find the grave. When you double click on the right one, a ghost will appear and drop a key.
  • Return to the cave, and unlock the door.
  • Make your way to the back. There are tons of undead in this area. As soon as you kill all of one kind off, more appear. Just try to ignore them. I always used Aerial Servant to retrieve the armor, although some people say they've just grabbed it. I've never been able to. Get it however you can.

Slayer Subplot[edit]

While traveling on East Road, you come across an abandoned building. You accidentally fall through a weak spot in the ground, only to discover you've started a quest to find the legendary Slayer Mace. Ancient Tomes guide you along your way to this devastating weapon.


  • Go to East Road, and follow the road north. Take the first turn to the east and continue going east until you come to a ruined building with an amber gem in the middle. Walk into the building and you'll fall through the ground. The only way out now is to complete the quest (unless you have the Recall Item, that is).
  • Head west through the door. Continue west to another book, then west to a dead-end. At the dead-end is a door with a bunch of women and a troll on the other side. Get the key in the backpack in the back corner of the little party room.
  • Return to the raised platform with the book on it, and continue north to a gate with a small building nearby. Go into the building and pull the lever. The steel door comes down and a ghost appears at the doorway.
  • Go north then east to the next book. Continue north to the water and jump across, and climb over the raised area in the middle. Cross the stepping stones and head west. Watch out for the seeker.
  • Find a door near a pedestal and unlock it with the key from the dead-end room. (If you don't have the key, you can move the book off the pedestal, climb up on the pedestal and climb over the wall).
  • You'll come to an area with a raised platform with a door on the east side. DO NOT go through the door yet. Climb up onto the platform and get the Slayer Mace. Fall back down and go through the door. You'll find yourself in the northwest corner of East Road.

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